Peach Collins

  • Authors: United States (New Jersey)
  • Type of growth: middle-resistant
  • Ripening time: Medium
  • Purpose: For consumption in the fresh form
  • Yield: High
  • Marketability: High
  • Transportability: Good
  • Distribution of bone from pulp: semi-divided
  • Winter hardiness: High
  • The weight of the fetus, g: 110-150

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Collins is a popular among gardeners American peach variety. It is not too complicated in cultivation, but some subtleties dachensons still have to take into account.

History of removal

Motherland Collins is New Jersey (USA). It is there, on one of the experienced stations by polling the variety of Jersey Land and this variety was obtained. Brought him out in 1955. Currently, he is not registered in the state market of varieties of the Russian Federation, but nevertheless often grown in amateur gardens of the south of Russia, the North Caucasus and Ukraine.

Description of varieties

Persic Culture Collins is the average. Most often trees do not grow above three meters. Crane Avaid, with medium decrepitude. The bark is painted in a brown shade, but shoots mostly green. Leaflets have an elongated lanceal shape, the top is quite narrow. Color dark green, there is a weak glossy glitter. The average length of the leaflet is 16 centimeters, in the width they are equal to 5 cm.

Diameter of flowers is 2.5-3 centimeters. Water-shaped flowers, five-point. The color is white with a pink sweat. During flowering around the tree, we have whole clouds of insects, because the flowers make a strong fragrance.

Fruit characteristic

Peaches Collins have medium size parameters. The minimum weight is usually 110 grams, and the middle – 130. But often on the trees of varieties and fruits of 150-155 grams grow up. Rounded peaches have a yellow coverage, but a pink blurred blush is present on the sunny side. The skin of the product is dense, very velvety, pleasant to the touch. Gentle juicy flesh painted in yellow. A rough bone is separated from the content only when applying considerable effort.

The collected fruits can be stored until the week. Transportability and commodity in peaches of a worthy level. Eat them in food accepted fresh.

Taste qualities

Collins brings fruit with severe appetizing aroma. The taste of them is very harmonious, more sweet, but obvious sourness too. The variety was rated in 5 points. Peaches have a table.

Ripening and fruiting

Collins flowering period starts in the middle or late April. Medium grade matures to the mid-end of July. Encouraging fruiting, peach brings rich yields annually.


Collins is a very humble tree, because with proper care after a year or two it will begin to bring the first fruits. Initially, the yield is low, but adult trees will bring 40-50 kilograms of fruits. Unfortunately, the life of the peach of this variety is small – no more than 20 years.

Regions growing

This variety of peaches is intended for the North Caucasus region. However, it is cultivated with no less successful in the Lower Volga region, on most territories of Ukraine, as well as on the Crimean Peninsula.

Self-duration and the need for pollinators

Collins is self-polished variety. Partner pollinators can slightly increase yields, but in general there is no need.

Growing and care

Collins landing should be made on sunny plots, because this culture is very thermalid. The optimal option is landing on flat terrain or a small hill. In lowlands, Collins are not planted, because the risk of roting the root system is. In the open ground, the landing is made only in the southern regions. If the northern region, it is better to equip the unheated greenhouse.

Soil grade prefers fertile, but in general can grow on any soil, except for heavy, excessively saline, carbonate. In the southern regions, landing is carried out in autumn, and in areas with a more unstable climate – in spring. When planting in the soil, add classic for fruit trees feeding: humid, ash, superphosphate. The village planted immediately tip and water.

The amount of irrigation for Collins should be strictly dosed, since the tree will be better transferring drought than excess moisturizing. Spring watered 1-2 times, the same in the first half of summer. Best for this variety to organize drip irrigation type. In the second half of the summer, it is watered very and very moderately.

Fertilizers for this peach culture are prepared in the spring. It is best to refer to the finished mineral complexes, but you can make a mixture and independently. To do this, take ammonia nitrate (35 grams), superphosphate (65 grams) and sulfate potassium (35 grams). All these fertilizers close in the soil, the amount described is enough for one square meter.

Collins trimming is usually spent in the spring, before the start of the juice movement. The crown is formed by invading, this process takes from three to five years. After the crown is formed, you will need to carry out sanitary trimming, designed to health and outstand the culture. Rejuvenate Peach Collins need once every 4 years, as soon as the yield begins to decline slightly.

Frost resistance and need for shelter

Collins – very frost-resistant culture. However, wintering in the northern regions still passes with problems. In order to maximize the tree, it needs to be prepared correctly. So, the rolling circle is purified from plant residues and go well. Then the treet is mulched and backed up. Saplings under three years old are completely covered, together with the crown. To do this, it is customary to use agrofiber.

Resistance to diseases and pests

Persies Collins are affected by diseases in the event that in the region roast and wet summer. Most often plants attack fungal diseases. Foliage suffer from them, and fruits. To avoid any fungal ailments, spring plants are treated with fungicides. Especially effectively such agents prevent gray rot and slurry.

The main pests of Collins – frozhorks, wave and mites. Insecticides will help in getting rid of them. Tar can often withdraw and folk remedies, but only at the initial stages.

Review reviews

About the grade of Peach Collins Dachnips leave predominantly positive responses. They really like large-ground culture, her unobtrusive pleasant color, delicate taste and fragrance. Dachini grow a peach Collins without difficulty, not spending a lot of time and means. However, they are saddened that the bone is separated with difficulty, and the tree is constantly exposed to attacks of diseases and pests.

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