Pear of the memory of Yakovlev

  • Authors: NS. N. Yakovlev, S. NS. Yakovlev, I. WITH. Nesterov, R. M. Korsykova, All-Russian Research Institute of Genetics and Selection of Fruit Plants. AND. IN. Michurina and Michurinsky Agriculture
  • Appeared when crossed: Tyoma X Olivier de Serr
  • Synonyms names: Pyrus Communis Pamyaty Yakovleva
  • Year of assumptions: 1985
  • Mass of the fetus, g: 125
  • Timing of ripening: early Moscow
  • Purpose: Universal, Cooking Compotations, Cooking Jam
  • Type of growth: Sharply
  • Yield: High
  • Transportability: High

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Pear of memory Yakovlev occurs in almost every nursery. The grade was included in the State Register of Sortes of the Russian Federation in 1985. Very popular due to endurance and high quality fruit. There are other advantages that make varieties especially welcome in small farms.

History of removal

Parents of grade – the topic and Olivier de Serr. The topic is a variety widely distributed in Siberia and in the Far East, it is fast, active, hardy, fertoys annually, but does not establish fruits without pollinators. Olivier de Serr – owner of very tasty beds with beautiful cream pulp, pretty winter-hard-resistant, resistant to the paschers, partly self-dodged. Pear of the memory of Yakovleva turned out to be completely samopidal, very hardy, compact, with delicious fruits.

Description of varieties

Low Tree with a rounded compact crown, up to 1.5-2 meters high, with medium-pasted shoots and medium leathery green foliage. The top of the leaf is twisted, the edge is sawd, the stiffs are long, up to 2 cm. Middle Crane Little. The branches depart from the trunk almost at right angles, in the future numerous rinks are formed – fruit sprigs. Sea bark, smooth on young branches and shoots. Kidney conical, smooth. White flowers, neachrovaya, with well-separated petals. Growth rate – excellent, kidneys awaken early, together, shoots active.

Fruit characteristic

The fruits of the medium size, 125 g, wide, puzzled, with barely noticeable ribs. Coloring ripe fruits light yellow, with light orange tan. In the period of removable maturity, the tone is a little lighter, the color of the consumer maturity of the pear is gaining color, it becomes slightly thick, golden yellow. Little dots little. Male aluminum, juicy, creamy color. Skin smooth, with glitter. Pears are well held on long, up to 4.5 cm, elastic cutters, comfortable assembly, perfectly carry transportation. Commodity qualities Medium, pears of the memory of Yakovlev have a good caliber and evenness, but are not the best for these indicators.

Taste qualities

The taste of pears is sweet, without patience. There is light sourness. The fragrance is well noticeable, pleasant. Fruit universal. They are consumed in fresh, baked, prepare a variety of workpieces: compotes, jams, marmalade, jams. Pears have a good bouquet, the taste is rich, after thermal processing, the fruits are capable of becoming more fragrant, new shades of taste appear. Some gardeners call grade best for blanks.

Ripening and fruiting

Early grade, fruit starts to ripen in late August – early September, harvest is collected entire September. Socialistribution is great. You can count on yields for 3-4 years after planting seedlings.


The yield is excellent, more than 220 c / ha, from one tree removed 20 kg.

Regions growing

The variety is recommended for cultivation in different regions.

  1. Central (Moscow and Moscow region, Moscow region, Kaluga, Ryazanskaya, Vladimirskaya, Bryanskaya, Tula, Kaluga, Ivanovo, Smolensk region).

  2. Central Chernozem (Kurskaya, Lipetskaya, Tambov, Belgorod, Voronezh region).

  3. Meshnevilian (Penza, Ulyanovskaya, Samara Region, Republic of Tatarstan and Mordovia).

Pear of the memory of Yakovlev is grown in Siberia, but this can be attributed to the field of experimental gardening. Stack of plants in the harsh winter frozen. But in the areas adjacent to the mentioned, the pear can be grown successfully. It all depends on the climate of a particular site. If he is light, on the hill, then the pear is capable of transferring ordinary winter without loss, and even frozen it can recover, phenomenal resistance.

Self-duration and the need for pollinators

Pear the memory of Yakovleva Selflod, may be fruitful even in the absence of a number of other plants. But for better fruiting it is better to plant near the variety of Lada or August. But the variety itself is the best pollinator for some pears: Augustus Rosa, Northerkhan Redeschy, rapid sortiece from Michurinsk.


Seedlings at the age of 2 years planted in bright, well-protected places. Plots better choose on the hills, pears do not like water stagnation. Soils are acceptable almost any, but better loose and nutritious. Good drainage required for all pears. Landing Pits are preparing in advance, better in 2-3 months, as a last resort for 2-3 weeks. Pits should have a depth of up to 70 cm, a nourishing mixture hill is embroidered: several buckets humid, a glass of superphosphate, a glass of ash. If the soil is clay, dense, the bottom of the pit is well hammer with sand.

The roots of seedlings are lowered into a bolt, consisting of clay, garden land (2 equal parts) and half a cup of ash. Roots of the plant before landing gently lay on a hilly from the nutrient soil, then sprinkle, slightly shaking the seedlove. The root cervix of the pear seedling should be 5 cm above the soil level. After irrigation of the soil, but not too tight, adjusted, watered 2 buckets of water.

Since the plant is small, landing can be placed more tight. The usual distance between pear trees is at least 7 meters, Yakovleva’s memory can be planted at a distance of 3 meters from each other, between the rows – 5 meters.

Growing and care

All the varieties of pears love abundant watering, preferably sprinkling, but some of them are more enduring to long-term dry weather, and some less. Pear the memory of Yakovleva refers to sensitive. For the best yields and well-being of the tree you need to ensure good watering, especially in dry summer without rains.

Winter hardiness grade above average, even extreme winters will not hurt the tree. In these regions, it is possible to grow plants without shelter, but in the central region, young plants are still better to strengthen well. In the southern regions for adults, pears are sufficiently plain stems.

Passion resistance is high, but preventive processing are desirable for all pears. Plants spray the drug “Horus” or “Phytosporin”.

Forming triming pear is desirable, but the variety can do without it. Crohn will be spread, with optimal lumens. Just removing thickening shoots.

Review reviews

The variety is in demand. In areas with a moderate continental climate, the pear shows perfectly. It is not so gentle and sensitive to frost, burns, crash, like other varieties. It has a good taste, the size of pears, excellent yield. A small minus – the presence of stony plots in the flesh, but their very little.

The variety of Jacob’s memory is considered a valuable owner of genes for gene selection, used as a donor of such qualities as compactness and endurance. The only minus is the insufficient alternation of fruit that is well noticeable at large crops. But on personal homesteads, this is not so important, but the phenomenal phenomenon and compactness of the tree are very weighty pros. Some gardeners call grade the best among early pears.

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