Tomato Big Beft

  • Authors: Monsanto Holland B. V.
  • Year of assumptions: 2008
  • Synonyms names: Big Beef
  • Category: Hybrid
  • Type of growth: Intemimensional
  • Purpose: Fresh use
  • Ripening time: Early
  • Timing of ripening, days: 99
  • Growing conditions: for film greenhouses
  • Transportability: High

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Prejudice in relation to foreign varieties and cultures can be dispelled only attentive familiarity with their features. Russian daches and gardeners will only benefit, if you find out the specifics of the Big Bef variety. These tomatoes in skillful cultivation can be an excellent filling of any site.

History of removal

Variety of tomatoes Big Befe was officially admitted to use in 2008. Work on him was led to the world famous company Monsanto Holland B. V. The plant has official synonym (rather, initially given name) – Big Beef. Culture is classified as a hybrid class F1.

Description of varieties

Big Bef – Intenerminant Hybrid Plant. The official description is mentioned that it is intended for film greenhouse. Some sources mention the admissibility of cultivation in open land (exclusively in warm localities). Bushes give a strong increase and can rise to a height of 2 m. Big foliage has a light green color.

The main qualities of fruits

Traditionally for tomatoes, immature berries are green. And it is also quite predictable as a ripeness set they will blush. On average, the mass of 1 tomato is 210-380 g. Not surprising with such gravity that it also reaches a large value. The ribbed of the Big Bif is small, the plane-headed geometric shape prevails; On 1 brush accounts for 4 or 5 fruits.

Taste characteristics

Complaints about bad taste of tomatoes of this variety. He likes almost all consumers. The pulp of fruit is dense and meatist. The attractiveness of the fragrance is also noted. Seeds are practically invisible and do not have any serious effect on the taste.

Ripening and fruiting

Big Befe in practice confirmed its “early” status. It can mature for 99 days after throwing out shoots. But it is necessary to take into account also the features of concrete weather conditions. After the formation of the first berries, fruiting will last for a long time. Important: Some sources write that this is a midverterous tomato, maturing for 100-110 days; It can be assumed that such a difference in estimates is associated with nuances of agrotechnology and actual conditions.


Grade belong to a high-yielding group. Under favorable conditions, it can give over 9 kg of fruits per 1 m2. In terms of 1 bush, the collection will be 4.5 kg. Provide this result is possible with standard agricultural engineering.

Dates of landing on seedlings and landing in the ground

Usually sowing seeds in containers produced in February or March. When choosing a specific period, the climate and long-term weather forecasts are guided by the climate. The transplantation for a permanent place occurs usually 55 days after the formation of shoots. It is better to conduct such a procedure in early May to increase the security of frost refund.

The main stages of growing seedlings at home

Tomato Big Beft

Preparation of seeds

Basic preparation methods: Warming, disinfection, soaking in growth stimulants, bubbling, hardening, germination. These technicians are aimed at different results and have a different purpose.

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Tomato Big Beft

Soaking seeds

According to experts, preliminary soaking can increase yields by 30%. The duration of soaking is determined depending on the solution used and the quality of seeds.

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Tomato Big Beft

What kind of soil to choose for seedlings

Land for planting tomato seeds house should not be taken from the garden. The soil for seedling tomato should have good breathability, provide the necessary level of humidity, and the pH acidity level should be about 6.5 units.

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Planting scheme

It is recommended to choose a diagram 700×600 mm. At the same time, more than 3 bushes should be on 1 “square”. Otherwise, they will begin to interfere with each other.

Growing and care

It is recommended to maintain the temperature of + 18 … 20 degrees. Even at night, it should not descend less than +15 degrees. Drafts, even weak, completely unacceptable. Direct sunlight can also be destructive. It is for the totality of such factors that can confidently conclude – the greenhouse will be for such tomatoes an ideal solution.

The illumination in it should be big, at least 12 hours per day. Better if this indicator is provided with a stock. In difficult conditions, for example, on cloudy days, you will have to organize shocking. It is recommended to use fluorescent lamps for it. Air humidity at 70% optimal, but it is necessary to avoid and excessive damp.

Big Befe requires much more active feeding than other varieties of tomatoes. The main emphasis must be done on potash mixtures. Normally contribute to them more than nitrogen compositions. Watering the bushes should be done regularly, focusing on the drainage of the soil. In the formation recommended steps in 1 stem; This procedure is carried out every 7-10 days.

Tomato Big Beft

How and than feed tomatoes?

At each stage of growth, various trace elements are needed. All fertilizers can be divided into two groups: mineral and organic. Folk remedies are often used: iodine, yeast, bird litter, egg shell.

It is important to comply with the norm and the period of feeding. This also applies to folk remedies, and organic fertilizers.

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Tomato Big BeftYeastTomato Big BeftBoric acidTomato Big BeftIodineTomato Big BeftAshTomato Big BeftCalcium SelitraTomato Big Beftsuccinic acidTomato Big BeftMilk serumTomato Big BeftHydrogen peroxideTomato Big BeftChicken litterTomato Big BeftSodaTomato Big BeftNettleTomato Big BeftMullein

Resistance to diseases and pests

The variety is protected from:

  • verticillosis;

  • ClapPoriosis;

  • tobacco mosaic virus;

  • phytoofluorosis;

  • gray spotty.

Despite such stability, the plant is advisable to help. Strong systematic loosening of soil and its rescue. Protection is also important with preventive processing insecticides and other pesticides. At the same time, excessive dosages of reagents (over the manufacturers recommended by manufacturers) use it inexpedient. Alternatively use an olod infusion or an onion husk infusion.

Processing and prevention from diseases and pests

Tomato Big Beft

Diseases and pests of tomatoes in the greenhouse

During the cultivation of tomatoes in the greenhouse, there are often diseases due to a violation of the temperature regime and excessive humidity. The most common diseases are fungal (phytoofluorosis, colaporiosis, rot).

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Tomato Big Beft

Diseases and pests of tomatoes in open soil

Fighting diseases and pests of tomatoes in open areas is quite complex. This is due to the fact that the grated is exposed to various pathogens and pest insects.

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Tomato Big BeftPhytofluoroTomato Big BeftPuffy dewTomato Big BeftVertexTomato Big BeftClapPoriosTomato Big BeftGray GnilTomato Big BeftTobacco Mosaic virus

Resistance to adverse weather conditions

Tomato Big Befe can not bad to carry low temperatures. In the conditions of the North of the Russian Federation, this culture should grow in a secure soil. There are no other special subtleties in protection from weather conditions.

Regions growing

Big Befe is officially admitted to cultivation:

  • in the center of the Chernozem;

  • in the north and northwest of the European part of Russia;

  • in the Volga-Vyatka region;

  • in the North Caucasus (in any republics and regions);

  • on the Middle Volga;

  • in the Moscow region and other regions of the middle of the European part.

Review reviews

Gardeners evaluate Big Beft very well. There is simplicity of care and the opportunity despite this to collect solid yields. Fruits are tasty and fresh, and after bookmarking in salads. The germination is quite good. If you leave a small amount of obscenities, berries can achieve a huge amount.

And also referred to:

  • high power bushes;

  • Elegant appearance of fruits and a smooth surface of them;

  • decent resistance in bad summer weather.

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