Strawberry Garigoutta

  • Authors: France
  • Synonyms names: Garigiet
  • Taste: multifaceted, balanced, saturated, sweetness complements elegant acid, bright strawberry aftertaste
  • The size: Large
  • Weight: 40
  • Degree of yield: High
  • Yield: up to 500 g with bush
  • Repair: No
  • Timing of ripening: Medium
  • Flaws: Matures unevenly, not stored

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Strawberry Gariguetta (also called Garigets) is popular with the gardeners around the world not in vain. Brought it in France in the past century, this grade is elite, it is called piece. In a large scale, it is not bred, but lovers and specialists are highly appreciated by Gariguett for the highest dessert taste.

Description of varieties

The bushes of this variety are quite powerful, they are strong and strong, spread. Foliage thick, strawberry requires a lot of lighting and heat. As for the external characteristics other than other varieties, they are quite a lot:

  • Sheet plate has a corrugated structure, color – bright green, carved edges;
  • The form of a rounded sheet, there are bodies of light color – these signs allow you to accurately determine the grade;
  • Flowerines are large, bring about 20 berries each, they fall pretty low, hide under foliage;
  • The mustache is developing very actively – about 20 pieces in each bush, therefore, very fast space is engaged in a mustache;
  • roots are big, strong, strongly branched.

The taste of the berries of this variety is saturated, but so that they are really as stated, you need a suitable climate. The best strawberry is growing in the south, the taste of southern strawberries is richer and brighter. Like any other variety, Gariguetta has its pros and cons. Advantages:

  • Stunning original taste, sophisticated fragrance;
  • high stability, good immunity;
  • Excellent ability to multiply.


  • Fruits are formulated in non-uniform;
  • In a cheerful climate, berries become smaller;
  • Since the berries are hiding under foliage and actually lie on Earth, they can rot;
  • If the weather is raw and wet, the taste of berries is spoiled, the quality is reduced;
  • Despite the fact that strawberries loves good lighting, it is necessary and to pronounce it to prevent baking;
  • need to mulch the soil to prevent fruit rotting.

Timing of ripening

This question is not so unequivocal, much depends on the region of growth, climatic conditions. In the southern regions of the strawberry ripen early, in the other matures in media. On its native land, it is believed to early varieties, in the middle lane of Russia it is more medium. On average, ripening occurs in the middle of the first summer month. Fruit of Gariguett for quite a long time: approximately 30-40 days.


The weight of one fetus is on average about 40 g, but the size and weight of the berries depend on the conditions of growth, care, climate. Large fruits can reach 70 g. One bush brings about 0.5 kg of berries per season. With intensive care, you can get more harvest.

Berries and their taste

Berries of this variety are characterized by the following features:

  • cone-shaped shape of a truncated type;
  • The color is red, the seeds are distributed over the surface, slightly depressed in the fruit;
  • The pulp of the fetus juicy, in the center of white;
  • qualities of taste canceled;
  • The fruits are stored badly, it is not recommended to transport them;
  • Berries may differ not only in size, but also in form.

As for the taste of Gariguetta, it is he who deserves the most laudatory reviews of tastor. The multifaceted taste and a strong fragrance make this strawberry popular with gourmets, desserts are created in which only this variety is used. The taste of specialists determine in this way:

  • rich, balanced;
  • Sweet, with a light notching of sourness;
  • aftertaste strawberry, fragrance is also close to forest berry;
  • Soft berry consistency, juicy, very pleasant, melting.

Dessert Grade Gariguetta is best revealed in ideal weather conditions. If climate or care is not too good for him, berries can grow not quite as described in the description. If the climate is cool and wet – the berries are oxygen, if the climate is too hot, the fruits are baked and losing the taste, consistency. Gariguetty fruits are great for desserts, they can be treated thermally. For freezing, this variety is not suitable, the flesh is too gentle and softened when defrosting.

Features of cultivation

Gariguetta strawberry cultivation requires compliance with a number of events.

  • Watering. Moisturizing should be abundant. It is necessary to use non-cool water, which is standing, watering is carried out in the evening. If the landing area is quite large, it is better to use an automated drip humidification system. Roots are large and demanding a lot of moisture. You can use channels dumped along the rows of berries with water, so the bushes will receive enough moisture. In any case, it is necessary to water this variety in time, which method will be selected – not so important. Lack of moisture leads to a deterioration in the quality of berries.
  • Loosening and weeping. Loose soil needed after moisturizing every time the moisture is absorbed, the soil dries lightly from above. Optimally use mulching agrofiber, straw to prevent damage to berries. You must delete weeds in a timely manner.
  • Trimming. Mustache need to cut on time. It is important not to postpone this procedure, otherwise the energy needed to form the fruit will go to the mustache. It can reduce the level of yield. When the mustache is needed for reproduction, it is enough to leave 1 or 2 strong and healthy ours. In the presence of Mastellites, the mustache is cleaned completely.
  • Subordinate. Fertilize the grade three times per season: the first time nitric feeding, the second – complex, third – potassium and phosphorus.
  • Insulation. It is necessary to insulate this variety peat, straw, agricultural in the south. In the north you should also use the shelter.

Choosing a place and soil preparation

This variety is optimally planted on fertile land, loose, with a small shading. On Suglink, this strawberry will not grow, as well as on low soils with a high level of groundwater. You should take care so that there are no strong winds, draft on the plot. The optimal time for landing is the last month of spring or summer, when the earth is warm, there are no frosts.

Those who are engaged in gardening in the northern regions, it is worth forming high ridges for strawberry of this variety. You can use films and agrofibur, the soil warms up more active. If the landing occurs in the south, it is necessary to provide an additional shading method.

Disembarking needed, given the size of the berries and the rapid active formation of the mustache. Optimal landing scheme:

  • The distance between the bushes is about 40 cm;
  • aisle – at least 60 cm;
  • Musicians for breeding is better to land separately from fruiting bushes.


This variety belongs to the unreasonable, so pollination occurs naturally. The question of artificial pollination by manual, bees or with the help of special devices occurs only with greenhouse cultivation.

All about fertilizers for strawberries

One of the important techniques in the care of strawberries is the feeding. Regular fertilization makes it guarantees a rich crop. There are several different ways to feed strawberries and each of them is intended for a certain period of plant development. During flowering, fruiting and after it, the feeding must be different.

More details

YeastBoric acidAmmoniaAshIodine

Diseases and pests

Immunity at variety is quite high, so typical diseases inherent in berries, they almost do not concern. Pretty use preventive measures, such as a spraying of vitriol, phytoosporin. Pests and infections are rarely affected by strawberries, but if it happens, processing chemicals is not recommended during periods of formation of flowers and fruits.

Fighting diseases and pests

Strawberry is often subject to a variety of dangerous diseases that can seriously undermine its condition. Among the most common – malievable dew, gray rot, bright spot, anthracnose and verticillosis. Before buying a variety, it is necessary to ask him resistant to disease.

More details


Buuray spottyRotSpotsTwisting leavesDryingHoles in leaves


Gariguetta variety reproduction occurs with the help of a mustache, which are separated from the uterine bush. Saplings are planted immediately to the place where they will grow constantly. This reduces the risks of disease and improves yield. Saplings are best to plant in the summer, so that they become strong to the cold.

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