Strawberry Everly

  • Authors: Holland
  • Taste: sour-sweet
  • The size: Large
  • Weight: 20-40 G
  • Degree of yield: very high
  • Yield: 1-1.5 kg with bush
  • Repair: Yes
  • Advantages: Strong flowerons keep berries at height, facilitating the harvest process
  • Purpose: Universal
  • Description of the bush: low

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Everly strawberry grade with dutch breeders. This is a new variety, which in a short time managed to gain popularity from Russian gardeners. Everly grade is suitable for keeping in the country and in large horticultural farms.

Description of varieties

Evershi variety bush is low, but powerful. Strong flowerons hold berries at height, and it facilitates the harvest process. Powerful leaves, have a dark green color. During flowering on the plant, aesthetic pink flowers are formed, creating an interesting composition in a tandem with a compact bush, in connection with which the Everly grade is often used in the garden as a decorative plant.

Timing of ripening

This is a removable grade that begins to bloom in May. Begins to be fron at the end of May, and the last berries ripen in October.


Everly refers to varieties with a very high degree of yield, one bush can bring from 1 to 1.5 kg of delicious fruits.

Berries and their taste

Berries bright red, conical shape and large size – the weight of each can reach 40 g. The taste of the berries of sour-sweet, possess the aroma of forest strawberries. You can use berries as you like: Use fresh or recycle on jam, compote, jam.

Thanks to high marketability and good transportability, the fruits are well suited for growing for sale.

Features of cultivation

Strawberry Variety Everly is allowed to grown in the Moscow region and most of the country. In general, the plant requires classic care, including:

  • soil moisturizing;

  • weeding;

  • trimming mustache;

  • loose;

  • fertilizer;

  • Processing from parasites.

However, it is important to know that this is a very moisture-loving variety, so the plant should be abundantly.

Choosing a place and soil preparation

Locking spend at the beginning of autumn. When choosing a place, give preference to sunny and half-directed areas. Perhaps cultivation in the greenhouse.

Consider that the culture is best developed in fertile soil, on a light and mean by mechanical composition with the acidity of 5.0-6.5 pH. In the preparation of the site, make an organic in the amount of 5-6 kg / m2 and mineral fertilizers up to 40 g / m2. Next, redo the garden, and plan the plant after the earth will fall.


Everly is self-polished variety. If the strawberries are planted in a greenhouse, then it can be pollinated by artificially. To do this, use a fan or a conventional brush.


The culture of the presented variety is distinguished by abundant fruiting, which means that the soil under it is quickly depleted. Therefore, the plant needs a monthly feeding. Organic compositions with mineral substances are suitable as fertilizers. The simplest means – wood ash: Mix it with water, and pour the resulting composition under the bushes. The same properties have infusion of a cowboy or nettle.

All about fertilizers for strawberries

One of the important techniques in the care of strawberries is the feeding. Regular fertilization makes it guarantees a rich crop. There are several different ways to feed strawberries and each of them is intended for a certain period of plant development. During flowering, fruiting and after it, the feeding must be different.

More details

YeastBoric acidAmmoniaAshIodine

Diseases and pests

For the presented variety, high immunity is characterized, so the plant is almost not amazed by diseases and pests. Nevertheless, prevention will be worth. Sufficiently spring and autumn processing the bushes insecticides.

Fighting diseases and pests

Strawberry is often subject to a variety of dangerous diseases that can seriously undermine its condition. Among the most common – malievable dew, gray rot, bright spot, anthracnose and verticillosis. Before buying a variety, it is necessary to ask him resistant to disease.

More details


Buuray spottyRotSpotsTwisting leavesDryingHoles in leaves


Multiply culture follows seedlings that better plant in open ground in August for better adaptation. The reproduction of the mustache is allowed, but in this case the plant can be fine, as the grade is a hybrid.


According to the observations of the gardeners, despite the high immunity, without the use of chemistry, Everly bushes may be affected by spotting. In the northern regions, the fruits do not gain the specified weight, however the taste of berries is highly appreciated by even the most demanding gardeners, and such a taste is preserved even in the last, autumn berries. Some daches grow strawberries Eveley in porridge for decoration as a landscape design element.

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