Pear Chusovaya

  • Authors: Sverdlovsk Selection Station of Gardening
  • Appeared when crossed: Beta x Victoria x Williams Rouge
  • Mass of the fetus, g: 70-80
  • Timing of ripening: early Moscow
  • Duration of removal of fruits: mid-September
  • Purpose: Fresh form
  • Type of growth: medium- or tall
  • Yield: Above average
  • Crown: Pyramidal
  • Form form: Rhombovoid

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Chusovaya is a variety of pears derived by Russian breeders. The variety became the result of crossing pears Beta, Victoria and Williams Rouge. Get acquainted closer with this unique variety.

Description of varieties

The tree is medium- or tall, grows up to 3.5-4 m. Croon spread, pyramidal. Green leaves, have a pointed shape, their surface smooth.

Fruit characteristic

The weight of pears of the specified variety is limited to 80 g, they develop in the form of rhombus, in size average, possess green skin. Commercial type of fruit preserve within a month after harvesting, taste properties are not lost.

Taste qualities

Chusovaya cream pulp, gentle, crispy, contains a lot of moisture. Judging by the reviews of the gardeners, the taste is very sweet, without acid, there are no tartness even at the uncooked fruit. Usually they are in the fresh form, but these pears will fit and for the preparation of juices or compotes.

Ripening and fruiting

Chusovaya refers to varieties with early ripening, harvesting usually falls in mid-September.


The productivity of the variety is estimated very high, with 1 tree it is possible to get 50-60 kg of fruits.

Self-duration and the need for pollinators

This is a self-aged variety, which does not need a neighborhood with other varieties. But the Chusovaya itself can be an effective pollinator for other trees. Modifying this species can be vegetative parts, sowing or vaccinated.


So that the plant of the presented varieties felt comfortable, it is recommended to grown on black earth, loamy or dend-podzolic soils. If the groundwater is suitable close to the site, then a tree should be planted on a small holmik. Plot landing is better to prepare in advance for six months. It should be aligned, remove weeds and switch with humus, peat and wood ash.

Prepare a landing pit. Its walls should be sheer, diameter – 80 cm, depth – 70 cm. The first layer should be drainage, further – fertile soil, mixed with peat, humus and river sand. The planting process looks like this.

  1. In the middle of the finished pit, place a sapling.

  2. Arrange the root system on the sides so that the branches are located exactly.

  3. Sprinkle with soil, lose weight, and pour the landing site.

  4. Make sure the root neck is at the ground level.

  5. Make a mulch into a rolling circle.

Growing and care

This variety is characterized by high winter hardiness, but in the regions with harsh winters it is still recommended not to neglect the shelter. Grind Chusovaya allowed in the Urals, in the Volga region, in the middle lane of Russia. After landing, the tree does not need fertilizers – it is enough useful substances that were made at the stage of disembodies. But to water the young seedling need more often – up to several times a month. And it is also important to protect the plant from rodents.

Resistance to diseases and pests

Presented grade can affect the pass. Bordeaux liquid or fungicides help from this ailment. If the plant is damaged by moniliosis, then use the same tools, also from this disease will protect the lime.

If the leaf is found on the leaves, then use the assect and soap solution to combat insect insects. When detecting pears froths, use chemistry, and as prophylaxis, remove the Padalitsa in a timely manner. Such a common “pear” enemy, like a gallic tick, grade Chusovaya does not amaze.

Review reviews

Judging by Dachnikov’s reviews, this pear is unpretentious, simplicity in caring, as well as excellent taste, despite the small size of the fruit. However, not every farmer boasts the declared yield. So, in some regions, the grade begins to be fronit only for 6-7 years.

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