Than to feed cucumbers for fruiting in the greenhouse and during it?

    Any gardene knows how important it is to take care of plants to get a good harvest. And if you first sowed cucumbers, you need to get acquainted with the basic rules, the observance of which will improve the fruit. We are talking about feeding – one of the most important processes. To do this, various funds are used, some of them are purchased on the market, others can be found directly at home.

    What it is?

    Undercumation can be called the most important condition for the care of cucumbers, which are grown in a greenhouse from polycarbonate. It is worth noting that such a procedure is carried out throughout the time while you collect vegetables harvest. During the work, you can use different fertilizers, alternating organic with inorganic. However, it is important to study their features, varieties, as well as the rules of application to get a positive result.

    Many gardeners enjoy biostimulants of growth, if they want to grow cucumbers for sale, so the crop must be rich.

    You can choose folk methods that will enhance fruiting, while protecting your vegetables from various diseases and pests, and this is important.

    Cucumbers, like other vegetables, need feeding with nutrients that can be obtained not only through the soil, sometimes the root system needs additional assistance. The land must be wet and warm, but at the beginning of the spring, the soil did not have time to warm up under the sun, so you have to resort to auxiliary measures.

    It should be noted that we are talking about a difficult process where it is sometimes necessary to show a creative approach. You will have to prepare the nutrient mixtures on your own, which includes safe ingredients. However, as soon as you see the first results, you will understand how important this process is.

    The effect will be awesome, harvest rich, and vegetables crispy and tasty.

    The main advantages of feeding can be attributed:

    • protection of vegetables from pests;
    • creating favorable conditions for ripening;
    • strengthening immunity cultures;
    • Prevent majority of diseases.

    Today there is a wide selection of various types of fertilizers, each of which has its own characteristics and advantages. You can learn about the most popular, sought-after and efficient to apply them in your garden.

    Organic fertilizers

    If you decide to feed your cucumbers after disembarking to the greenhouse, you have several options for organic mixtures that can be found even at home without knowing how useful they can be. Greenhouse vegetables need unusual feeding.

    An egg shell is suitable as it, which can be saved in a short time. Once you have collected enough raw materials, pour it with hot water and shake well. Under each bush, several spoons of fertilizer rushes. Despite the unpleasant smell, this mixture will saturate the culture of calcium, which is so necessary.

    Organic fertilizer types can be attributed to waste after fishing, which need to be crushed and buried at the base of the stalks of the plant.

    We’ll have to suffer the smell, but the cucumbers will receive a sufficient amount of carbon dioxide and phosphorus.

    Experienced gardeners know which stress for plants turns around the seedlings landing, because it needs to be rooted, for which it takes some time. Therefore, it is important to fully refuel the beds, in a few weeks to carry out the first feeding to the leaf mass to be thick. It requires nitrogen, and better organic substances for this purpose. To obtain a sufficient amount of nitrogen, prepare a solution of 2 tablespoons of urea and spoons of superphosphate, after which watering the plant.

    Organizer positively affects the future harvest, and its effectiveness is very long, if compared with mineral feeders. However, it is important to comply with the proportions and not exaggerate the concentration of substances. The main task of such fertilizer is to improve the structure of the soil and enrichment with useful elements.

    The organic types of feeding include manure that can be obtained from cattle. In Korovaka, there are all the necessary micro and macroelements in which cucumbers need. In a ton of this fertilizer there are about 5 kg of nitrogen, 2.5 kg of phosphorus and twice as many potassium.

    Important Council: if the korovyan is fresh, it needs to be made during the rescue of the Earth in the autumn and spring periods.

    To feed the future harvest, it is necessary to make an infusion of dilute water of a cowboy, which is withstanding about a week. Should not take it in pure form, as this can lead to the destruction of the root. On the standard bucket of water, half-liter manure is used, this mixture can be treated with a square meter of vegetable garden.

    If you have horses, their waste contains much more items, and they can be structured by land. Such a manure is quickly decomposed, increases the temperature, which is important for creating optimal conditions. It must be laid during the preparation of the Earth. As for the proportions for breeding manure, water must be 10 times more, after 3 days you can use a liquid, diluting it with water half and pour it under the liter under the plant.

    Litting of poultry is also a concentrated organic, in which there are many nutrients. But it is necessary to act carefully, this fertilizer can burn the root. Divide waste with water in half, after which the infusion is once again diluted with 1: 20 and pours over liter.

    Organic fertilizers are extremely necessary for cucumbers, but this is not the only feeding that should be used.

    Mineral subcords

    When the plant is formed and grows, it should pull out of the soil everything necessary for a positive result. If there is no element in the soil, you will not be able to get the desired harvest. The main microelements should include sulfur, calcium, iron, boron and copper, even their small quantity will affect the crop positive. Using fertilizers in which there are nutrients such, fruiting will accelerate, the quality of Zelents will rise, and you will be satisfied.

    If you understand the characteristics of different crops, including cucumbers, you probably know which varieties are the most productive. In addition, this information is always indicated on packing with seeds.

    Consider which mineral fertilizers can satisfy the soil with all necessary.

