Siderats for potatoes

Siderates for potatoes play an important role in the successful cultivation of this agricultural culture. Disputes about what kind of plants it is better to sow autumn or in winter, long ago, but there are really working schemes of natural improvement of soil fertility. About how to plant rye and oats, other cultures after potatoes, which should be considered when choosing, it is worth talking in more detail.

Siderats for potatoes

For what is needed?

Siderates for potatoes – natural fertilizer capable of saturating the soil with the necessary nutrients. These plants are waiting for future ridges, so that heins them with the cultivation of the soil. This allows the land of “relax” and dial the necessary resources for the new landing season. Traditionally, the Siderats are sown after harvesting the main culture, At the end of the summer, in order to bundle the resulting natural fertilizer in the soil.

When With the preparation of a rice under potatoes, you need to take into account the need for this plant in a nutrient medium rich in substances of a nitroophosphoric group.

Root Siderate System has the ability to accumulate them, providing better conditions for further growing vegetable crops.

Siderats for potatoes

In its effectiveness, these green “fertilizers” are no less useful than peat, manure or compost. They do not contain hazardous chemical compounds, easily absorbed by the soil, forming a fertile layer.

Smelted in soil siderates, In the process of its decomposition gives accumulated substances. Thanks to them, it is possible to ensure the formation of a fertile substrate rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium.

It is important to take into account that the volume of laid crops must be regulated, otherwise, instead of fertilizer, you can get ridiculous green array. In addition, the type of landing must be changed annually.

Siderats for potatoes

The basic rules for making siters are simple.

  1. Sowing is made before planting potatoes, seeing or sneaking.
  2. Making green mass is performed no later than 2 weeks before making the main culture in the ground.
  3. The resulting stems and the root part are drunk along with the soil.
  4. After 2 weeks, you can go to planting potatoes. During this period, the Siderates will give all the accumulated supply of nutrients, will create an optimal environment for growing this culture.

Siderats for potatoes

Siderats for potatoes

The procedure remains unchanged regardless of whether sowing will be carried out in the spring months or under the winter.

Siderates for potatoes are fairly clear requirements: tubers should receive phosphorus and nitrogen, respectively, they are used by the rich culture. Ways to use plant-companion plants on:

  • Otav – Conservation only root part;
  • powder – based on green mass;
  • Full – with the transformation into fertilizer of all parts immediately.

Siderats for potatoes

What suitable?

Siderates selection largely depends on what period of the year plant landing is performed. The following cultures are best suited for sowing.

  • Zlakovy. This includes rye, oats, wheat, corn, allowing to blow up soil, improve his fertility. They are not too sensitive to the quality and acidity of the soil, possess an excellent germination. The most favorable option is rye, resistant to the effects of pathogenic microorganisms, excluding the appearance of weeds on the site.

Siderats for potatoes

  • Bean. This category includes the Donnik, Nut, Pea, Facelium and Beans. Such cultures help to reduce the acidity of the soil, help reduce the number of weeds, enrich the soil with nitrogen. Facelia can replace the manure, ensures the disposal of the wireman, which is important when growing potatoes. Legume crops are good because they demonstrate an excellent germination even at low temperatures, but still significantly postpone their sowing.

Siderats for potatoes

  • Croft. One of the main representatives of this family among the Siderators can be called mustard, which when landing in front of potatoes helps to cope with weeds, remove pests, normalize bacterial microflora. In addition, you can sow a tour, a forgetku, rapeseed, adding their landing with legumes, because there is too little nitrogen in cruciferous.

Siderats for potatoes

Perfectly if the Siderats alternate together. These plants allow you to form a rich nutrient medium for potatoes. Their landing does not create special complications, growing occupies a minimum of time. At the same time, the beneficial effect even on the poorest soil is obvious.

Choosing which sites are better to plant in spring, It is worth paying attention to legumes – from beans to beans. In addition, it can be useful here Furk, Turnip, Mustard.

Among cultures that do not give a special effect when landing in front of potatoes, you can highlight Oats and wheat. Their effect is, rather, indirect character, due to the loosening of the soil. Not too effective because of the small nitrogen content will be Facelium. Rape and white mustard also do not harm, but their benefits will be minimal.

More rational will be the use of these sites on the ridges for tomatoes and cucumbers.

Siderats for potatoes

What to choose?

