Tomato Rusty

  • Authors: Bottom Dreams in.AND.
  • Year of assumptions: 2019
  • Category: Hybrid
  • Type of growth: Determinant
  • Purpose: Fresh use
  • Ripening time: Mediterranean
  • Timing of ripening, days: 110
  • Growing conditions: for film greenhouses
  • Leaves: medium length, green color
  • Color of immature fruit: Light green

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Russian daches highly appreciate the noncains of tomatoes, capable of growing in various fields. Tomato Rustic is known yet, because it was recorded in the register only in 2019. However, he has already managed to collect a lot of positive responses.

Description of varieties

Rustic hybrid refers to varieties with determinant growth type. Originity of variety – in. AND. Block Dreams. Grade is intended for growing under the film. Pretty high: about 1.5 m, but many have fed the bushes and up to 2 m. Width of the bushes with proper care will be 35 cm, green leaves are a lot, and they grow all over the stalk.

Like other varieties, rustic has its strengths and weaknesses. This is what can be read for the advantages:

  • obtaining very large fruits that will be good for the manufacture of juice;
  • good taste;
  • the harvest is sleeping stably, without delay;
  • Berries without any problems transport.

Let us turn to the disadvantages:

  • The variety does not fit beginners, because it requires constant care;
  • It is necessary to control the state of the soil: with increasing humidity, the fruits crack;
  • All-fuel canning is not possible due to large berry dimensions.

The main qualities of fruits

Ripe rustic fruits have classic red. Very often the surface cover reddish strips, divergers in different directions. Tomatoes grow large: weight on average equals 380 g, but in favorable years and with good conditions on the stems appear tomatoes and 800-900 g.

The flesh looks like a consistency on the flesh of ripe persimmon, it is very dense. Tomatoes have a flat-terminated form. Cameras with seeds in the fruits is not enough, it is necessary to take into account if you wish to multiply the variety.

Taste characteristics

Feature of tomatoes Village variety is almost complete absence of kislock. Tomatoes contain a lot of sugar, so the taste is characterized by sweetness. Thanks to it, tomato is often used in winter blanks.

Ripening and fruiting

Rustic Sports in 110 days. Harvesting from this secondary variety can be expected to top or mid-July.


This variety gives a good harvest. Indicators – 17.8 kg with m 2 greenhouse soil. Bush will give about 6 kg of berries.

Dates of landing on seedlings and landing in the ground

Village variety assumes compulsory cultivation of seedlings. There will be separate containers for it, it is mainly obliged containers. Tara disinfected boiling water. Seeds also prepare in advance, soaking in manganese or “phytoosporin”. Before landing they need to dry.

Earth can be taken from its own garden, but peat, humid or compost, ash are necessarily added there. The soil, if taken from the garden, disinfect manganese.

Sowing spend in March, best closer to the middle. The land is a little sprayed with a spray gun, make a groove in it, where the grains are placed. First, the seedlings are kept under the glass, and the room temperature should not fall below 23 ° heat. It is very important to support soil stable wet.

With the advent of seedlings, glass is cleaned, seedlings, if it was grown in a common container, dive. Next, it will be easy to wait necessary for the pointing point. To the greenhouse, tomatoes are taking closer to mid-May. In the open ground, the variety tomatoes are almost not grown, because they die with scorching rays.

The main stages of growing seedlings at home

Preparation of seeds

Basic preparation methods: Warming, disinfection, soaking in growth stimulants, bubbling, hardening, germination. These technicians are aimed at different results and have a different purpose.

More details

Soaking seeds

According to experts, preliminary soaking can increase yields by 30%. The duration of soaking is determined depending on the solution used and the quality of seeds.

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What kind of soil to choose for seedlings

Land for planting tomato seeds house should not be taken from the garden. The soil for seedling tomato should have good breathability, provide the necessary level of humidity, and the pH acidity level should be about 6.5 units.

