Plum Hollywood

  • Type of growth: middle-resistant
  • Crown: scattered, drooped, rare
  • Tree height, m: 4-5
  • Full size: Middle
  • The weight of the fetus, g: 35
  • Form form: oval-round, one-dimensional
  • Painting fruit: red-purple
  • Skin : Gentle, the downstream with a strong wax
  • Flesh (consistency): dense and slightly dry, melting and gentle
  • Color meakty : yellow-pink

See all the characteristics

For connoisseurs of delicious and useful breaks, it is very important to pick up and plant a high-quality variety on the site, which will not be capricious, quickly adapts to the soil and consistently gives good yields. The list of such a precipitated Hollywood American selection.

Description of varieties

Plum Hollywood, derived by California scientists, is a mid-grade tree with splashing branches, weak decrepitude, drooping crown and strong dark red shoots. A characteristic feature of the tree is his burgundy red foliage with a smooth surface. On average, the tree grows up to 4-5 meters in height. Tree blooms early – to the mass appearance of foliage – in the first decade of May (from 6 to 14). During this period, Krone is covered by white-pink terry colors of a swimming form. The tree can rightly be called decorative fruit, real garden decoration. Floral kidneys for annual growths are formed. The rapid growth of the plum tree is observed in the first 2-3 years after landing (annual increase of 25-30 cm).

Fruit characteristic

Plums of American breeding represent the class of middle-deep grades. On a healthy tree, fruits achieve mass 35 grams. The plums of oval-round shapes have a smooth surface with a pronounced wax. It is characteristic of the fact that the fruits grow one-dimensional. Fruits are coated with red-purple color. Skin Fruits Thin with Easy Owning.

Ripe plums have a universal purpose – they are eaten fresh, used in cooking, make compotes and drinks, recycle, marinate and frozen. The harvest can be transported, as well as stored in a cool place.

Taste qualities

Flavor at the fruit balanced. Memorious. Yellow-pink pulp has a fleshy, gentle, a little dry structure with a moderate juice. In taste, sweetness prevails, perfectly combined with spicy acid, without a relationship and tartness. The bone inside is easily separated from the pulp. Fruit meakty contains 9% sugars and almost 2% acids. Fruit breaks away from the fetus easy.

Ripening and fruiting

Hollywood is a plum with average maturation. First harvest can be expected on the 4-5th year. Fruit at the periodic variety – directly depends on the climatic features and cataclysms. After abundant yields, rest season can come. Massively sing plums start in mid-August, sometimes in the last week of summer.


Plum Hollywood is famous for excellent indices. With intense agricultural engineering from one tree, you can remove an average of 23.5 to 25 kg of sweet drain. On an industrial scale, the average indicators are also pleased – 140-148 centers of draining with 1 hectare.

Self-duration and the need for pollinators

The plum view refers to self-visual, so needs donor trees that bloom at one time with a plum of Hollywood. Cross pollination contributes to a significant increase in yield. Best Fatal Trees are Rencle Calm and Peaceful.

Growing and care

Planting seedlings is carried out in the fall, and in the spring – it all depends on the nature of the climate of the cultivation zone. The distance between the neighbors trees should be such that the crowns do not shadow each other.

Complex care for the fruit culture Hollywood consists of a chain of events: watering, feeding, loosening and mulching of the soil, the formation of the crown, sanitary and rejuvenating trimming of the branches, prevention of diseases, preparation for winter.

Despite the drought resistance, the tree should be watering 4 times for the season – at the time of flowering, when the fruit is marked, the feeding period of fruit, autumn soil perplex. Fertilizers are recommended three times per season. In the regions with severe winters, trees require shelter with special materials – burlap, agrofiber.

Resistance to diseases and pests

The Drug Tree Hollywood has a high immunity, so it extremely rarely sick moniliosis, holey spotty, gaming and fruit rot. In addition, fruit culture does not attract pests and rodents, most importantly, do not forget about prevention and proper care.

Stability to soil-climatic conditions

The tree has a high resistance to reduced temperatures (-20 … 25 degrees), as well as drought resistance. It is comfortable to grow by plum at a sunny place, protected from drafts and wind, where the soil is sufficiently moistened, breathable, fertile, with deep groundwater running. Ideal – these are sophobes or loam. It is also important to the acidity of the soil, which should be neutral. Difficult to develop wood influence moisture and continuous shadensity.

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