Strawberry Garda

  • Authors: Italy, CRA Institute – FRF and Veronian Institute of Agricultural Test
  • Synonyms names: Garda
  • Taste: Balanced, sour-sweet
  • The size: very large
  • Weight: up to 80 grams
  • Degree of yield: High
  • Yield: more than 1 kg with bush
  • Timing of ripening: medium-early
  • Advantages: good burning, brings harvest even with unfavorable weather
  • Flaws: Berry slightly mines at the end of the harvest season

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Garda is a variety of strawberries derived by the joint forces of the CRA Institute – FRF and Veronian Institute of Agricultural Tests in Italy. Garda adapts well to difficult conditions, and therefore quickly gained popularity among Russian gardeners.

Description of varieties

Garda has a bush of middle power, its height and width – 35-40 cm. The leaves grow thickly, each bush is formed by 2-4 bloomrs, on which the wounds and fruits are formed in large numbers. Middle-sized flowers, mustache grow in small quantities.

Timing of ripening

Garda refers to varieties with medium maturation. The period of fruiting falls on June-August, it is not excluded again fruiting in the fall.


The variety has a high degree of yield. From one bush, you can collect more than 1 kg of berries. The feature of Garda is its ability to bring a good harvest even under adverse conditions, but it is worth considering that the fruits can be minted at the end of the harvest season.

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Berries and their taste

Fruits have red, conical shape and very large size – their weight can reach 80 g. The taste of the berry sour-sweet, balanced. The flesh is dense than good fantastic and transportability, which means that the grade is suitable for industrial cultivation.

Features of cultivation

Presented grade has a good winter hardiness, and therefore it can be kept in the northern regions of Russia. It is allowed to plant bushes in greenhouse conditions.

For irrigation, it is advisable to bring the drip system, which will be dosed moisturized the soil. Excess moisture will negatively affect the taste of berries, having deprived him of sugar. It is important to purify a plot from weeds in a timely manner, as well as periodically cut the mustache so that young sockets do not take power from the mother’s bush. In one place, the plant should not contain more than 4 years.

Choosing a place and soil preparation

Garda grade well develops in fertile soil. When choosing a site, give preference to sunny or slightly shaded places.

Landing can be carried out in April or October. In the spring landing, the site should be swapped and eliminated the roots of the predecessors plants. Strongly acidic soil must be diluted with dolomite flour (0.5 kg per 1 m2). When landing in a sugary soil is worth adding an organic fertilizer – 1 bucket of 1 m2.


The variety is characterized by a large amount of pollen, which provides good natural fertility. If the plant is planted in a greenhouse, then for polling you can use the fan or brush.

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Fertilize the plant you need from the second year of life. Podkaming culture consists of several stages.

  • With the arrival of spring, nitrogen compositions are used, for example, reworked manure. For this, 2-3 kg of raw materials are diluted in a bucket of water and insist a couple of hours.

  • Potash mixtures will be relevant before flowering. They are prepared by connecting 1 st. L. Potash salt or nitroammophos with 10 liters of water.

  • At the time of the launch of fruits, extractive feeders with Borok. To prepare the composition mix 2 g of boric acid and 10 liters of water. The resulting heap of the bushes spray.

  • After harvesting, the crop will become wood ash used as fertilizer.

All about fertilizers for strawberries

One of the important techniques in the care of strawberries is the feeding. Regular fertilization makes it guarantees a rich crop. There are several different ways to feed strawberries and each of them is intended for a certain period of plant development. During flowering, fruiting and after it, the feeding must be different.

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YeastBoric acidAmmoniaAshIodine

Frost resistance and need for shelter

Winter hardiness Garda strawberry is limited to the temperature of -17 degrees, so when growing in the northern regions should take care of the warming of the plant. When preparing for winter, it is necessary to cut old leaves, process the area with a means with copper content, climb the bed or cover it with fir branches.

Diseases and pests

Garda variety does not boast high immunity. It is easily affected by gray rot, mildew, anthracnose. For the prevention, handle the spring and autumn area with a burgundy fluid solution. Properly made feeders also have a positive effect on cultural immunity. Plant and insects should be protected. Against the slugs will help landed velvets, and from the Tly will save the infusion of Ceistela.

Fighting diseases and pests

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Strawberry is often subject to a variety of dangerous diseases that can seriously undermine its condition. Among the most common – malievable dew, gray rot, bright spot, anthracnose and verticillosis. Before buying a variety, it is necessary to ask him resistant to disease.

More details


Buuray spottyRotSpotsTwisting leavesDryingHoles in leaves


Breeding the variety Garda is not so easy due to a small amount of mustache. In general, the plant is bred by sockets or division of the bush. To multiply, choose the sockets of the first and second order, and the rest do the rest. So that the seedlings adapted well to new conditions, root them into plastic containers.

When prompting the division of the bush, give preference to three-year copies with a well-developed root system, which can be divided into parts.

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