Tomato chocolate

  • Authors: Manyatina L.BUT.
  • Year of assumptions: 2007
  • Category: Sort
  • Type of growth: Intemimensional
  • Purpose: Fresh use
  • Ripening time: Early
  • Timing of ripening, days: 95
  • Growing conditions: For open soil, for film greenhouses
  • Height of the bush, see: 180
  • Refrigerant: Weak

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Inquisitive gardeners always want to try something new, love to look for a novelty and surprise not only themselves and households, but also the neighbors. Tomatoes chocolate variety just for such: interesting, unusual, very tasty, also a yield. Despite the marvelous appearance, this is the result of the work of domestic breeders, it is well adapted for the harsh climatic conditions of our country.

History of removal

Tomato chocolate variety was led in the Moscow region under the leadership of the Doctor of Agricultural Sciences of Lyubov Anatolyevna Manyatina. In 2007, the variety is registered in the State Register and since then officially sold in all stores of seeds in Russia. The author of the variety communicates through his site with gardeners, responds to the emerging issues, gives recommendations.

Description of varieties

The variety is universal, industrically. Suitable for landing both in greenhouse and in open ground. Fruits are distinguished by pronounced taste and unusual color. Brown tint makes the elevated content of Anthocian, this natural component is found in many plant products – from black rowan rowan to black rice and red onions. Dark green leaves, normal size.

The main qualities of fruits

Mature fruits grow up to 200 g, in some cases with due care and ideal conditions are 400 g. In form – rounded, slightly flashed, to the touch soft and smooth. Immature fruits – green, matured, yellow, then blush, and ripe become brown. However, inside this is the usual red tomato, an unusual color is only outside.

It is not recommended to overtake the fruits on the bush, they have a tendency to cracking.

Taste characteristics

The name chocolate justifies not only the color, but also taste. Tomatoes are distinguished by a sweet exotic taste that will not leave anyone indifferent. As in many red tomatoes, there is an elevated sugar content.

Ripening and fruiting

Chocolate tomatoes belong to early plants. Time to the first mature fetus 95 days. Adult plant can reach 1.8 meters high.


Under favorable conditions, a bush can be removed from 4.2 to 6 kg. Chocolate is distinguished by long fruiting, but demanding to proper formation of the bush and withdrawing on agrotechnical, soft land, watering and making fertilizers. Cool and rainy weather can not only slow down the growth and ripening of fruits, but also leave them less sweet.

Dates of landing on seedlings and landing in the ground

The exact landing time must be calculated on the basis of the climatic features of a certain region. In practice, this is about 50-55 days from the seed to the prepared seedlings. For the middle strip of Russia – this end of February began March. By the time the planting in the ground at the plant, as a rule, already at 6 formed sheets, some may even have a blooming.

Purchased seeds of this variety do not require special events for hardening and disinfection, as this is already done by the manufacturer.

In general, the process of growing and transplanting seedlings does not differ from most tomatoes. However, it is necessary to take care of the preparation of the soil, which is recommended to disinfect and warm up and focus.

The main stages of growing seedlings at home

Preparation of seeds

Basic preparation methods: Warming, disinfection, soaking in growth stimulants, bubbling, hardening, germination. These technicians are aimed at different results and have a different purpose.

More details

Soaking seeds

According to experts, preliminary soaking can increase yields by 30%. The duration of soaking is determined depending on the solution used and the quality of seeds.

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What kind of soil to choose for seedlings

Land for planting tomato seeds house should not be taken from the garden. The soil for seedling tomato should have good breathability, provide the necessary level of humidity, and the pH acidity level should be about 6.5 units.

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Planting scheme

Chocolate tomato bushes do not like close neighborhood. On one square meter of the Earth can be placed no more than 3 bushes. At the permanent place, tomatoes can be placed according to the 70×50 or 80×40 scheme. A bush is usually formed in 2 stems, but Manyatina strongly recommends doing this in 1 stem, and also eliminate all the steps.

Growing and care

Plants of the varieties do not require special conditions of cultivation and care, however, as with other tomatoes, it is strictly not necessary to forget about the main points.

  • Watering. For greenhouse plants, one watering is enough per week. Water, preferably with a small addition of wood ash, you need to pour under the root. The best time for this is a clock when there is no scorching sun. Open-air plants enough watering 2 times a week.

  • Podkord. Chocolate tomato grade for the summer enough to feed 3 times. Basic elements of nitrogen and boron.

  • Loosening. Lack of weeds and loose soil favorably affect the root system of plants.

  • Garter. As previously noted, adult plants can reach 1.8 meters in height. With such an increase, reliable protection and support is essential.

  • Measking. Pasten removal – an important element of tomatoes care. It is important here to remember that it is not worth removing all the steasings – it is a big stress for the plant, it can get sick or even die (this applies to all varieties).

How and than feed tomatoes?

At each stage of growth, various trace elements are needed. All fertilizers can be divided into two groups: mineral and organic. Folk remedies are often used: iodine, yeast, bird litter, egg shell.

It is important to comply with the norm and the period of feeding. This also applies to folk remedies, and organic fertilizers.

More details

YeastBoric acidIodineAshCalcium Selitrasuccinic acidMilk serumHydrogen peroxideChicken litterSodaNettleMullein

Resistance to diseases and pests

The main characteristic feature of a chocolate variety, in addition to the color of the fruit, is high immunity. No information that the bushes of this variety are subject to a standard set of “tomato” diseases. However, there is a high resistance to the vertex rot.

Despite this, the proper preparation of soil and the weekly prevention of diseases in the form of adding ash or bone flour during watering almost 100% can protect the plants. In addition, it should be noted that, like all the tomatoes of dark varieties, chocolates do not like high humidity and require the removal of the lower leaves, it will protect it from fungal diseases.

Processing and prevention from diseases and pests

Diseases and pests of tomatoes in the greenhouse

During the cultivation of tomatoes in the greenhouse, there are often diseases due to a violation of the temperature regime and excessive humidity. The most common diseases are fungal (phytoofluorosis, colaporiosis, rot).

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Diseases and pests of tomatoes in open soil

Fighting diseases and pests of tomatoes in open areas is quite complex. This is due to the fact that the grated is exposed to various pathogens and pest insects.

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PhytofluoroPuffy dewVertexClapPoriosGray GnilTobacco Mosaic virus

Resistance to adverse weather conditions

Tomatoes that grow under the open sky are steadyly carrying wet and cool weather, only a bit losing in the yield and sweetness of fruits. However, it is necessary to take care of the protection of landing from the wind. The height of the plants makes them vulnerable from the wind by force of 10 meters per second and above.

Regions growing

The versatility of the grade chocolate, among other things, is also manifested in the latitude of the growing regions. Similar traits are found here for all tomatoes: in a cooler climate of fruits on the bush, it will be born less, they are smaller and less sweet. The most favorable regions of cultivation are traditionally southern, but greenhouse and proper care will allow to reveal the entire potential.

Review reviews

On the site reviews, the variety has received many high marks. Gardeners celebrate unpretentiousness, interesting appearance and pleasant taste of tomatoes. Many praise large-sided chocolate, for tomato salad types This is an important factor. Among the deficiencies of the variety are a short time to store ripened fruits and the absence of the possibility of ripening collected in unselfish. In addition, with adverse weather conditions (cold and rainy summer), fruits may not have time to mature, be acidic and small.

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