Peach Memory Simirenko

  • Authors: AND.M. R., G.IN. Eremin, T.WITH. Vasilenko (Crimean pilot selection station VNIIR)
  • Appeared when crossed: Golden Anniversary X Rochester + Roth Front + Arp Beauty
  • Year of assumptions: 1987
  • Ripening time: Early
  • Purpose: For consumption in the fresh form, for canning
  • Yield: High
  • Regions growing: North Caucasian
  • Distribution of bone from pulp: not separated
  • Fruit composition: Sakharov – 9.8%, acids – 0.69%, dry substances – 12.5%
  • Winter hardiness: Above average

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Many fruit lovers want to grow in their garden peach tree with excellent fruits. The taste and product view of the peach of the grade memory Simirenko meet the requirements of gardeners. Therefore, often grown in country areas and farms.

History of removal

The hybrid peach was derived by three talented breeclays and. M. Row, G. IN. Eremino, T. WITH. Vasilenko. The employees of the Crimean experimental selection station received a new interesting grade due to the crossing of the fragrant variety of the golden anniversary x Rochester with the mouth of the front and Arp Beauty. In the state register, the novelty was included in 1987, recommending to cultivation in the North Caucasus region (Krasnodar Territory and the Republic of Adygea).

Description of varieties

The tree does not grow above 3 m. Differs in a rounded, not too thick crown, which in April is decorated with rose-like large flowers. Leaf plates characteristic for peach color and shape.

Fruit characteristic

The size of peaches Memory Simirenko is considered large. They differ in orange-yellow color, with stripes and stains of a dark red rug. Rounded Fruits Reach Weight 100-130 grams. This is the average mass rate of mature fetus. Fruits are covered with velvety skin with light fluff and wide, but weakly-free abdominal seam.

Yellow pulp inside fruit gentle and fibrous consistency, moderately. Inside there is a bone with grooves and point holes. She is not separated from the pulp. A strong fragrance comes from peach.

Taste qualities

Peach Memory Simirenko is distinguished by a pleasant and harmonious taste. As part of 9.8%, sugars, 0.69% acids and 12.5% ​​dry substances.

Ripening and fruiting

Peach ripens in July-August, so refers to varieties of early ripeness.


The tree of this variety is high yield. If favorable conditions are completed, the fruit harvest appears for the first year after landing. But in most cases, the tree begins to be fruit on the 3rd year. Fruits begin to ripen from the first numbers of July. Each tree can get up to 50 kilograms of peaches.

Self-duration and the need for pollinators

For Peach, Simirenko’s memory is characterized by the ability to independently pollinate. Additional pollinators are not required next door.

Growing and care

Hybrid peach seedlings are purchased in garden centers or specialized nurseries. The fruit culture is planted on solar plots, well-protected by blowing with gusty and penetrating winds.

Groundwater should lay at 1.5-2 m from the ground. For Peach Memory Simirenko will need neutral, loose, fertile, low-acid substrate.

Preparation of a plot for planting trees is engaged in advance:

  • Screw and looser, adding mineral substances and organic feeding;
  • On the site, pits of the seedlings are digging, their depth should be 60 cm;
  • Between the landings there should be a distance of 2-2.5 m, and 3 m are held in intercreasing;
  • Saplings on the day of planting should be kept to withstand for 3-4 hours in a container with a standing, warm water, and rhizomes treat a solution of manganese.

Landing occurs as follows:

  • The seedling is immersed in the hole;
  • Rhizomes are neatly distributed around the perimeter, and the fertile soil is covered on top;
  • The root neck of the peach tree should rise above the surface of the Earth by 2-3 cm;
  • Complete landing work abundant watering seedlings and soil mulch by organic.

Peach Grade Memory Simirenko needs timely irrigation and feeding. The amount of irrigation is selected taking into account weather conditions and climatic indicators in the region of the village.

In the southern regions, in the period of the tightening heat and drought trees need more frequent irrigation. In the regions where there is a moderate climate, irrigation is carried out, taking into account the number of natural precipitation.

Feed the fruit culture is necessary several times per season:

  • With the arrival of spring, the soil enriched with nitrogen-containing fertilizers;
  • In the phase of flowering and tie fruits, trees will need potassium and phosphorus in the corresponding complexes;
  • Before wintering fruit culture is abundant and fertilizes organic and minerals.

In sanitary pruning culture needs spring and autumn. It is assumed to remove all damaged, dry and broken branches and shoots.

Frost resistance and need for shelter

Winter hardiness of the fruit tree Memory Simirenko is considered above average. The plant transfers a decrease in temperature to -30 degrees. But it needs to be protected from cold wind. Peach, growing in southern latitudes, no shelter is required at winter holidays. But under the climate of the middle band, it is necessary to strengthen the landing with a special material, because it is impossible to predict how cold the upcoming winter is, and still peach is a thermal-loving plant.

Resistance to diseases and pests

Peach of the hybrid variety Memory Simirenko resistant to the damage to fungi, bacteria, viruses and malicious insects. Sustainability is assessed by specialists at the level above average. But in order to prevent in spring time, trees are treated with fungicides and insecticides.

Review reviews

Fruits ripen in the second half of July. From the branches they need to cut down gently and immediately put in the prepared containers.

Store fresh peaches in the refrigerator or placed in special cameras. Fruits are dense skin, so they easily carry transportation, without losing the commodity type and wonderful taste.

But long to store ripe fruits will not work, so it is recommended to use them for the appointment in the near future. Usually they are in fresh or used for canning.

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