Porcelain sweet cherry

  • Trimming: Total for cherry, molding, sanitary
  • Form form: rounded
  • Bleed: 4-5 days
  • Fruit: Long
  • Authors: B. L. Nikitin, G. G. Nikiforova, I. N. Zolotukhina, L. BUT. Daineka
  • Appeared when crossed: Leningrad Red X Golden Lositskaya
  • Type of growth: Silnororal
  • Purpose: For consumption in the fresh form
  • Yield: High
  • Tree height, m: Up to 4

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Yellow varieties are cherries very popular, they are even more in demand than red and pink, because the taste of many seems more pleasant. One of the best varieties of such a sweetheart is a dissing yellow. It is worth noting that this kind of virtually does not have drawn.

History of removal

Pomerina Yellow belongs to Russian selection. It was taken out in the Moscow Genetics and Selection named after Michurin. Works led the following scientists:. G. Nikiforova, B. L. Nikitin, I. N. Zolotukhina and L. BUT. Daineka. In developments, the Leningrad Red and Golden Loshitsky varieties crossed. Spread grade in the 90s.

Description of varieties

Those who plan to land such a cherry on the plot, it is worth finding out its features in advance:

  • The tree is high-voltage, the standard height is 4 meters, but sometimes it can come up to 5-6;

  • The trunk is very massive, strong, the root system grows in horizontal type;

  • The shoots are straight, the thickness of them is average, the color is predominantly brown-brown;

  • Crown is the right sphere, the branches in it are growing with tiers, the diameter is about 4 meters;

  • The leaves are large, painted in a light green color, in the form of oval conical;

  • foliage does not strongly thickens the crown;

  • Large white flowers with a rich aroma are collected in inflorescences of 3-5 pieces.

The dignity of the preservation varieties are yellow:

  • Excellent indicators of zado- and frost-resistant;

  • The fruits ripen on the trees early;

  • The plant gives excellent crops with excellent taste;

  • The sweet cherry pollines himself;

  • Tree has high immunity to most diseases.

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There are some negative sides:

  • The tree is highly high, so trimming and collecting a cherry will not be easy;

  • For culture you need a lot of space on the site;

  • The first fruiting comes only for 6 years of life of a seedling.

Fruit characteristic

Consider the main features of the fruit of the nailed yellow:

  • Kostyanki is rather large, height is 2 cm, and the diameter is 2.1 cm;

  • Fruits usually weigh 5.5 g, discrepancies rarely happen;

  • The shape of a cherry resembles round balls, their configuration is smooth, correct, without indiscriminateness;

  • The fruits are painted in a juicy yellow shade, which represents both the main and coating color;

  • There are no subcutaneous points on the bones;

  • Fruits are fixed on long fruits, come off remarkably;

  • Skin smooth, naked;

  • The pulp has a yellow color, it is pretty juicy, inside there are small cartilagers;

  • The bone is separated quite well, effortlessly;

  • The harvest is capable of falling 4-5 days in good terms.

Taste qualities

Cherries of this variety sour-sweet, however, sweetness in the fruits is much stronger. Acidness also serves to harmonize taste. Juice does not have paint pigments. Kostyanki, as a rule, are usually eating fresh, straight from the tree. But this sweet cherry is also suitable for cooking.

Ripening and fruiting

May is a month of starting the flowering of a nappy yellow. And the fruit on it will be hurried in June. In the deadlocks of the cherry, the early, but here is the pioneering of it, as already noted, is not a plus.


Pomerina yellow, starting to fruit once, then it makes it stable. There are no rest periods of cherry, there are only more or less harvest years. In unfavorable periods, the amount of crop will reach 20-35 kg, and in good years, gardeners are assembled from a tree of 45 kilograms.

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Regions growing

This culture grows perfectly in the Central Black Earth region, Moscow region. It is extensively cultivated in the southwestern part of Russia.

Self-duration and the need for pollinators

Self-free cherry, but without the participation of crop pollinkers will be small. Therefore, if there is a place on the plot, it is very recommended to plant other varieties there. Trees should bloom in the same period. And for polling you can use both cherries and cherries. Gardeners recommend the following varieties of pollinators:

  • Villing;

  • Rapid;

  • Valery Chkalov;

  • Bigaro Bullet.

Growing and care

Pomeor’s yellow landed only in the spring, and the leaves should not yet be blossoming on a sapody. It is worth considering that culture is quickly growing, so it will need a lot of space on the plot. So that the tree has not experienced a shortage, it must have 12 square meters free from other soil plantings. When planting a culture, rows need to consider the distance. Between seedlings is 3 meters, and between rows – 5. After landing, the root neck must rise a bit above the level of soil. The seedlock is necessarily linked to the support.

Pruning – one of the main points of care for this variety. The crown shape is better to choose a scattered-tier. All tiers should have in stock by three major healthy branches. In relation to the central conductor, they grow under a stupid angle. Distance between tiers – 0.5 meters. The formation is carried out up to 6 years of life on average. Then limited by sanitary and thinning trimming.

IMPORTANT: If in the first year of the tree life it bloats, you need to immediately remove all these flowers. Otherwise, the seedling will be bad to develop. And when the plant enters into fruiting, it will be necessary to overture about half the barriers. So the stokey will grow large and sweeter.

First watering is carried out even until flowering. If you do not spend it, the tree can lose all of its margins. Next, irrigation are carried out according to the standard for fruit trees techniques, at least three times per season. If summer was extremely hot, then wash the cherry every 7 days. But under normal warm conditions it can be limited to one month. Young seedlings give about 3-5 buckets of water, but adult trees with fully developed roots – at least 10.

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Basic feeding gardeners are laid during landing. They usually grabs two years. Next, the tree begin to provide useful elements. In the spring most often, the plants are watered by urea, and in the summer they use mixtures, as part of which is phosphorus and potassium. In the fall, the soil is defined. It will be necessary to make humus, superphosphate and potash salt. In addition, this variety spoke perfectly on green herbal infusions. Such feeding can be organized even several times per season.

Resistance to diseases and pests

Pomeor’s yellow sick very rarely. The ailments are striking it mainly due to improper care. For example, with incorrect pruning, excessive irrigation. Then there may be such ailments such as rust, swasteporiosis. In addition, the incorrectly formed Crown makes it difficult to access the crop, and many fruits inside are devoid of oxygen. The thickening begins, rot. In addition to diseases, the sweet cherry can be attacked by weevils, ph, peeling.

Stability to soil-climatic conditions

Pomeor’s yellow is characterized by excellent droughstability and cold resistance. For the winter it will have to be strengthened only in the regions with honest winter. The plant is not afraid of heat and prefers the brightest and warm sections of summer cottages. But the wind does not like, so the sinner of this variety is recommended to be located near the buildings. Culture soil is needed fertile, light, loose. It can be sproughs or loam. Increased humidity can not be allowed, so it will also have to take into account the location of groundwater.

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