Plum morning

  • Authors: NS. TO. Yenikeev, S. N. Satarova, B. WITH. Simonov (All-Russian Selection and Technological Institute of Horticulture and Nursery)
  • Appeared when crossed: Renochemer Red x Rencle Ullensa
  • Year of assumptions: 2001
  • Type of growth: middle-resistant
  • Crown: oval, density and leaning average
  • Full size: Middle
  • The weight of the fetus, g: 26
  • Form form: oval
  • Painting fruit: greenish-yellow, with a pink blush on the sunny side
  • Skin : with waxing, without getting

See all the characteristics

Plum morning contrasts brightly against the background of his fellow. The main difference of fruit has become rare and atypical for this type of color. Plum has a pleasant gentle yellow shade, which is strongly reminded by the color of the morning sky. However, on the shade, the characteristics of the variety do not end.

Description of varieties

If you pay attention to the tree itself, then you can mark its small height. Adult and fully formed plant reaches no more than 4 meters in height. Such a feature helps gardeners to significantly simplify the harvest, making it more efficient.

If you look at the crown, her extraordinary density rushes into the eyes, which means that the tree will not only bring sweet and juicy fruits, but also become a beautiful garden decoration. An excellent solution will land it close to the fence to hide your privacy from prying eyes. Tree grows mainly in temperate climate conditions, so it hardly takes on cold regions.

As for foliage, it is always a large, round-oval, without. Light green wrinkled leaflets have a regional edge. Soothes from a tree thick, naked, possess the standard dark brown color. Life expectancy of culture – about 21 years.

Fruit characteristic

Often plums have medium sizes, but larger specimens are found. So, the weight of one fetus varies from 25 to 45 grams. If the tree grows in a solar place, then on fruits you can see a light pink haze, it is a blush and is characteristic of a variety of other varieties.

The fetal skin is thin, while it does not protrude any pigment stains or peeling. On most breaks, a thin wax coating is found, which is not displayed on taste qualities. The flesh of ripe fruit is moderately soft and juicy, without any hard resistance and lumps. She literally melts in the mouth.

The fruit of the fetus is not too long, while it allows him to hang firmly on the tree and does not give. During the collection, it is easily separated and does not interfere with further use.

The main shade of plum will be green-yellow. At times, you can observe the skin overflow from green to orange tone. Such fruits will be interested in looking at the table decoration and will not leave your guests indifferent.

Taste qualities

The spectrum of taste sensations from eating a variety of Morning is quite wide and varied. So, at the time of eating the first felt bright sweet taste, similar to honey. After the moment of the look of the aftertaste comes, which is perfectly refreshing even in the hottest weather. Fruits are suitable for both fresh use and conservation. Plum will reveal himself well after heat treatment, so jam from this fruit will become a beautiful and tasty treat to tea.

Ripening and fruiting

The plant begins to bloom in the spring, from about the middle of May. Flowering and the process of pollination will last long, after which the formation of marks begins. The first years after the landing of the colors or the young Drains may not be at all, it is absolutely normal. Climatic conditions are equally important. In the rainy and overwheld regions of the country, pollination goes much worse.

Ripe fruit determine quite difficult, this problem is caused by very complex and intricate color. A qualitative way of determining maturity will be fetal feeling: if it is soft enough, it can be eaten.

Fruption takes the period from August 7 to 14. So that the young tree can bring a rich harvest, since landing should pass at least 5 years. During this period, the tree will have time to completely root in the ground and will be ready to give abundant harvest.


The fruits on the tree are sleeping unevenly, although such a feature plays the owners to his hand, since they have the opportunity to collect fruits for a certain time.

Once every 4-5 years, the tree takes a small break. This year, fruits matures significantly less, but after it again enters its familiar rhythm. In the next year, you will again notice higher fertilization.

The average number of ripe drains will be 15 kilograms, but in some years the indicators are growing to 20-35 kg. This directly depends on the characteristics such as age, soil quality or wood health.

Self-duration and the need for pollinators

Morning often use as an assistant to pollinate other fruits, since this variety is independent and independent. Self-duration – one of its main advantages, which significantly simplifies care for it and reduces the number of possible problems. So, next to him, you do not need to plant a few more pollinators to get a rich harvest.

Growing and care

Proper care will make its invaluable contribution to the development of wood. It will be a support and support for the plant and will allow him to grow correctly, bring abundant harvest.

Like any other plant, this tree needs regular watering. It is necessary to observe the water balance so as not to cause the development of mold or other fungus. When watering, it is necessary to look at the state of the soil, as well as take into account the climatic conditions of the region.

Once a year should be trimmed by a tree. It helps the plant correctly distribute all its internal resources and do not waste them in vain. Plum, like other trees, needs feeding. It is recommended to produce at the beginning of the season and at the end so that the tree can restore all his strength.

Before wintering, the young tree must be hidden, as it is unstable in front of the frosts and will not worry cold.

Resistance to diseases and pests

Morning variety is resistant to most parasites and diseases. Since it is hybrid, then all possible positive characteristics have impact. Tree perfectly tolerates even the most common pests. So, it calmly withstands the attack. Resistant to fruit.

Resistance to monylize and swasteporiosis average. To avoid such fate, the tree regularly needs processing. It is necessary to do this at the beginning of the kidney launches and throughout the season. All infected branches can be cut off and disposed. It is necessary to do this in order to stop the further course of infection.

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