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Planting scheme

Rustic bushes tall and not particularly compact, so by 1 kV. M is better not to have more than 4 seedlings. Optimal choice – 3. Recommended scheme – 60×60 cm. It is impossible to leave less space, otherwise tomatoes will cling to each other with leaves.

Growing and care

The variety is not easy in cultivation, it is worth considering even when it is selected. Especially cautious should be with watering. The conjunction will result in the fact that the fruits will crack and become non-transportable. This is especially true when tomatoes are actively forming.

Sadders who have dealt with a variety recommended drip watering. So the likelihood that water will fall on the leaves will be reduced to zero. If you wish to water yourself, then it is necessary to do it no more than once a week. In this case, it will be useful to climb the bushes so that the moisture goes slower. Peat, sawdust – all this can be used.

Tomatoes Village Village need frequent feeding. 14 days after the landing, they are necessarily equipped with Selitra. About 100 g of tool takes per square meter. Next, it is recommended to use folk and organic feeding. Corovaki solution will be suitable, as well as grass-based infusions. Phosphorus give when tomatoes will sing sing. After that, all the feeding stops. There are some more care tips:

  • The lowest leaves should be turned off so that they do not get out of the ground;
  • Bushes need to be tested to supports;
  • The plant must be constantly verified for the presence of stepsins and turn them off;
  • to prevent the appearance of phytoofluorosis, carry out preventive treatment with copper with copper;
  • The greenhouse is discovered daily for air access;
  • Tomatoes are collected as ripening, otherwise the severity of the fruits will cause their sprinkling.

How and than feed tomatoes?

At each stage of growth, various trace elements are needed. All fertilizers can be divided into two groups: mineral and organic. Folk remedies are often used: iodine, yeast, bird litter, egg shell.

It is important to comply with the norm and the period of feeding. This also applies to folk remedies, and organic fertilizers.

More details

YeastBoric acidIodineAshCalcium Selitrasuccinic acidMilk serumHydrogen peroxideChicken litterSodaNettleMullein

Resistance to diseases and pests

Rustic almost never sick vertex rotting fruits. To alternariasis and VTM grade Tolerance. To prevent diseases, it is necessary to use clean inventors, to process steps’s removal sites with special means. Does not prevent rustic and preventive treatment of fungicides that spray on the ground. You can use “Ridomil Gold” or “Phytosporin”.

Tomatoes of this variety Even in greenhouses can attack the fault, whitefly or web tick. Small insects try to remove folk methods: a solution of soap, dubbing ashes, garlic infusion. Or use insecticides, but only before the formation of fruit.

Processing and prevention from diseases and pests

Diseases and pests of tomatoes in the greenhouse

During the cultivation of tomatoes in the greenhouse, there are often diseases due to a violation of the temperature regime and excessive humidity. The most common diseases are fungal (phytoofluorosis, colaporiosis, rot).

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Diseases and pests of tomatoes in open soil

Fighting diseases and pests of tomatoes in open areas is quite complex. This is due to the fact that the grated is exposed to various pathogens and pest insects.

More details

PhytofluoroPuffy dewVertexClapPoriosGray GnilTobacco Mosaic virus

Resistance to adverse weather conditions

Rustic can grow in various regions of the country, but only if it is cultivated in the greenhouse. Tomato is very poorly opposed to frosts, may die. No less dangerous for him and straight rays of the sun in aggregate with severe heat. In the greenhouse provide growth conditions much more easier.

Review reviews

On the Internet you can meet different reviews about growing tomatoes Village variety. Some dachants turned out major fruits with a sweet taste, tomatoes did not hurt, the crop was given on time. Others argue that seedlings quickly goes to growth, but does not take root in a new place. Fruits in most of the gardeners were medium in size.

Sades from regions with a stable climate tried to grow grade on the open ground. And many it happened. At the other, the same rains crossed all the efforts, since the crop completely destroyed the phytoofer.

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