Strawberry Tsarskoselskaya

  • Authors: Leningrad Fruit and Vegetable Experienced Station
  • Synonyms names: Fragaria Ananassa Tsarskoselskaya
  • Taste: Pleasant, sweet-sweet
  • The size: average
  • Weight: 50-70 gr
  • Degree of yield: High
  • Yield: 7.36 t / ha
  • Timing of ripening: Medium Power
  • Purpose: Universal
  • Description of the bush: half scattery, well-limited

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Strawberry Tsarskoselskaya – Survived unpretentious grade, which, with competent basic care, pleases gardeners with high-quality and commodity harvest. The variety is also named Fragaria Ananassa Tsarskoselskaya.

Description of varieties

The mid-grain bushes are half science, well-designed. Have a matte large foliage of a dark green color.

Timing of ripening

The variety has a medium impact time of ripening.

Regions growing

It is recommended to grow culture on the territory of the Central Federal District of Russia due to high resistance to frost and resistance to climate change.


From one bush of plants on average, you can collect about 7.36 t / ha. The degree of yield is high. Many celebrate that the elevated strawberry harvest gives 2 years after disembarking.

Berries and their taste

Medium sizes of the fruits of dark red color have a pronounced shine and stupid, sometimes ribbed shape. Their mass – about 50-70 g. The flesh of red, satisfied with juicy and fleshy, with a pleasant sour-sweet taste and extremely bright strawberry aroma. Tasting Fruit Evaluation – 5 points. The universal purpose of berries allows you to use them in a fresh form, as well as prepare from them various dishes.

Features of cultivation

The variety is an excellent option for novice gardeners, since it is not necessary to spend too much time and effort. Close on the bushes follows, observing the distance of 30-35 cm. It is impossible to allow excessive landings, because in this case the crop yield will deteriorate.

Choosing a place and soil preparation

For landing, a moderately moisturized loamy fertile and neutral soil is suitable, a good option will be a chernozem. To land the varieties, it is necessary to choose a lit and open place in which there are no sharp blows of the wind. In the soil there should be a sufficient amount of organic substances, with the help of which strawberries can eat. If you can not find the black soil, you can choose loam.

It is also necessary to take into account what cultures were in the ground before the landing of strawberries. The best predecessors:

  • garlic;
  • Herbs of a spicy view;
  • onion;
  • marigold;
  • petunia.


Sort Self-Pointed, so does not require landing of pollinators next to them.


The fruits of the Tsarskostskaya are quite strong, but they need fertilizers of mineral type. Balance should be remembered between the balance between mineral and organic fertilizers. Make them follows every season.

All about fertilizers for strawberries

One of the important techniques in the care of strawberries is the feeding. Regular fertilization makes it guarantees a rich crop. There are several different ways to feed strawberries and each of them is intended for a certain period of plant development. During flowering, fruiting and after it, the feeding must be different.

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YeastBoric acidAmmoniaAshIodine

Frost resistance and need for shelter

Strawberries do not scare even the strongest frosts, so it feels great in any climatic conditions.

Diseases and pests

The variety has high resistance to the verticillosis, fading and gray rot, and is also extremely rarely affected by the strawberry tick.

Fighting diseases and pests

Strawberry is often subject to a variety of dangerous diseases that can seriously undermine its condition. Among the most common – malievable dew, gray rot, bright spot, anthracnose and verticillosis. Before buying a variety, it is necessary to ask him resistant to disease.

More details


Buuray spottyRotSpotsTwisting leavesDryingHoles in leaves


At Tsarskostskaya there is a large amount of mustache, thanks to which you can achieve good reproduction indicators.

Review reviews

Many experts believe that the grade is competitive and has great prospects. Judging by the reviews, experienced gardeners are hotly loved for a huge and regular yield. It is also noted that the flowers are conveniently located under foliage, thanks to which the berries are well saved, the rays of the scorching sun and rain.

Tsarskostskaya is extremely rarely affected by any diseases, which allows gardeners to carry out only basic care. In the presence of the necessary feeding and measures for the prevention of strawberries will be happy to please the commodity and tasty harvest. From fruits prepare jams, jams and compotes, and also use them fresh.

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