Tomato Serum Application

Dairy serum has long been used for many household purposes. One of the effective use of the product is spraying fruit and vegetable crops from pests and diseases.

How serum acts?

In the garden sites, the hosts want to grow environmentally friendly products, but not everyone knows how to deal with plant diseases and feed them without the help of agricultural chemicals. There are safe agrotechnical methods based on the use of simple and affordable organic tools, such as whole raw milk and serum.

From many garden crops, tomatoes react particularly well to the use of ferocular products in the process of cultivation. As a result of the use of this nutrient protein substance, the quality of the fruits and the yield of plants is noticeably increased.

Conduct the spraying of tomatoes with serum is not more often 1 time in 2 weeks.

Diluted with water milk serum, which is usually obtained in rustic farms from the production of cottage cheese, should not be pasteurized. In raw, natural products contain much more nutrients and vitamins. Spraying and serum feeding are carried out in the form of root and extractive irrigation. How much such procedures are useful for tomatoes, it can be judged by reducing the number of empty flowers and the appearance of numerous strings on the bushes.

Treatment of tomato bushes serum largely strengthens the plant and gives it many nutrients to enhance natural immunity. In milk and derivatives, contains lactose, helping to resist pests, and various amino acids are an indispensable nutrient medium for growth and fruction of garden culture. Milk, diluted with water, when spraying leaves, creates a layer on their surface, which protects the plant from many insects and fungal diseases.

The uniqueness of the composition of the dairy serum in its saturation by trace elements. Among them:

  • iron;
  • magnesium;
  • calcium;
  • copper;
  • potassium.

Together with the amino acids, they affect the growth of a powerful root system, adjust the sludge, increase the stability of the tomatoes to adverse weather conditions and stimulate hormonal development during flowering.

Finding into the soil, lactic acid bacteria accelerate in it decomposition of organic fragments, contributing to the formation of a fertile layer.

How to prepare a solution?

Absolutely harmless to plants and man feeding tomatoes prepare on the basis of brew. To do this, natural cow’s milk must disintegrate, for which it is put in a warm place, groaning gauze. To accelerate the process of skewing into milk, you can add several spoons of sour cream or kefira. Bottled mass should be warm on low heat for division into cottage cheese and serum.

To handle tomatoes, It is impossible to use full-fledged fermented milk products, milk and serum must be dissolved with water purified from chlorine, in a ratio of 1 to 10. Too concentrated solutions can disrupt the acidic alkaline balance of the soil. For better retention of a solution on the foliage in it, you can add a little loose soap, crushed and dissolved in warm water. Many fans of experimental, environmentally friendly agriculture do not stop on the use of water cleaning vegetables for growing vegetables, and enhance solutions with other useful additives.

With iodom

Milk acid, the content of which in serum is in large quantities, is a reliable protection of plants from various fungal diseases, such as:

  • Spotted on the leaves;
  • Puffy dew in white spots;
  • phytoofluorosis of tomatoes;
  • Rust and pass.

Among pests with which serum solution is struggling in proportion of 1 liter of the product for 3 liters of water, insects such as a cross-troop fleece and leek midge. Spraying spend in the morning hours once a month. In cases where the spread of phytoofluorosis takes a critical character, you can apply a solution of 1 liter serum, 8 liters of water and 20 drops of iodine.

Liquid with iodine helps the plant not only successfully cope with fungal diseases, but also strengthens the immunity of tomatoes, performing the tasks of fertilizer rich in microelements.

With honey

Beekeeping products are distinguished by a large efficiency, like milk. Solutions with adding honey are a good feeding for tomato bushes, and also attract insect pollinators during flowering. For the preparation of spraying mixture, you need to dilute 10 liters of water 1 liter of serum and dilute there 5 tablespoons of honey.

With yeast

Yeast and serum are valuable nutritional products for stimulating the growth of garden crops themselves, but in conjunction their useful qualities increase. The liquid with the addition of serum enriches enzymes that are rich in yeast, and it turns out a powerful organic stimulator for plants lagging in growth. To prepare this solution, you must first soak 100 grams of yeast in 1 liter of warm water, and then join the resulting liquid with 1 liter of serum and 10 liters of water.

With boric acid

The effectiveness of serum use to combat fungal diseases on tomato plants can be reinforced by the addition of boric acid. For this, half a teaspoon of boric acid should be stirred in hot water (about 100 ml), since it does not dissolve in cold. Then add it to 1 liter of kefira or serum and dilute with 4 liters of pure water. Such a composition is suitable for spraying and irrigation, in an amount of 0.5 liters per bus, after rain or preliminary moisture.

As a result of numerous field tests, it was found that the use of boron during the cultivation of vegetable garden crops increases their yield on average by 30%.

Other options recipes

Tomato feeding will be very effective if it is used for this to use fermented source serum, iodine, boric acid, mangartageous potassium, wood ash in various versions and proportions. Manganese, divorced to a saturated pink, has a strong antiseptic effect and destroys fungal disputes of diseases. For the whole season you can spend up to 3 treatments.

Excellent results receive dackets using a cocktail for extractive dressing of tomatoes. It consists of 100 grams of hot boric acid solution, 10 drops of iodine and 2-liter banks of ash remaining after burning firewood – on 1 bucket of clean and warm water.

How to use?

Milk serum solutions prepared for different recipes can be used to grow healthy tomatoes seedlings in the greenhouse and in open soil. It is not necessary to abuse so strong and effective way – for the whole season to handle and fertilize tomatoes can be only 3-4 times. Use lactic acid products for the vegetable garden:

  • in the period of extension of green mass;
  • during flowering;
  • For the fruit raises and decline in the percent of empty.

Processing of plants as chemicals and folk should occur correctly, according to a specific and recommended agrotechnical scheme. Only the application of the procedure made on time and in sufficient quantities can benefit the living organisms that are garden crops.

For seedlings

Young seedlings landed in open ground can be sealed with serum with the addition of mangartage and boric acid, which are especially useful for growth. Procedures at an early stage of development will help fertilize and protect plants from phytoophulas. The next introduction of fertilizer based on dairy products is made at the stage of formation of bushes, in early July.

If necessary, leaf treatment is carried out with the addition of iodine into a solution.

For adult plants

Teenage bushes are treated during flowering, spraying their serum with honey. In the midst of fruiting, it is possible to pour a bushes with various variants of solutions prepared on the basis of brew whey, using both extractive and root types of feeding.

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