Raspberry Rhino

  • Repair: Yes
  • Berry color: Dark Malinovaya
  • Taste: sweet
  • Weight berry, g: 7-9
  • Yield: 12 – 15 t / ha, up to 9 kg with bush
  • Frost resistance, ° C / winter hardiness: High
  • Purpose: For consumption in the latest form and all types of home billets
  • Period of fruiting: in the second half of August and continues until frosts
  • Watering: Regular, but not abundant
  • Degree of yield: High

See all the characteristics

The efforts of modern breeders are aimed at creating grades of berry crops with a long period of fruiting – repair. They fell in love with gardeners not only for the possibility to be touched by berries all season, but also for ease of care and strong immunity. Rough raspberry variety – a vivid example of successful breeding work in this direction.

Description of varieties

Compact, powerful bush with a height of 150-180 cm, forms 7-8 replaceable, strong fiction shoots, with a small number of spikes and light green leaves.

The main characteristics of the rhino variety:

  • winter hardiness up to -40 ° C;

  • High drought resistance;

  • Original berry form and excellent taste;

  • High yield;

  • satisfactory transportability;

  • Ability to grow raspberries without struggle supports and without tapping;

  • ease of harvesting due to a small number of spikes on shoots;

  • Resistance to diseases and pests.

The only drawback of the rhino variety is the high cost of seedlings.

Timing of ripening

In the period of fruiting raspberries, the rhino comes in the second half of August. Berries are formed and ripen before the onset of frosts.

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Luxury rhinoceros can give up to 9 kg of berries from one bush or from 12 to 15 tons with hectare with industrial cultivation.

Berries and their taste

Large, stupid, dark raspberry, weight of one berry 7-9 g. The flesh is dense, with a pronounced aroma. Dessert, saturated fruit taste surprises with many shades and high sugarity. In a cool place, berries retain a commodity view for 8 hours. It is possible to increase the shelf life by putting raspberry with a thin layer, covering the cloth and remove into the refrigerator. It will help keep the harvest for 10 days. Not recommended freezing.

Features of cultivation

Experienced gardeners are recommended to plant retro items to the period from the second half of September to November. According to their reviews, bushes landed within these deadlines have better productivity and survivalability.

Play raspberry rows according to the scheme: the distance between the bushes is 70-80 cm, between the rows – 1.5-2 m. Prepare pits with a size of 30x30x30, filling them with soil:

  • Upper fertile soil layer – 1 part;

  • reworked manure – 2 parts;

  • Sand – 1 part;

  • Superphosphate – 50 g, sulfate potassium – 30 g, Wood ash – 1 cup.

Posted by seedlings, they are abundantly watered and mulched with dry chopped grass, straw.

Important! Root neck seedlings Malina should be at the ground level.

Despite the droughtnessability of the variety, regular, but non-humble watering. To obtain a high yield, a bush form, removing all weak, patients and growing incorrect shoots. Enough to leave 6-7 strong and healthy.

Repairing raspberry rhino capable of giving two harvest per season. The main, autumn, matures on the shoots of the current year, and the collection of berries can delay until October, when frost and damage are already possible for most of the middle strip of Russia.

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To stimulate the growth of shoots of the current season, raspberry rhinoin is recommended to be filled with infusion of a cowboat – 1 part on 10 parts of water. The dose of one plant is 10 liters, the frequency of feeding:

  • In the spring after the snow removal;

  • after trimming and formation;

  • During flowering.

Caring for the grade is to regularly remove weeds and excess root row, soil looser and mulching.

Choosing a place and soil preparation

Rapid growth and abundant raspberry fruiting can be achieved by putting a culture in place, constantly lit by the sun and having protection against winds, but not near high trees or buildings, which in the summer shades a plot with Malinnik. Repairing rhino will show their best qualities on a fertile, light, rich organica, neutral soil. Heavy, overwhelmed and acidic soils are not suitable for growing raspberry. If there is no choice, you will have to take measures to improve the soil on the landing section of the raspberry:

  • On acidic soils, neutralization is carried out, making chalk or dolomite flour, the rate of application is 2 kg per 6 m2;

  • At lowest sections arrange raised ridges from 30 to 35 cm high.


Pruning is an important technique that allows you to preserve the health of Malinnik and increase the return of the crop. Specialists recommend double trimming raspberry rhino. An early spring and before the onset of cold weather, a sanitary trimmer is performed, at which patients who are broken, thickening and weak shoots are removed. After 2 years of growth and fruiting, the raspberry bushes are cut in autumn to the ground level. The task of the spring trimming is the control of landings, in thickened landings, the appearance of fungal diseases is possible and a shortage of nutrients necessary for successful growth and fruiting plants is formed.

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Rhino variety is well multiplied with green and root cuttings, root process. The last method is fast and efficient. Upon reaching 10 cm in the height of the offspring, it is separated from the parent plant with a lump of land and is transferred to a pre-prepared area with wells or trenches, filled with fertile soil mixture mixed with fertilizers. After landing, a plot with a young raspberry is abundantly watering and murdered. Root processes planted in autumn, begin fruiting for the next season, with a spring landing – only a year later.

New promising rhinocy variety with proper care will delight rich harvest vitamin and tasty berries.

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