    • Without nitrogen, it is impossible to do without nitrogen, so gardeners are often resorted to the use of urea and ammonium nitrate. This element is also in potassium and calcium helpful mixtures.
    • Potassium is part of complex drugs, it is quite a lot in conventional ashes, which turned out as a result of burning wood.
    • Most cultures do not like chlorine, so it is better to use sulfate.
    • As mentioned above, phosphor needs to grow various vegetables, and it can be found in almost every fertilizer in different proportions. You can use phosphoric flour or superphosphate. It should be noted that such fertilizers are not easy to dissolve in water, so it is better to use boiling water to pour a kilogram of raw materials, after which leave for a day, then strain and add the resulting substance no more than 150 ml per bucket of water.

    There are already ready-made mixes on sale, so if you do not have time to produce calculations, you can use such products. You must follow the instructions where step-by-step actions are indicated.

    Many experienced gardeners prefer to create fertilizers independently, as they already know the soil well on their plot, what it needs, and therefore it is easy to find an optimal solution, as a result, poorly fruit will not be neither cucumbers, nor other types of vegetables.

    What else to feed?

    If you are interested in other feedback options, and you want to increase the chances of fruit formation, you can use the following recommendations that have already managed to prove its effectiveness.


    One of the effective products for fertilizer are conventional yeast. They can be made under the bush twice for the season – a week after disembarkation, then once during flowering. Here you should use the preparation instructions:

    • Water defends in a warm place so that the fluid temperature reaches 34 degrees Celsius;
    • just just half liters and packs dry yeast to dilute the future fertilizer, you need to add a spoonful sugar into the mixture;
    • After 10 minutes, it is necessary to pour 5 liters of water, “potassium helaten” and leave a solution for several hours until the fermentation is completed;
    • Under each bush should pour half liters of fertilizer.

    This is a recipe for the preparation of a biological stimulator, which will lead to a rapid growth of crispy cucumbers in the near future, and ingredients are available to everyone, they can be found even at home.

    It is important to note that yeast infusions can be stored until 3 days, after this period, it is not recommended to use such feeding.

    Folk remedies

    If you do not like feeding chemicals and you are a supporter of more natural fertilizers, people’s recipes are offered to your attention, which contributes to good cucumber yields. Fruit raising directly depends on the quality of the soil and saturation of future vegetables necessary by trace elements. At home, you can cook feeding, which will soon prove its effectiveness.

    Surely Luke’s husk will have practically everyone, the infusion of it is a storehouse of nutrients for plants, besides, protects your cucumber bushes from various diseases. It will take only 200 g of husk, which is poured with a bucket of warm water. It is necessary to insist 4 days, after which it is to strain the concentrated substance and spray the plant.

    If you have a bread that you dry, you can use it as feeding. To do this, you will need crusts that are poured with water, you can set the oppression so that the raw material does not pop up. Leave the future fertilizer for a week, after which infusion is diluted twice and use as watering around the root liter. Such a fertilizer can be used every couple of weeks, and soon you will see a positive result.

    The mood of the grass will great help get the plant with useful substances. It is impossible to use a metal container. Fill out the peeling of crushed nettles and other types of herbs, fill with water and leave for two weeks outdoor. Unpleasant odor and foam should leave.

    When the infusion is ready, dilute it with water in a 1: 10 ratio and water the bushes. You can ferment the grass, for which you need to collect it in the package, tightly tie and leave in the sun. Then adds 3 times more water, and the fertilizer can be used already a day later. Store such feeding it is impossible, it is better to immediately apply.

    Similar fertilizers should not be used constantly. Experts recommend alternating them with mineral and organic.

    Agronomas are often used by boric acid, thanks to which buds and wounds are quickly formed, and the fruits begin to gain juice. This feeding is suitable for flowering, but some apply it and during fruiting. Since cold water cannot dissolve boric acid, whose crystals can cause a burn on the leaves, it is important to take a fluid heated to 50 degrees.

    A teaspoon of boron dissolves in 100 ml of water, as soon as the mixture cools, it must be diluted with 2 liters of water. Stealing spray cucumber bushes. If you grow vegetables in a greenhouse, 10 kV. m enough liter of such a solution.

    Leaves need to be treated on both sides.

    How often it is necessary to feed cucumbers?

    During the season, the procedure must be made about 4 times. The first one two weeks after the seedlings landed, regardless of the discovery is a soil or greenhouse. The next feeding must be realized during the bootonization period, then flowering. If the soil is very poor, the fruiting will be drastically reduced, so you can make fertilizers unscheduled. Additional feeding is better to do with different problems, for example, you noticed that the leaves pale or wishes, the fruits do not have enough mass.

    Before choosing the type of feeding, you need to explore the state of the plant, the abundance of flowers, appearance and other. Even if the fertilizer is insignificant, but regular, it will have a positive effect on the fruiting plant. In appearance, you can determine what the cucumbers are missing, so it is important to study it to understand that the plant is required.

    If the soil lacks nitrogen, the wounds will slowly form, and the leaves will become unusual green. Old leaves will begin to bend, the screens will be thick and stains will appear in the streaks. As a result, the crop will be poor and small. But with nitrogen it is impossible to overdo it.

    If you make too much phosphorus, the leaves will yellow and cover with necrotic stains. Thus, the plant will quickly struggle, and potassium will be absorbed too slowly. As you can see, it is necessary to feed the soil and vegetables, as an excess fertilizer may adversely affect the future.

    Carefully examine the state of the soil and plants to understand what substances need to add.

    Additional information on this issue you can learn from the video below.

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