Tomato Raspberry Dawn

  • Authors: Ognev B.IN., Hovrin A.N., Korchagin B.IN., Tereshkova T.BUT.
  • Year of assumptions: 2015
  • Category: Sort
  • Type of growth: Intemimensional
  • Purpose: Fresh use
  • Ripening time: Mediterranean
  • Timing of ripening, days: 110-115
  • Growing conditions: For open soil, for film greenhouses
  • Bush size: Tall
  • Leaves: Small, green color

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Along with the classic red color tomatoes, many gardeners and farmers dream of growing a delicious and yield pink tomato that does not require complex care and giving abundant yields. One of these is the mid-length variety pink dawn, growing and in film greenhouses, and on country beds.

History of removal

This variety has created domestic breeders (Korchagin, Tereshkova, Hovrin and Fires), representing the “Search” agriculture, in 2014. Added to the State Register of Selection Achievements of Russia and allowed to use the view in 2015. Ryonished vegetable culture for all regions of the country.

Description of varieties

Tomato pink dawn is an integersmannant tall plant growing up to 180-200 cm. Bushes are endowed with a moderate thickening with small green leaves, a strong central stem, weak branchism, developed root system and a simple type of inflorescences with articulation. During the cultivation, the plant is recommended to form in 2-3 stems, be sure to be linked and the trunk, and branches that can be tilted and rolled under the weight of the sweaty berries, as well as regularly conduct steaming.

The main qualities of fruits

Pink dawn tomatoes – this is a bright representative of large-scale tomatoes. On average, the berry is gaining a mass of 350-400 grams, but it happens more – 500-600 g. In the state of complete ripeness, the fruit is evenly covered with raspberry color. In the unreliable form of tomato has light green. The shape of vegetables heart-shaped, on the surface of which the ribbilist is noticeable. Peel from tomato thin and shiny. Transportation Vegetables tolerate well, and storage time average.

It has a tomato for a loud purpose, so it is eaten fresh, canned sliced, as well as massively processed at refueling, drinks, ketchups. For whole-fuel canning, tomato is not suitable due to large sizes.

Taste characteristics

Raspberry tomato attracts not only beautiful appearance, but also excellent taste. The flesh in the berries is soft, fleshy, sharac and very juicy, with a small content of seeds. The taste of tomatoes is sweetish, with noticeable acid, which are complemented by a saturated dessert aroma.

Ripening and fruiting

Pink dawn tomatoes belong to the middle-air-timed class. Since the first germs to ripe fruits on the branches of the bush takes less than 4 months (110-115 days). Ripen berries gradually. The peak of maturation of tomatoes falls at the end of July – August.


Crops brings excellent varieties. Providing a full range of agricultural equipment, for the season on 1 m2 you can collect up to 7.9 kg of ripe tomatoes.

Dates of landing on seedlings and landing in the ground

Sowing seeds to seedlings are recommended in the second half of March – for 60-65 days before the transplantation on the garden or to greenhouse. In order for seedlings faster, it is necessary to provide a greenhouse effect, applying glass or oil. As a rule, the germination is observed after 5-7 days, after which the glass / polyethylene is removed, and the boxes with the plants are transferred to a well-lit place where enough heat.

After the seedlings grow up to 10 cm in growth, picking. 70-10 days before tilting, it is advisable to start hardening, pulling out on fresh air daily, which contributes to the rapid adaptation of seedlings to new conditions.

Transplantation on the garden or to the greenhouse seedlings are held at the end of May – early June. During this period, the soil is enough to have a fundamental, and no night frosts are no longer observed. At first, landed bushes can be covered with agricultural, which will allow them faster to get used to cool nights.

The main stages of growing seedlings at home

Tomato Raspberry Dawn

Preparation of seeds

Basic preparation methods: Warming, disinfection, soaking in growth stimulants, bubbling, hardening, germination. These technicians are aimed at different results and have a different purpose.

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Tomato Raspberry Dawn

Soaking seeds

According to experts, preliminary soaking can increase yields by 30%. The duration of soaking is determined depending on the solution used and the quality of seeds.

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Tomato Raspberry Dawn

What kind of soil to choose for seedlings

Land for planting tomato seeds house should not be taken from the garden. The soil for seedling tomato should have good breathability, provide the necessary level of humidity, and the pH acidity level should be about 6.5 units.

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Planting scheme

When landing and growing a grained culture, it is necessary to observe the density and the placement scheme of the bushes. On 1 m2 it is recommended to place 3-4 coat. Proper to land is considered a circuit 50×70 cm.

Growing and care

Grown culture ever. Before boarding, it is necessary to remove from the weeds section, to switch the soil, which will improve air permeability, make fertilizers and moisturize. Soil must be loose and fertile. The best one is considered to be the plot where the cabbage, carrots, pumpkin, radishes.

The cultivation of the vegetable involves the correct care, which consists of: watering outstanding water, feeding, forming and tapping to the supports of the bushes, removal of unnecessary steps and leaves, loosening and mulching of the soil, preventive measures to prevent diseases and viruses. When growing tomatoes in greenhouses do not forget about regular ventilation.

Tomato Raspberry Dawn

How and than feed tomatoes?

At each stage of growth, various trace elements are needed. All fertilizers can be divided into two groups: mineral and organic. Folk remedies are often used: iodine, yeast, bird litter, egg shell.

It is important to comply with the norm and the period of feeding. This also applies to folk remedies, and organic fertilizers.

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Tomato Raspberry DawnYeastTomato Raspberry DawnBoric acidTomato Raspberry DawnIodineTomato Raspberry DawnAshTomato Raspberry DawnCalcium SelitraTomato Raspberry Dawnsuccinic acidTomato Raspberry DawnMilk serumTomato Raspberry DawnHydrogen peroxideTomato Raspberry DawnChicken litterTomato Raspberry DawnSodaTomato Raspberry DawnNettleTomato Raspberry DawnMullein

Resistance to diseases and pests

This variety is absolutely resistant to tobacco mosaic virus and fusarious fading, but exposed phytoofluoride. The prevention of this disease will be the control of the soil moisture, the introduction of potash-phosphor fertilizers and the disinfection of the soil with copper vitrios. Spray plant of fungicides. In addition, tomatoes have no strong protection against the invasion of pests – Tli, Medveda, White and Clean Tick. Having landed with tomatoes of mint, pharmacy chamomile or basil, you can protect bushes from harmful insects.

Processing and prevention from diseases and pests

Tomato Raspberry Dawn

Diseases and pests of tomatoes in the greenhouse

During the cultivation of tomatoes in the greenhouse, there are often diseases due to a violation of the temperature regime and excessive humidity. The most common diseases are fungal (phytoofluorosis, colaporiosis, rot).

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Tomato Raspberry Dawn

Diseases and pests of tomatoes in open soil

Fighting diseases and pests of tomatoes in open areas is quite complex. This is due to the fact that the grated is exposed to various pathogens and pest insects.

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Tomato Raspberry DawnPhytofluoroTomato Raspberry DawnPuffy dewTomato Raspberry DawnVertexTomato Raspberry DawnClapPoriosTomato Raspberry DawnGray GnilTomato Raspberry DawnTobacco Mosaic virus

Resistance to adverse weather conditions

The stress resistance in the culture is good, so it grows productively in any climatic conditions. Tomatoes are resistant to short drought, to heat, to sharp temperature fluctuations. The only factor that negatively affects the development of the plant is excessive humidity and strong wind.

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