Types and varieties of virgin grapes

Types and varieties of virgin grapes are diverse. Gardeners can try to grow “Star Shawer” and wild attached, Variant and threeth grapes. And there are other varieties and varieties, but in any case it is necessary to choose a specific type very carefully and carefully.

Overview of Asian species

Start acquaintance with various wild grape options is appropriate from the “Star Shauns” variety (voynolis), which is characterized by special decorativeness. For such a plant typical white-green coloring of leaves, not peculiar to the overwhelming majority of other varieties. It may vary in case of long cool weather. Important features:

  • A mustache with suction cups can “climb” by the walls;

  • are needed well illuminated, but at the same time protected from extraneous places;

  • You can grow “Star Shauns” in any soil, including dry or located in the urban art.

Sheet plate is almost twice as smaller than at species species. Therefore, Liana is perceived gently, weightless. Flowers are visually inconsistent, but gradually they will change blue-black fruits. In combination with painted foliage, they look very attractive. Growth will be slower than that of completely wild type, but birds are involved in the garden.

Even mature plants are limited to 5-8 m. Additional to keep them in this framework helps systematic haircut. The grade is suitable for growing on Obelisk, pergola and on the usual wall. Application is allowed as a soil plant.

“Star Shauns” in the first years of development, it is advisable to remove from the support and put on the ground so that he will winter under the snow.

Pentalist grapes “Troks” is suitable for cultivation in 4 climatic zone (where winter temperatures reach -29 degrees). The variety manifests itself when landing near the walls, pergol and in other similar places. It is allowed to use as a soil plant or cultivation on balconies. Foliage in the summer months green, in the fall acquires purple color. Careability is small.

Girl grapes “Henry” – a rarity. It comes from the central regions of China. This plant is used infrequently due to its weak resistance to winter. But the appearance of the southern guest is really unusual. On dark brown shoots, small dense leaves of five-weddable type are developing.

Middle veins painted in silver tone. Inverse sheet of sheet includes magenta notes. Multiweight allows grapes to flexibly change the color even when the wind gusts.

However, already mentioned thermal lobility does not allow to grow a variety of “Henry” normally somewhere, except for the Black Sea regions. In the middle lane, he must need shelter.

North American varieties

Threeist vines uses popularity. This plant is entered into a culture mainly for vertical gardening. In nature, it grows in the northeastern part of North America, without reaching polar and indolar areas. In the wild, such a liana can grow to 20-30 m.

Remarkable Description of the five-line Virgin grapes. This plant is different:

  • oval leaves with a pointed top;

  • the ability to rise to a height of up to 18 m;

  • mandatory need for supports;

  • active bloom in the summer;

  • Dark red foliage in autumn months.

Attention deserves and triogenial (plusized) type. This shrub shoots reach 10 m. They form dense cover from leaves. Culture can stay on the walls even without additional supports.

Another attractive feature is the possibility of cultivation, even in areas with a negative state of the atmosphere, clogged with toxic gases.

Attached grapes – this is a lion with a height of up to 30 m. It can cling to surfaces with both assholes and underdeveloped sucker. Plates of leaves are similar in shape on the egg, closer to the top sharpen. The leaves themselves have a smooth glossy surface. With the approach of winter it will be possible to enjoy the view of the red-burgundy “carpet”.

“Starfall” differs significantly from ordinary girl grapes. Often even think that this is another plant. It is typical of a typical yellow-green color. As soon as autumn cold come, pink paints are found. However, before, “Starfall” looks great, which is associated with a unique view of each sheet.

The grade “Yellow Wall” acquires the characteristic color in the fall. In the summer he looks like usual. True, the leaves are noticeably inferior in the size of the wild-growing variety and are located very tight. By 20 years, the screens can grow up to 14 m. The plant is perfectly combined with the familiar crimson.

Such a combination will look expressively, perhaps a combination and with honeycomb bushes.

What variety is better to choose?

Different types of girlish grapes can provide a shared decorative effect. But this effect itself differs, and its variations make it possible to do this or that preference. For example, virgin pentalist grapes must be applied if the blossom is relevant in the early summer, and unpretentiousness of the plant itself is especially important. Even such a culture can be grown on a wide variety of soils, with a different level of illumination. Semyon reproduction passes very easily, and cuttings are coming up in 100% of cases, unless not allowing gross agrotechnical errors.

Attached species are chosen if there is a rapid growth in the first place. But if the terrain is very cold, it is more correct to use fivethyl grapes. However, and attached grapes are pretty wide. It is used in Russian gardening in the middle lane, in the suburbs and even in the vicinity of St. Petersburg. Stated frost resistance to -25 degrees, so in the most difficult winter still have to take advantage of the shelter.

The rapid growth of such a girlish grape causes it to refuse him if unreliable, weak supports are used.

Inappropriate, disembarking attached plant and near buildings with tiled or slate roofs. Under the weight of the Liana can crawl and plaster. In favor of fivethyl grapes testify:

  • fast growth;

  • Simplicity of reproduction (it can be divorced independently, without the help of specialists and gardeners);

  • Excellent resistance to pests and diseases (which is very important for those who cannot give enough time and strength to care landings).

However, such a culture is distinguished by high aggressiveness as roots and shoots. In addition, fivethyl grapes awakens in the spring relatively late. This property greatly worsens his decorative properties. We will have to solve something with the design of the territory until Liana is activated. Or to put up with the fact that a temporary gap appears in the garden.

Growth activity is especially important to evaluate if the maiden grapes land close to the house where there is also flower beds. Sometimes too rapid development displaces all other plants and leads to the appearance of the “jungle effect”. It is also necessary to be interested in whether a specific culture is more suitable for used cultivation or as a soil plant. Considerable assistance in selection can provide recommendations from other gardeners, especially expressed on thematic forums. And of course, the personal taste is of particular importance to which the plant must match.

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