Rules and Technology Landing Raspberries

Malina is unpretentious culture that grows well in the open soil. Most of all attention is paid to the plant during its landing. It is from the correctness of the landing of bushes depends on how actively raspberry will be fruit in the future.

Rules and Technology Landing Raspberries

When it is better to plan?

First of all, you need to choose the perfect time to land raspberry. Most often, the arrangement of the Malinnik is engaged in autumn or spring. When choosing the optimal time for landing, it is worth focusing on the local climate features.

In cold regions, raspberries are usually planted in spring. Optimal time for such works – a period from mid-April and until the second half of May. It is very important to have to equip the Malinnik before the kidneys will begin to bloom. Spring Raspberry Mountains will have a good root and grasp. Therefore, it will be much easier for her frost.

In the central regions, Malina is usually planted in autumn. Conduct procedures from the end of August to mid-October. The main thing is that before the onset of frosts remained at least 30-35 days.

In the summer it is not accepted to plant raspberries. After all, at this time the weather is too arid. Therefore, plants will constantly miss moisture for growth and normal development.

Seat selection

An equally important role is played by a seedling. Buy it best in a proven nursery. In this case, the gardener will be confident as the chosen plant.

The sapling should be strong and healthy. Its optimal height – 20-40 centimeters. There should be no cracks on the trunk or any other mechanical damage. Special attention in the inspection should be given to the root neck. Next to her must be placed the root of new sprouts. This is a sign that the plant quickly takes on and will go into growth.

Rules and Technology Landing Raspberries

When examining a seedliness, you must pay attention to its rhizome. The young plant should have 2-3 roots. It is important that they are strong and intact. For landing on its plot it is worth choosing plants with a naked barrel. Shrubs with a lot of foliage develop slower, because they lack nutrients.

Rules and Technology Landing Raspberries

Where can I plant?

By choosing a suitable seedling, attention should be paid to the search for an ideal plant for planting plants. You need to pay attention to the following points.

  • Light. Malina is a light-loving plant. Therefore, it is important that Malinnik is well lit. If the bushes grow into the shadows, shoots quickly, and the raspberry yield will significantly decrease.
  • The composition of the soil. Garden raspberry grows well on the basis with any composition. But most of all she loves black soil and loam. The acidity of soil plays an important role. If it is raised, the site will need to be switched. After that, it is possible to make wood ash.
  • Wind Security. Most often, raspberry bushes land along the fence. In addition, they can be located near various buildings. In such a place, the raspberries will reliably be protected from the gusts of the wind. Therefore, it is not worth worrying that the stems can break during a thunderstorm.
  • Plants-neighbors. It also plays an important role, next to what plants will be raspberry bushes. If there is an opportunity, Malinnik stands on a slight distance from the garden and beds. But if the plot is small, you will have to take care of the choice of the right neighbors for raspberry bushes. They are definitely not worth landing near strawberries and strawberries. This may lead to the fact that the plants will constantly hurt and suffer from pest attacks. Many gardeners prefer to plant raspberry and currants. Very often, several different varieties of these plants are grown on the site. They get along with each other perfectly.

If the site meets all these requirements, Raspberries will develop well on it.

Rules and Technology Landing Raspberries

Rules and Technology Landing Raspberries


Deciding with the location of the future Malinnik, you can proceed to the preparation of the site. First of all, it is necessary to clean the whole territory from old foliage and various garden garbage.

Next, you can proceed to the preparation of pits or trenches. They need to dig up in autumn. The average depth of the holes – 35 centimeters. If you make them deeper, plants will be difficult to take care and go to growth. Bushes landed in small holes quickly begin to disar. The diameter of the wells must match the size of the root. It is very important, because if the fifths are too small, the roots can break down when landing.

To speed up the growth of bushes, as well as increase their yield, it is necessary to put high-quality fertilizers in the wells. To increase the soil fertility, potash and phosphoric feeders are used. When landing removable raspberry gardens in the pit are twice as many fertilizers.

In the spring, the land will need to gently explode. Only after that you can start landing seedlings. With autumn landing, it is necessary to prepare a plot, and then wait 3-4 weeks. After that, you can proceed to processing plants.

To speed up the growth of raspberries, its roots need to be treated with a special solution. It can be bought in specialized stores. It is very important to comply with the proportions. Roots before processing need to cut slightly. The next day after the preparation of raspberries, you can proceed to its landing.


Now there are several ways to landing raspberries in open ground. Each of them has its own characteristics.


This landing method is most popular among most gardeners. It is quite simple and does not require any effort. In addition, a plot decorated in this way looks beautiful and natural. Poams for landing raspberries are located at a distance of 60-70 centimeters. There should also be enough free space between the rows. In this case, to care for the site and collect ripening fruits will be much easier.

In every pit it is necessary to add the required number of fertilizers. Next, they should be filled with a layer of fertile land. After a couple of weeks, the young bushes of raspberries can be planted in thus prepared. Sutting off the bushes in Sobolev, near the pit it is necessary to install small columns. At an altitude of 40-45 centimeters, you need to pull the durable railing. To them and landed shoots are tied. After planting plants, the bushes should be filled with fertile soil, and then ridiculously pour.

Rules and Technology Landing Raspberries

Rules and Technology Landing Raspberries


This raspberry planting method is also called trench or tape. It is suitable for large areas. Behind the bushes that were planted in the trench, it is very easy to care for. In addition, they manage to evenly easily. Thanks to this, the yield of raspberries increases.

Rules and Technology Landing Raspberries

The process of landing raspberry in the trench is as follows.

