Pear Dudukhmy

  • Appeared when crossed: Alexandrovka x Favimitsa Clappa
  • Mass of the fetus, g: 140
  • Timing of ripening: Latelery
  • Duration of removal of fruits: in August – early September
  • Purpose: For conservation
  • Type of growth: Memorial
  • Yield: High
  • Crown: Pyramidal
  • Form form: pear-shaped
  • Painting fruit: The main color is green, the coating is missing or in the form of a brick-red light rug

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Dudger Pear – High-Three Culture. The middle height of the tree has excellent characteristics: fruit fragrant, large, juicy, green with a rumbling pear. Gardeners pleases its abundant fruit, resistance to freezing and diseases.

History of removal

The variety is derived by Belarusian breeders by crossing varieties with the best fruit qualities. Officially resolved to use in 1999.

Description of varieties

Pear Dudukhnaya belongs to late years. Perfectly feels on protected areas. The tree itself is low, with a pyramidal crown, moderate desirable. Fruit starts from late August or early September. Medium-sized pears, sweet, with delicate white flesh. Stably begins to give a harvest from the 4th year.

Fruit characteristic

Rolled to the Sun green fruit, in the stage of ripening acquire a brick-red small blush. Pears weighing up to 140 grams have a pear shape and glossy skin.

Removed not false, pear is stored until late autumn. Ideal for use in raw form, in confectionery, in preservation, confiture, jams, candies, various sophisticated sauces.

Taste qualities

Pear is endowed with a pleasant, balanced sour-sweet taste. Contains 12.26% dry matter, 0.13% of titrated acidity, 9.18% sugars, 13.0 mg / 100 g of ascorbic acid, gentle, oily, juicy white flesh. Quite pleasant, without patience, sweet. The fruit has a taste assessment of 4.5 quality.

Available in fresh form, without heat treatment, retains all useful elements, vitamin C, fructose, folic acid, so necessary to our body, and beautiful fragrance.

Ripening and fruiting

Dudget variety will delight with delicious pears from August. Mature fruit almost simultaneously. Under their weight, the branches may drop. Pear is distinguished by unpretentious in leaving, resistant to leaf damage, vitality.


Roast Dudgery High-Three. The season is consistently assembled by the harvest of up to 20 tons with 1 hectare.

Regions growing

The variety is adapted to soil-climatic conditions in the regions of the middle strip. The timing of crop maturation is largely dependent on the weather.

Self-duration and the need for pollinators

To get a plentiful margin, you need pollinators, as the deudent self-preliminary. From the neighborhood of trees, pears with the same duration of flowering, respectively, and fruiting depends on the yield.


Pears of this variety average. Sit down on a plot of 1-year or 2-year-old seedlings on a seed-shaped section according to a diagram of 4 x 6 m, on wind-protected, solar, outdoor areas with drainage and acidic soils and some clay.

Growing and care

Fruit tree begins to be fron with 4 years of age. From this period, attention is paid to the feeding of organic, potash fertilizers. During the ripening period of the harvest, it is not bad to provide moderate, discreet, but regular watering to preserve taste quality, pears. With a large crop during the aging pears, the tree requires a support.

For good development, spring prophylactic trimming, removal of extra and unnecessary branches, the formation of the crown, as well as any other fruit tree.

Resistance to diseases and pests

Pears Feature Dudgean – Immunity to Luchet, Bacterial Cancer. Increase the resistance to other diseases can be timely feeding, crown crown. In the offseason, trees are sprayed with special biological, chemicals from fungi, ticks and other parasites.

Stability to soil-climatic conditions

Sort unpretentious, sustainable extreme external weather manifestations. He calmly transfers high temperatures, differs in the average winter hardiness. For warranty you can use additional shelter from severe frosts. According to gardener reviews, unfavorable natural conditions do not affect the quantity and quality of harvest.

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