Plum Victoria (Queen Victoria)

  • Authors: Great Britain
  • Synonyms names: Prunus Domestica Viktoriya, Koshe Victoria
  • Type of growth: middle-resistant
  • Crown: spread, rare, rounded shape
  • Tree height, m: 2.5-3
  • Full size: Large
  • The weight of the fetus, g: 40-45
  • Form form: oval-elongated
  • Painting fruit: violet red, with thick waxing
  • Skin : fat, dense, durable, hard to fight

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Drain Victoria call differently: Queen Victoria, Prunus Domestica Viktoriya, Koshe Victoria. This variety is one of the most common, twice awarded the Garden Merit Prize (1993, 2013).

History of removal

The history of the origin of plum Victoria Mys. Motherland this variety is considered to be UK. There is a version that this is a self-made man, which was found in the County Alderton in the town of Suskoy. However, geographers argue that such a town never existed in this place. The name has fixed the variety since 1844.

Description of varieties

Drain Victoria consider profitable industrial and export variety. She perfectly pollinates the other varieties of household drains having the average maturation time.

Fruit characteristic

Fruits have an ovoid rounded-dull shape with both poles. They are rather large (up to 45 g), but with excessive abundance of the crop can become smaller (up to 28 g). Pale golden skin is thick and dense, it is not so easy to remove. From a sunny side, the fruit is shred by a wine-red, on which white and gray-rusty subcutaneous points in bright red rings are clearly drawn in bright red rings. All the fruit is filled with a purple-red tint with a dense wax.

There is a small abdominal seam. It is very deep with thick edges and shares the fetus for two halves, differing in size.

Very juicy gentle flesh of orange-golden color rather dense consistency. The bone is large, separated only after full plum ripening. Fruits have a pronounced fragrance.

Taste qualities

Taste of ripened plums sweet, with light sourness. In favorable seasons with full maturity, taste qualities have dignity of the table variety. The improvement of taste is favorably affected by raw climates.

The peak of taste is achieved when the fruits acquire the most dark color. During this period, the fruits significantly increases the sugar content, which improves their taste for use in fresh form.

Tasting score is 4.2 points.

When drought and cool, taste is somewhat worse. If the tree is overloaded with harvest, then the pulp also loses its high-quality characteristics, becoming a tasteful.

Ripening and fruiting

This grade is fast. Vintage can be collected for the third year after landing. Flowers plum in May, and the ripening of fruits occurs by the end of August, in September.


Grand yield high. On average, an adult tree remove up to 50 kg of drain.

Regions growing

This variety has proven itself in the territories of the Baltic States, Belarus, in Ukraine.

Growing and care

For planting seedlings, fertile, loose soil, having a neutral pH indicator.

The distance between the seedlings should be at least 4 meters.

The lighting of the site does not have hard restrictions, as the tree is sunlice, but shadowed. On the sunny side, the ripening of fruits will occur faster.

When drought required watering wood.

From 12-15 years old wood requires regular rejuvenating trimming.

In winter, under the snow cover, the tree pretty well tolerates low temperatures, and during the hindered frosty winters, young landings need to warm.

Resistance to diseases and pests

Tree has a medium resistance to diseases. It is especially dangerous for him cold and rainy weather – time favorable for the development of fungal diseases. Increased humidity causes fruit rot, able to destroy the entire harvest in a few days.

Review reviews

As a positive characteristics of gardeners celebrate good transportability of Plum Victoria: For 8 days, it does not lose the commodity type. It is important that the fruits do not creep, do not crack, have a quality taste. Plum is ideal for any culinary dishes and dryers.

Its disadvantage is noted – the possibility of fungal diseases.

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