Pear Samara Beauty

  • Authors: WITH. NS. Kedrin, T. M. Kedina, A. BUT. Kuznetsov, Samara Research Institute of Gardening and Medicinal Plants “Zhigulevsky Gardens”
  • Appeared when crossed: Kuibyshev Golden X Dessert
  • Year of assumptions: 2005
  • Mass of the fetus, g: 110-140
  • Timing of ripening: early Moscow
  • Duration of removal of fruits: in the beginning of September
  • Type of growth: Memorial
  • Crown: rounded, medium thick
  • Epishers: Brownish-brown, are compact, the ends are directed up, rounded, crankshafts, bare
  • Leaves: medium, ovoid, short-core, green, matte, smooth

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Pear Samara Beauty Suitable for growing in any region. Fruits are distinguished by compatibility and unusual delicious taste. The variety appeared relatively recently, but got much popular among gardeners.

Description of varieties

Mattering growth type. Maximum height does not exceed 3-4 m. Culture grows intensively before the start of fruiting, then the pace slows down. Crown in young seedlings pyramidal, which over time becomes round and hanging, with medium thick. This form is formed due to the growth of branches under a stupid angle.

Brownish-brown shoots on the tree are located compactly, the tips are directed up. Middle size leaflets, ovoid shape, light green. Sheet plate is weakly fed and slightly pointed.

Fruit characteristic

It is characterized by small fruits, an average mass reaches 110-140 grams. The form of them is correct, one-dimensional, short-impaired. Surface smooth.

In the period of removable maturity, greenish-yellow color prevails. At the time of complete technical ripeness, the pear in color becomes yellow, with a small brown-red blurry bluing. On the skin there are numerous large subcutaneous points of green tones that are well noticeable.

Taste qualities

Samara beauty has a pleasant sour and sweet taste, with a weakly pronounced aroma. The flesh is very juicy and gentle, cream shade, with a small amount of seed. Middle Density Calm. On a five-point tasting scale, the variety is estimated at 4.1 points.

Fruits have a universal appointment in cooking. Good Indicators of Transportability and Birthplace. The collected crop does not lose its taste for 30 days.

Ripening and fruiting

Fruit tree starts for 5-6 year of development. Flowers in mid-May. Rannel Solden. Fruits ripen by early September. Fruiting annual. Vintage is collected throughout the month.


Good cropper. Seven-year copies give 32-34 kg of fruits.

Self-duration and the need for pollinators

Samara beauty is self-free. She does not need a companion-pollinator, she is safely pollinated by insects.


Getting started to plant a tree on its plot, you need to carefully choose a place. The main thing is not to plant a pear at the site of the previous tree, since the spores of bacteria and fungi can remain in the soil, capable of hitting a young seedling and lead to his death.

Place for planting Choose solar. It should be noted that the tree grows up. Between them leave a minimum of 4 m. Samara beauty is not too picky to the composition of the soil – the main thing is that there was a good drainage.

Seedlings can be planted in spring and autumn. In the southern areas the landing is better to spend in the autumn period – summer heat is able to slow down the development. In the Urals and in Siberia landing works, it is better to do in spring time, so young seedlings will be able to successfully root successfully and steal strong frosts.

When choosing seedlings, pay attention to the state of the root system and the barrel, which should be clean and smooth. The height of them from 50 to 100 cm. Branches must be placed evenly.

Pre-prepared the site, the earth is drunk, weeds and roots are removed. The landing point is digging in the amount of more than the root system. Unplicated sides of the sides creates favorable conditions for better development.

The reservoir korlard and wood ash are stacked on the bottom of the well. Next goes a layer of fertile land. The seedling is soaked in advance in the water, after loose in a clay bolt with copper vitrios. It will protect the roots from fungi. Roots neatly straighten, sprinkle, trambed, are poured with warm water. The first time the village is often watered, at least 2-3 times a week, for good rooting.

Growing and care

Pear is not particularly good in cultivation. Minimal grade care is a number of events.

  • Timely watering from May to August. Irrigation stops with the beginning of harvest.

  • Feeding are made by necessity. If the growth of young shoots is at least 20 cm, no additional food is needed. It does not contribute to the beginning of maturation.

  • Pruning spend in spring and autumn. Be sure to remove old, damaged and dried twigs. Slip shoots running up vertically and thickening the crown.

  • The grade is well tolerating frost to -27 degrees. For the best wintering, the tree is covered with mulch, and young seedlings – agrofluorin.

Resistance to diseases and pests

Culture has persistent immunity to most of the infections and pests. But the plant is particularly subject to scaffolding and moniliosis. Prevention is carried out by trees with special drugs.

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