Plum replae Alta

  • Authors: Czech Republic
  • Year of assumptions: 1947
  • Type of growth: Silnororal
  • Crown: rounded-oval, medium thick
  • Tree height, m: until 6
  • Full size: Large
  • The weight of the fetus, g: 38
  • Form form: rounded
  • Painting fruit: Basic – light green, coating – pink-red, covering completely all the fetus; Wax blooming thick
  • Skin : without chopping, thin, dense, removed easily, loose-weight consistency

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In order to enjoy delicious and fragrant plums annually, it is enough to plant a classic plum tree on the summer cottage, which will be good fruit. The most appropriate, especially for subsidiaries – newcomers, will be the early plum grade Rencod of Altan Czech selection.

History of removal

Rencode Alta is the result of the efforts of Czech breeders. Removed from seeds culture renclod green. Appeared fruit culture in the state gesture in 1947. Zoronished grade in North Caucasian and Nizhnevolzh region. The variety has a different name – purple round.

Description of varieties

Plum Renklod Alta is a stronger tree with an oval-rounded form of crown. With a favorable climate, the tree grows up to 6 meters in height. He has a moderately thickened crown with a dark green foliage with a glossy surface, a reprehension of thickened shoots with a brown-violet color of the cortex, spreading branches and a developed root system.

Blossom starts in the second half of April. At this time, the crown of wood is literally covered with small white-white flower-bells, which make a pleasant fragrance.

Fruit characteristic

Plum refers to the category of large-scale cultures. On a healthy tree, fruits grow mass on average 38 grams. The form of the plums is correct – rounded with a smooth surface and a naiza wax. Ripe plums have a beautiful color – light green, diluted with pink-red blush almost all over the surface. Slow sucks thin, but durable, covered with small brown subcutaneous points. Abdominal seam in the fetus is barely noticeable.

For the draining characteristic good transportability and long-term focus (up to two weeks). Maximum long-term storage without loss of taste and commodity qualities is observed in the drain, collected a little unreasonable. Keep the fruits need in wooden or plastic container.

The purpose of the fruit is universal – they are eating fresh, canning, processed on jams, jams, marmalands, compotes, and also frozen.

Taste qualities

Rencode Alta is famous for excellent taste. Yellowish pulp has a moderately dense, gentle and juicy consistency. The taste of the fruit is balanced – sour-sweet, without mustard and tartness. The bone is small, easily separated from the pulp. As part of the pulp of more than 10% of sugars and 1% acids.

Ripening and fruiting

This plum view represents a class of varieties with average maturation. Gives fruit tree on the 4-5th year after landing. Spere plums gradually, so the period of fruiting is somewhat stretched. The tasting period begins from mid-August and lasts a few weeks (before September).


Plum is high-productive. Indicators of yield depend on the age of a tree. On average, one tree for the season gives 20-35 kg of fruits. With 7-8 summer wood, 35-40 kg are removed, and the drain over 12-15 years old gives up to 90 kg.

Self-duration and need to pollination

Renklod of Altana is a self-visible appearance, so without increasing the number of groes can not do. This contributes to additional cross-pollination. You can pollinate trees with an artificial way, but it is better to plant donor trees, blooming simultaneously with this plum grade. Optimal Farming Trees For Plum Renklod Alta will be: Victoria, Kirk, Mirabel, Nancy, Hungarian Italian, Anna Spet.

Growing and care

Planting seedlings and in spring (April), and in the fall (second half of September). Agrotechnology has a simple culture, but the soil and the site should be carefully. Plum loves fertile, loose and breathable soils without moisture. The plot should be covered with the sun in sufficient quantity and be protected from a strong wind.

Care of the fruit tree involves regular watering, fertilizer application, sanitary trimming of branches, formation of crown, loosening and mulching of the soil, protection against insects and viruses, as well as from the invasion of rodents.

In addition, trees need to be prepared for winter – whitewashes, protection of the root system by covering with special materials. In special defects need one / two-year-old village, which need to fully bite the agricultural or burlap.

Resistance to diseases and pests

The tree is characterized by a high immunity, thanks to which it is practically not subjected to fungal diseases, as well as resistant to cracksosporiosis, a cracker and polystigmower. Most often plum sick moniliosis. Among pests, the most dangerous are: plum fruit, wave, shooting mole.

Stability to soil-climatic conditions

Due to stress resistance, fruit culture easily transfers frost, temperature fluctuations, short drought and severe heat. Negatively on the development of fruit tree acts excessive humidity and dampness.

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