Rules and grafting technology in spring

Spring grafting of grapes is a procedure that improves the general characteristics of the garden plant, as well as its viability. Therefore, it is recommended to learn how to spend it to everyone who wants to grow in their area plenty of fruitful bushes.

Rules and grafting technology in spring

The need for procedure

Before brewing grapes, it is important to understand why this procedure is needed. Experienced gardeners know: the vacuum helps rejuvenate old grapes. The plant is better resisting insect diseases and attacks. Therefore, care for it has to spend less time.

Rules and grafting technology in spring

Besides, The vaccination of new cuttings on the old bush allows you to change its characteristics. After this procedure, berries of several different varieties can appear on shoots. For this reason, putting off the plants is very beneficial to gardeners, which are breeding grapes, upholstered in small areas.

Besides, Thus you can save grapes, which is difficult to adapt to the cold climate. To do this, the shoots of a capricious plant are vaccinated on a bush that is not afraid of reduced temperatures. After a proper vaccination, the owner of the site can enjoy the excellent harvest of delicious and ripe berries.

Rules and grafting technology in spring


In order for the graft cuttings quickly fit, it is very important to carry out this procedure at the right time. As a rule, grapes are vaccinated in April.

The choice of concrete time depends on the peculiarities of the local climate. Gardeners are usually waited until the air temperature rises to 15 degrees. Soil in the process should also warm well.

Rules and grafting technology in spring

What tools are needed?

To vaccinate the plant gardener, you will need a basic set of tools.

  1. Garden and vaccination knives. The blades should be sharp. It is necessary so that all sections are smooth and neat.
  2. Ceattor. To achieve the perfect result, it is recommended to use a high-quality vaccination tool. With it, cuts can be made the same.
  3. Screwdriver. This tool will be useful in the process of splitting. Instead, you can also use neatly cropped wooden peasants.
  4. Polyethylene film. Before applying it is recommended to cut into pieces. In this case, it will be much more convenient to wind separate parts of the plant.
  5. Tools for fixation. For this purpose, a twine is usually used or a soft tape. They reliably fix the vine, not harming with the plant.
  6. Gardena var. It is used to handle split after vaccination. Its use allows you to disinfect this part of escape and protect it from drying.

Rules and grafting technology in spring

Create in work and various disinfectants. They should handle all the tools both before and after vaccination. This is done to protect plants from common diseases.

Preparation Chenkov

The preparation of healthy cuttings that are needed for spring vaccinations are usually engaged in autumn. Gardener need to choose a bush that is perfectly fruit. Cutting the branches that are on the sunny side of the site. They are considered stronger.

Cuttings cut with a knife or a secaterator. Each of them should have some healthy eyes. The average shoot length is 10 centimeters. Cuts on cuttings should be smooth. It depends on how well they will take.

Rules and grafting technology in spring

Cutted cuttings need to be disinfected, and then dry. Then they should be wrapped with a wet cloth or food film. After that, the cuttings must be immediately placed in a cold place. You can store them both in the cellar and in the usual refrigerator.


There are several basic methods of vaccinations of young and old grapes.

In crap

This is the easiest way to vaccine grapes. It is perfect for beginners. The process of vaccination in split sleeves consists of four stages.

  1. To begin with, the place for vaccination should be cleaned from foliage, and then wipe the trunk with a disinfectant solution.
  2. The top of the vine must be cut off so that the distance between the slice and the extreme node was not more than five centimeters. Next, just below the cut should be made a small longitudinal split.
  3. Inside it is necessary to insert a prepared stalk.
  4. Next, this part of the vine must be tied up and well moistened. Through time the mount is worth removing.

Rules and grafting technology in spring

You can put the “black in green” you can most grape varieties. If you do everything right, no problems with the vaccination plant will not arise.

In semi-trap

This method of vaccinations is not much different from the previous. Instilling plants according to this scheme is also quite simple. Vintage “black in black” involves working with the covered in the fall of the cutlets and the old barrel.

