Strawberry festival

  • Authors: Pavlovsk experienced Station Vir Yu.TO. Katin, in 1954
  • Taste: good
  • Weight: up to 50 gr
  • Degree of yield: very high
  • Yield: 1-1.5 kg / m2
  • Timing of ripening: Medium Power
  • Purpose: Recycling (juice, jam, jam, etc.)
  • Description of the bush: High, dense-blood, weak
  • Berry color: Bright red, shiny
  • Winter hardiness: high-winter hardy, -30c

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Strawberry Variety Festival uses unchanged popularity among summer houses and owners of greenhouse. It is successfully cultivated for over 60 years without loss of taste properties and other characteristics. The variety is considered one of the best in the group with the middle and late maturation dates, is valued for high frost resistance.

History of removal of varieties

Strawberry Festival was removed in 1954 in the Leningrad Region at the Pavlovsk Experimental Station VNIIR breeder. TO. Katin. When crossing, used varieties of abundant and premiere. The name was appropriated in 1957 by the new grade in 1957, timed to the Festival of Youth and Students. In the State Register, this kind was introduced in 1965 as a large-scale garden strawberry.

Description of varieties

Bushes reach 20 cm in height. Divorous socket, weak. The leaves are painted in green, matte, with a pronounced ribbon surface. The grade forms a mustache with medium intensity, they have a reddish color. On one plant you can get up to 30 outlets.

Strawberry Festival does not apply to removable varieties. Plant life cycle is 3-4 years.

Timing of ripening

Ripening of berries This variety occurs in early July. At least it refers to medium-time varieties.

Regions growing

Strawberry Festival successfully grown in different climatic zones. It is cultivated in the north and northwest of Russia, in the Central and Central Black Earth areas, in the Volga region, in the North Caucasus and Siberia. In the south, the variety matures in June. In the northern regions of the crop worth noting before July.


Very high, 1-1,5 kg / m2, the variety is characterized by good transportability. On the bush is formed from 40 to 50 stocks. Fruiting lasts until autumn. In an industrial scale, you can get a crop to 180 c berries with hectares.

Berries and their taste

Strawberry festival fruits large, weighing up to 50 g, shiny red berries. They are characterized by the correct form close to the ovoid. Berries are used for processing, canning (juices, jam, jams), are used in fresh form, they are frozen. Strawberry has a pleasant characteristic taste, juicy pink flesh. The maintenance of sugar in the fruits reaches 7%.

Features of cultivation

Strawberry Sort Festival refers to weakly drought-resistant subspecies, needs abundant watering during periods with a lack of atmospheric moisture. In the northern regions with a short light day recommended cultivation in greenhouses and greenhouses. Bushes need protection against wind, poorly growing on soils with high groundwater sitting.

Choosing a place and soil preparation

Suitable soil – fertilized, loose, light. When landing, the recommended distance of at least 30 cm is maintained. Bushes can successfully develop both in the sun and in half. When choosing a landing site, it is better to give preference to loyal, sampling areas with weak oxide.

You can use the beds on which legumes of crops, root crops, dill and parsley have grown. It is not recommended to plant strawberries of this variety after tomatoes, potatoes, raspberry bushes or next to these species. A break between the cultivation of a festival in one place should be at least 6-7 years.

Before planting, prepare, carefully passes from weeds, dripped on the bayonet shovel with a thorough sample of roots. After that, the soil is equipped with 5-6 kg of peat or manure to 1 m2 with the addition of superphosphate (50 g / m2), potassium (20 g / m2). Before boarding, it will be meringue a bed with robbles. You can transfer seedlings to a permanent place at any time throughout the warm season, but the first decade of April or September is considered for the festival better period.


Flowering strawberry festival begins in June. Up to 15 strong, dense floweros are formed on the bush. When growing in open soil, greenhouses, greenhouses grade does not need additional pollination. On shoots at the same time, men’s and women’s flowers with snow-white petals are formed.

Strawberry festival

All about fertilizers for strawberries

One of the important techniques in the care of strawberries is the feeding. Regular fertilization makes it guarantees a rich crop. There are several different ways to feed strawberries and each of them is intended for a certain period of plant development. During flowering, fruiting and after it, the feeding must be different.

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Frost resistance and need for shelter

Strawberry Festival refers to high-winter-built varieties, withstands the decrease in atmospheric temperatures to -30 degrees. In a special shelter, the bushes do not need most climatic zones. Bushes are thoroughly inhaling the surrounding soil. In severe frosts, it is recommended to further build a shelter from metal arcs and agrovolok.

Diseases and pests

The variety has an average resistance to sulfur rot and pulse dew. Amazed by strawberry tick, verticillosis. Does not have resistant to nematode.

Young strawberry plants festival are often amazed by root rot, coated with black spots. Most often the cause of the disease is disembarking bushes after. Infected plants will have to destroy. Black rot is detected already during fruiting, affected berries can not be eaten or leave on the beds.

Among the pests the greatest danger to the festival are strawberry leaf and weevil. They actively destroy the green mass of the plant. Preventive insecticidal treatment, spraying iodine. Danger can represent the larvae of the May beetle, eating the root strawberry planting system.

Strawberry festival

Fighting diseases and pests

Strawberry is often subject to a variety of dangerous diseases that can seriously undermine its condition. Among the most common – malievable dew, gray rot, bright spot, anthracnose and verticillosis. Before buying a variety, it is necessary to ask him resistant to disease.

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Festival garden strawberries are distinguished by the high intensity of the formation of the mustache. It is they who give out rosettes for subsequent landing. To avoid exhaustion of bushes, unnecessary shoots need to trim, leaving them only in the required quantity. Perhaps cultivation of seeds.

Review reviews

According to most dacnons, the festival is one of the best varieties of garden strawberries with large fruits, long fruiting. It is noted that the plants demonstrate high survivalability, intensive green mass extension. Especially marked the taste of berries, its utility, good safety when harvesting, storage in a fresh form.

Negative reviews are mainly related to the instability of the plant to a row of fungal diseases. With the defeat of the plantation, destroy all landings. In addition, with a carpet method of cultivation, there is a strong grinding of berries.

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