When choosing a seder is very It is important to take into account the type of soil. On clay areas, beans are well shown well, but Lupine here is meaningless, he will not grow. Pea needs neutral soil with a balanced acid and alkalis. It is categorically not suitable as a sunflower potato. The processes of its decomposition go too slowly, during their growth, this representative of the Astrov family takes a lot of nutrients.

Under potatoes it is not accepted to plant only one seerful culture. Here A combination of 2-3 plant species is much better, which will ensure reliable protection against pests and other factors capable of slowing the growth of potatoes. For example, Facelius and clover are considered universal seedrates.

Siderats for potatoes

Target landings are also in demand. Against abundant growth of weeds plant Redon. To get rid of the colorad beetle you can sow flax seeds. If there is a wire in the site, cruciferous helps to cope with it – Freedom or mustard.

Among the best spring siters for potatoes, peas can be highlighted, Which is removed only the green mass. It is sown with potatoes. Due to a faster germination, the bob culture will be an excellent nitrogen source for the roots of the main plant.

Working as a growth stimulator, such a satellite will provide a good start and tubers, laid down with him to the ground.

Siderats for potatoes

Wanting to choose the best sites for planting under the winter, it is worth navigating the following list of cultures.

  • Lupine. His beans are able to replace soy, and green parts of the plant are suitable for food. Lupine is used to produce oil, according to its properties similar to olive. The percentage ratio of fats and proteins in the plant – 5: 2. This Siderate is well suited to increase the nitrogen level in the soil.

Siderats for potatoes

  • Vika. This seerful culture is distinguished by randomness, rapid green mass. It can be sown in spring and summer, when landing under the winter, the results will also be good. Because the fertilizer is the root part, the Vica can be viewed as an additional feed culture for livestock.

Siderats for potatoes

  • Alfalfa. It is planted in August-September, after harvesting potatoes. The green mass of plants is good to use as a stern supplement for animals, including home, add in fresh salads as a spicy vitamin ingredient. Lucerne – a representative of a family of cruciferous, it is better to plant it in a complex with bean to get the best results.

Siderats for potatoes

  • Donnik. Valuable sowing for sowing under winter, honey, rich in biologically active substances. If it does not be filtered on time, it can grow up to 2 m in height.

Siderats for potatoes

  • All legumes culture – fast-growing, suitable for spring and autumn planting, so they are sown twice a year. That’s just necessary to pay attention to the selection of different types.

They must alternate, otherwise the effect of using the Siderats will decrease.

Siderats for potatoes

How to plant?

Landing in autumn

The best time to sow siturates – autumn. Correctly and timely placed in the soil seeds will allow the next season to significantly increase the fertility of the site allotted under potatoes. In the autumn for sowing it is worth choosing the beginning of September, no later than 1.5 months before the intended occurrence of cold. The planting process looks like this:

  • In a plundered and well-swollen earth, the grooves should be done by 4-5 cm;
  • Seeds are sown in the groove, the delicate can be adjusted;
  • The surface of the landing is laid thick, in 5-10 cm layer of well-spoken compost;
  • In May, the sitting sweeter is cleaned, potato tubers are introduced into the soil.

The meaning of the planting of the Siderate under the winter is quite obvious. Before Zamorozkov Shoots have time to gain sufficient growth in order to transfer frosts without special losses. Spring, with melting of snow, they go to height. The resulting greenery is cut and distributed on the surface of the soil – In this case, the roots begin to accumulate nutrients, and do not spend them on elongation of shoots.

Siderats for potatoes

Spring landing

With spring crop Siderats are recommended to lay in the ground no later than mid-spring, and better – in early April, in his first decade. This will allow sponsors to pass freely, will retain the maximum of valuable biologically active substances in the soil. Sowing begins after soil warming, Blowing seeds for 3-5 cm. 2 weeks before planting potatoes all shoots are cut off, the area is drunk and left for the green mass.

In the period of spring sowing, Sideratov does not turn out so much time for a set of growth. Here Most often, cruciferous or legumes are used, only oats are suitable of cereals. In very poor soil, you can make sedients under potatoes and summer. In this case, can be placed in aisle Vika in June, radish – in the middle of summer, and in August sow mustard.

Such vitamin support will beneficially affect the growth and formation of tubers.

Siderats for potatoes

Upon abundance of the green mass of the Siderates, it is better not to leave in the soil in full. The resulting stalks can be crushed and distributed throughout the area of ​​the site, lay on other cultures.

For potatoes for potatoes, see the following video.

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