Tomato Cupid

  • Authors: Dubinin S.IN., Kirillov M.AND.
  • Year of assumptions: 2004
  • Category: Hybrid
  • Type of growth: Determinant
  • Purpose: Fresh use, to salmon and canning
  • Ripening time: Early
  • Timing of ripening, days: 90
  • Growing conditions: for open soil
  • Marketability: High
  • Transportability: Yes

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Under the conditions of short summer, the most optimal for growing on garden beds and in film greenhouses is a ripe or ultrahed tomato grade. This includes a hybrid tomato with a beautiful title Cupid.

History of removal

Hybrid Tomato Cupid brought a group of Russian breeders led by Crying and Kirillov in 2003. The variety replenished the ranks of the selection achievements of Russia and was introduced to the State Register a year later – in 2004. Ryoned by a grained culture in all climatic zones of Russia. It can be grown in greenhouses, and in open soils.

Description of varieties

Cupid plant is characterized by shortness and determinant. Compact bushes grow up to 60 cm. They have a weak thickening with small green leaves, a strong central stem, moderate branches, a developed root system and a simple inflorescence.

The first fruit brush is formed above 5-6 sheet, where 3-6 zindes are formed (fruits). During the cultivation, the formation and binding of bushes is not required, but without removing unnecessary steps, it is not necessary for air circulation.

The main qualities of fruits

Tomato Cupid refers to large-scale varieties. On average, the vegetable is gaining a mass from 80 to 100 g. It is characterized by a tomato of the correct rounded form without visible ribbies. Sometimes tomatoes have a slightly closed shape. In a state of complete ripeness, the tomato acquires a bright red color, quite uniform. In the unripe form of a berry painted in light green color without spots at the base. The berry is dense, smooth and with glitter, which perfectly protects against the appearance of cracks, and also provides transportability and good fetus fetuse.

Cupid tomatoes have a universal purpose, so they eat fresh, preserved and processed at refueling. Ideal suitable tomatoes for whole-fuel canning.

Taste characteristics

The taste of vegetable sour-sweet, harmoniously complemented by a pronounced spicy aroma, which is not all hybrid varieties. Flesh at tomato fleshy, dense, juicy, without wateryness. Seeds in meakty observed little.

Ripening and fruiting

Culture refers to the category of early tomato varieties. From the moment the first shoots appeared, until the total ripening of tomatoes on the brush passes only 3 months (90 days). Ripen berries together.


This type of tomatoes refers to high-yielding. With the correct agricultural engineering from 1 m2, you can collect 6.6 kg of ripe berries.

Dates of landing on seedlings and landing in the ground

Sowing seeds is held in March-April (depends on climate and cultivation conditions). Sowing material is pre-disinfected and processed by stimulant growth. For the best germination, the seats in the box can be covered with polyethylene or glass. Piciation (seeding in separate containers) is carried out at the stage of appearance of 2-3-sheets on bush. Easy hardening of seedlings 10 days before transplanting to the garden will allow plants to quickly adapt to new grade conditions.

Landing in the ground is carried out in May. Bustards should be fastened, have 4-6 leaves. Plants are transplanted into a heated soil when the average daily temperature reaches + 12-15 ° C.

The main stages of growing seedlings at home

Tomato Cupid

Preparation of seeds

Basic preparation methods: Warming, disinfection, soaking in growth stimulants, bubbling, hardening, germination. These technicians are aimed at different results and have a different purpose.

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Tomato Cupid

Soaking seeds

According to experts, preliminary soaking can increase yields by 30%. The duration of soaking is determined depending on the solution used and the quality of seeds.

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Tomato Cupid

What kind of soil to choose for seedlings

Land for planting tomato seeds house should not be taken from the garden. The soil for seedling tomato should have good breathability, provide the necessary level of humidity, and the pH acidity level should be about 6.5 units.

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Planting scheme

Slowing off the seedlings, it is necessary to observe the landing density, as well as to plant bushes for a specific scheme, which will provide sufficient lighting and air movement. The landing density involves the placement of 3-5 bushes per 1 m2. An acceptable landing is considered to be a 30×50 cm scheme.

Growing and care

Grown varieties with a seed basis. Optimal for growing and fruiting is a loose, breathable, fertile and moistened soil. The best place will be the plot where such cultures as cabbage, radishes or carrots were previously grown.

Cupid needs complex care, which consists of the following events: Watering with warm water, making fertilizers, soil loosening, removal of steps and unnecessary leaves on the bushes, regular ventilation (if a plant is grown in a greenhouse), as well as the prevention of viruses and insect invasions.

Tomato Cupid

How and than feed tomatoes?

At each stage of growth, various trace elements are needed. All fertilizers can be divided into two groups: mineral and organic. Folk remedies are often used: iodine, yeast, bird litter, egg shell.

It is important to comply with the norm and the period of feeding. This also applies to folk remedies, and organic fertilizers.

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Tomato CupidYeastTomato CupidBoric acidTomato CupidIodineTomato CupidAshTomato CupidCalcium SelitraTomato Cupidsuccinic acidTomato CupidMilk serumTomato CupidHydrogen peroxideTomato CupidChicken litterTomato CupidSodaTomato CupidNettleTomato CupidMullein

Resistance to diseases and pests

Culture immunity is high, so it transfers many tomato diseases (tobacco mosaic virus, fusarious wilting). Thanks to the early terms of ripening, tomatoes successfully passes phytoofer.

Processing and prevention from diseases and pests

Tomato Cupid

Diseases and pests of tomatoes in the greenhouse

During the cultivation of tomatoes in the greenhouse, there are often diseases due to a violation of the temperature regime and excessive humidity. The most common diseases are fungal (phytoofluorosis, colaporiosis, rot).

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Tomato Cupid

Diseases and pests of tomatoes in open soil

Fighting diseases and pests of tomatoes in open areas is quite complex. This is due to the fact that the grated is exposed to various pathogens and pest insects.

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Tomato CupidPhytofluoroTomato CupidPuffy dewTomato CupidVertexTomato CupidClapPoriosTomato CupidGray GnilTomato CupidTobacco Mosaic virus

Resistance to adverse weather conditions

Plant with ease tolerates sharp temperature jumps. In addition, the grated culture of stress resistant, does not respond to long-term drought and heat.

Regions growing

Tomato variety can grow in absolutely any climatic zone not only Russia, but also of Ukraine, Moldova.

Review reviews

Tomato Cupid is massively grown by summer houses, and farmers, because it attracts abundant and stable crops, excellent taste properties, ability to maintain a commodity.

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