  1. To begin with, the selected area must be placed, driven by a peg in its perimeter. Do not use too high fasteners. Future rows should be located at a distance of one and a half meters from each other.
  2. Durable cords are attached to the pegs. After that, there are long trenches next to them.
  3. Drainage layer. You can then fertilize. You can enter the soil not only chemical fertilizers. It will be useful to feed raspberries and organic products. The compost is best suited for this purpose.
  4. The fertilizer layer should be filled with fertile soil.
  5. After some time, you can start landing seedlings. They are located at a distance of about 50 centimeters from each other.
  6. After that, the plants sprinkle fertile soil and abundantly watered.

Since raspberries multiplies very quickly, it is important to prevent too active growing. To do this, in several centimeters from the edges of trenches, iron sheets or unnecessary slate should be burned into the ground.

Rules and Technology Landing Raspberries

Rules and Technology Landing Raspberries


In addition to the most common methods for landing raspberries, there are other. Many gardeners like planting raspberries in tires or tanks without the bottom. Such landing methods have both their advantages and cons.

Ringing raspberry in tanks without the bottom has a lot in common with the grinding raspberry. The difference lies in the fact that unnecessary plastic or metal barrels are buried in the pits. They need to pre-cut down the bottom. After that, the container must be burned to the ground, and then feed the soil with a mixture of manure and land. Next, plants are grown in the usual way. The use of such tanks also prevents the plant to quickly spread through the territory of the site.

In the tire of raspberry planted in the same way. Part of unnecessary tires can be located above the ground. Malina, which was planted in a tire, always well protected from weeds. In addition, water is better held in the soil.

You can also grow raspberries on the logs. A fitting method will be similar. The difference is that the logs need to dig up from time to time and replace others, because they begin to rot.

Rules and Technology Landing Raspberries

Technology landing

Malina reproduction methods also have several. For disembarkation, you can use cuttings, shoots or seedlings grown from seeds.


Most often for landing used cuttings. So that they fit well, they need to be prepared correctly. Cuttings are usually cut off the bushes in the second half of June. You need to choose only strong and healthy shoots. So that the roots of the plants develop faster, the painful kidney needs to immediately remove. The resulting cutlets must be divided into several parts. At each of them there should be two or three interstices. After such treatment, the cuttings are recommended to be placed on a day in a container with a solution that stimulates the development of roots.

Next, seedlings need to be placed in the container with sand and peat. Above it should be covered with a transparent cap or glass. After a couple of weeks, shoots will begin to form shoots. At this stage of their development, the shelter can be removed.

To root young plants can be both in the greenhouse and in the open soil. To landing on a permanent place of growth, seedlings will be ready in spring.

Rules and Technology Landing Raspberries

Rules and Technology Landing Raspberries

Rules and Technology Landing Raspberries


Almost every plot with raspberries can detect a large amount of row. The strongest shoots of gardeners can use raspberry bushes for breeding.

Digging them from the soil and transplanting to a new place after the escape will become quite adult and strong. Its height should be within 30 centimeters. Dipped and separated from the main bush escape must be neatly trimmed. From the plants also need to remove all the lower leaves.

Next, you need to fill the pit with high-quality fertilizers, and then put the escape. The well should be not too deep. The shoots placed in a new place must be filled with nutrient soil, and then rolish. Next you need to carefully pull the baby up. He should not move.

Rules and Technology Landing Raspberries

Rules and Technology Landing Raspberries


Grow young raspberry seedlings from seeds. This process is quite complex. Besides, Thus, it is not always possible to grow perfect and well fruiting plant.

Rules and Technology Landing Raspberries

Preparing seeds to landfill stands as follows.

  1. To begin with, they must be mixed with sand. The ratio should be 1 to 5. The mixture must be placed in small gauze or dumping bags. They are placed in the box, and then shift moss. Next, these containers are placed in a cellar or any other cool place.
  2. From time to time the condition of the seed should be checked. The soil must be slightly loosen and moisturized.
  3. After 4-6 months, the seeds should be removed from the bags. They must be sown in prepared containers with fertile soil mixed with peat and river sand.
  4. Finished crops are covered with film or glass. Capacity with seeds goes to warm and well lit place. It is important that the straight sun rays will not fall on it. Otherwise, seeds can overheat and die.
  5. The term of germination of seeds depends on the variety of raspberries. Therefore, gardener need to carefully watch the sprouts. Once a few days, the container must be aircraft, in also inspecting mold.
  6. After the appearance of half of the sprouts, they can be planted in separate pots. As soon as 2-3 leaves appear on seedlings, they must be dive.
  7. Plant young plants in the ground it will be possible only in a year.

If you do everything correctly, seedlings grown with their own hands will make sure very quickly.

Rules and Technology Landing Raspberries

Subsequent care

After disembarking into open ground, Malina needs special care. Gardener need to regularly carry out the following events.

  • Watering. In the first months after disembarking, young raspberries need regular watering. Water must be pouring not directly under the root, but along the rows or in specially made grooves. Under one bush usually poured water bucket. Watering raspberry need no more than two times a week.
  • Mulching. To keep moisture in the soil, as well as protect plants from weeds, they need to be covered with a layer of mulch. To do this, you can use dry straw, foliage, wood sawdust or compost.
  • Protection against pests and diseases. So that the plants develop well, they must be regularly treated with special drugs. Timely prevention allows you to protect the Malinnik from diseases and pests. If the plants were still infected, the pool bushes should be removed from the site.
  • Trimming. Remote raspberry varieties need regular trimming. Usually this procedure is held for the next year after the landing of bushes. Crop plants are best after the end of fruiting. At this time, it is necessary to remove all weak, old and dried shoots.

Rules and Technology Landing Raspberries

Rules and Technology Landing Raspberries

Planting raspberries on his plot, and also to care for her is quite simple. Therefore, this plant is ideal for gardeners who are just starting to equip their garden.

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