Initially, a small hole must be done in the stamper. In this gap you need to insert a wedge of solid wood. At the end of the prepared in advance, the cuticle needs to be cut acute triangle. It needs to be gently inserted into the hole done at the base of the trunk. After that, from the Stand you need to remove a wooden wedge. The cuttings must be accurately fixed.

Rules and grafting technology in spring


To carry out this procedure, the seedling used for the stock is grown separately. Before vaccination, it is neatly cut. Both lead and dive should be smooth and healthy. Before vaccination of solid rocks, you need to cut a thin peg. One of his end is needed to put in stock. On the other hand, it is planted on it.

The mounting place must be wrapped with a cotton swab in a solution of ordinary manganese. From above, this site can be additionally wrapped with a layer of paper. The base of the branch must be additionally sprinkled with wet sawdust and film.

When green kidneys appear on the branches, you can get rid of the film.

Rules and grafting technology in spring

In butt

Ocaling in the butt is one of the most reliable methods of the bush vaccination. For the procedure you need to use a stalk, the thickness of which is equal to the thickness of the stem.

On the cutlets it is necessary to make a cut, cutting into one of the kidneys in the process. The same cut is done on the escape of the bush to which a stalk is given. A small pocket will be located on the stem. Inserted stalks in it.

Rules and grafting technology in spring

Mounting place need to tie. Ribbons must be located just below and slightly above the eye. Over the place of this vaccination, only a few green leaves should remain. The top is recommended to discharge, and steps – remove. In this case, all nutrients will flow to the slope. Therefore, the cutlets takes on better.


A vaccination vaccination is also quite popular among gardeners. This process can be divided into four stages.

  1. First of all, you need to disinfect the drill with the assistance of manganese.
  2. Next in a wide part of the vine you need to do a shallow hole.
  3. It is necessary to put a car with a neat movement. It is important that he does not fall out of this hole.
  4. Next, the edges of the cutting need to be neatly sprinkled with chips and slightly moistened. After that, the location of the attachment must be covered with polyethylene.

Rules and grafting technology in spring

Do this vaccination is recommended at the end of April.

In stammer

This method allows you to vaccinate several varieties of grapes at once. It is also called vaccination to the root or “on the black head”. Usually this vaccination method is used to rejuvenate grapes.

Rules and grafting technology in spring

In the work it is worth using cuttings, on which there are no less than three kidneys. The process of their vaccination is as follows.

  1. For the beginning, the trunk of the bush should be trimmed and clean from the old bark. After that it must be thoroughly wipe with a damp cloth.
  2. Part of the plant, which is located above the ground, you need to cut off with a sharp garden knife.
  3. Prepare a stram thus, you need to do several cracks in which the cuttings will be placed. The size of each of them should be in the range of 5 centimeters.
  4. In each of the prepared splitting, you need to insert a prepared stalk. Next, they must be fixed with the help of twine, and then wrapped with damp paper and fall asleep in moistened land.

Rules and grafting technology in spring

Instilling plants thus stands in early spring. After vaccination, the straw can be deceived by clay. In the process, it is important not to affect.

Possible mistakes

In order not to harm the plant during vaccination, it is important to remember about the errors that sometimes allow novice gardeners.

  1. Using incompatible stock and cutlets. So that the vaccination has passed successfully, it is important to use plants that bloom and fruit at the same time. Otherwise the graft bush may well die.
  2. Wrong care after vaccination. So that the plant felt well after vaccination, the land around the trunk need to loosen and water. If the soil is on the plot of poor, grapes must be regularly feeding.
  3. Wrong storage Cherenkov. Very often, the vaccination is unsuccessful due to the fact that the cuttings are harvested from the autumn. So that this does not happen, young shoots should be tightly soaked into the film or to dip in paraffin.
  4. Uneven cuts. If you cut off the shoots with a poorly sharpened tool, the place of their connection will be uneven. Because of this stalk, most likely, does not come true.

Following ordinary advice, instigate the grapes can even be able to even a novice gardener.

Rules and grafting technology in spring

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