Potassium monophosphate for cucumbers

Potassium monophosphate is usually used for feeding cucumbers after a period of protracted rain. This fertilizer fills the soil with useful elements and actively feeds plants.

Advantages and disadvantages

Monophosphate Potassium refers to mineral fertilizers. It includes phosphorus and potassium. The product is easily dissolved in water and can be used to handle most plants and colors that grow on the plot.

This fertilizer has a large number of advantages.

  1. It does not contain chlorine in its composition. And therefore nothing prevents the assimilation of potassium and nitrogen.
  2. Fertilizer does not change the pH level.
  3. Fully absorbed the root system in a short time.
  4. Fertilizer use helps to increase yield. In addition, the collected cucumbers are stored longer and differ in the best taste.
  5. Plants become more enduring and are not afraid of fungal diseases, including torment dew.
  6. Potassium monophosphate can be used both for the root feeding of plants and for extractive.
  7. Non-toxic product, so does not harm the human body.
  8. There is no risk to harm both the plant itself, using too much feeding. Surplus will simply stay in the soil, making it more fertile.

The main minus such fertilizer is that it contributes to the development of not only cucumbers, but also weeds. So apply it is worth carefully.

And it is also worth remembering that this product must be used immediately after cooking. Otherwise, he will quickly lose their favor under the influence of water and light.

How to breed?

Potassium monophosphate is usually sold in the form of dry granules or powder. Therefore, before applying it needs to be distributed. As a rule, 10 grams of matter add to 10 liters of water. This is enough to make the solution efficient. It should be enough for 3-5 bushes. For watering seedlings need less solution. If after it is used, the unused liquid remains, it can be supported by other plants on the site.

For breeding powdered monophosphate potassium, you need to take high-quality soft water. Perfectly suited distilled or boiled liquid. Granules can be dissolved in any water. It will not affect the quality of fertilizer. The temperature of the water that is used to prepare the solution should be around 20-25 degrees.

A solution with such a concentration is well suited for root feeding. If the plant is planned to spray, the dosage should be increased twice. This means that in 10 liters of water you need to add 20 grams of the drug.

If the cucumbers are grown on acidic soil, into a solution of potassium monophosphate, intended for watering plants, you can add citrates. In 10 liters of the solution in this case, poured on one tablespoon of citric acid and ammonia alcohol. The mixture is thoroughly mixed and immediately used by appointment. Watering the cucumbers need carefully. On each bush usually goes one liter of the mixture. You need to make such a fertilizer every 2 weeks.

Terms and frequency of use

Spray plants in the garden and garden is best in the early morning or after sunset. If you feather cucumbers in the afternoon, the product will very quickly evaporate in the sun and there will be no benefit from it. In the morning and in the evening the liquid is perfectly absorbed and does not evaporate.

In the greenhouse, feeding usually spend three times per season. In the open soil fertilizer can be made more. Cucumbers growing on the beds, feed 5-6 times in the period from May to August. At the same time it is very important to make the same breaks between feeding. Make fertilizer best after rain or watering beds. In the fall under the poppopk, this drug should not be made, because it will not be any benefit.

Monocal phosphate first introduced during the growing season. This is done so that the plant develops faster. Its use can significantly speed up the occurrence of flowering period. At this stage, nitrogen-containing drugs contribute together with Kali. For the second time, the product is brought 2 weeks after the first feeding.

In the future, potassium makes every few weeks. Fertilize cucumbers can even be fruiting. Plants will not harm. The amount of feeding depends on the state of the soil on which the cucumbers grow. In order to understand when a fertilizer must once again be done, it is worth carefully inspecting the beds with cucumbers.

The following signs may be indicated about the lack of potassium:

  • lack of strings on the bushes and a small amount of leaves;
  • change in shape and color of fruits;
  • Changing the color of the leaves on a more dull and dark;
  • The appearance of yellowness in their parts;
  • The appearance of bitterness.

Get rid of all these problems will help the timely making of the desired number of feeding. Protect the result in a short time helps feeding on the sheet.

Instructions for use

Potassium monophosphate is usually used for additional feeding cucumbers. It can be used together with pesticides, adding to a solution that is used for complex spraying or irrigation. It is not recommended to mix this potash feeding only with preparations containing a large amount of magnesium and calcium.

You can only work with this product in protective gloves. The solution should not fall on the mucous membranes or skin. Planning a spray plant, you should wear a respirator. After work, you must immediately wash your hands with soap. If the solution accidentally hit the skin, it should be rinsed immediately under running water.

In the event that the product is used in the greenhouse, the room before and after making fertilizers you need to ventilate good.

What can be replaced?

If necessary, this drug processing can be replaced with analogs, which also contain the substances needed in large numbers.

  1. Nitroammofoska. The composition of this drug contains phosphorus, sulfur, potassium and nitrogen. So he perfectly contributes to the development of cucumbers.
  2. Ava. The tool contains very large doses of phosphorus and calcium, so perfectly feeds the plants and contributes to their growth. But it is necessary to behave more accurately and not violate the norms of product use.
  3. “Pekacid”. This drug also contains phosphorus and potassium. He was in Israel. But now the drug is gradually gaining popularity in other countries of the world.

Alternative source of potassium is also wood ash. It can be used to feed the cucumbers during the autumn population. In addition, this product can be made under the bushes of seedlings, pre-bragging the land at the roots. Such feeding can be alternate with the introduction of purchased potash fertilizer.

Summing up, we can say that Potassium monophosphate is a high-quality feeding, which is completely safe for both people and plants. If you make this fertilizer for all the rules, the crop of cucumbers will be very good.

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