Nectarin fantasy

  • Authors: University of California
  • Appeared when crossed: RD KING X GOLD KING
  • Synonyms names: Fantasy
  • Type of growth: Silnororal
  • Ripening time: Early
  • Self-velocity: self-polished
  • Purpose: For consumption in fresh, for canning, for cooking juices
  • Yield: High
  • Transportability: Middle
  • Springness: 3-4 years after landing

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Nectarine grade fantasy – welcome guest in many southern gardens. The plant was derived in sunny California, so needing the abundance of the sun. The tree grows quite high, it requires space on the plot. High gardener assessments, good winter hardiness and stable early fruiting – just a small part of the advantages of this popular variety, also known under the international name Fantasy.

History of removal

The plant is derived by the specialists of the University of California. When crossing, RED King and Gold King were used.

Description of varieties

Trees are stronger, up to 5 m high. Crown Raskyady. The short formation is average, the desired is low. Strong crown is not required. Flowers on a rose tree, abundantly covering the crown with a lush cap, exude a pleasant fragrance.

Fruit characteristic

Nectarines on the tree ripen medium and very large, proper round shape. There is no omission on smooth skin. Coloring golden yellow, with ruddy divorces Tint of dark carmine. The average mass of the fetus is 120-180 g. Flesh inside gentle, yellowish, bone well separated.

Taste qualities

The variety is distinguished by a sweet taste with a nice acidic and light aroma. Fruits are suitable for different processing methods, in the fresh form stored 2-3 weeks.

Ripening and fruiting

Nectarine starts fruit for 3-4 years after landing. In terms of maturation, the varieties are referred to. Collect ripe fruits at the end of September.


With wood, more than 15 kg of fruits are removed. According to this property, the variety is considered to be a high-yield.

Regions growing

The variety is adapted to landing in regions with a soft southern climate. Well carries out in the Krasnodar Territory and in the North Caucasus.

Self-duration and the need for pollinators

Fantasy – Summer Nectarine. The variety is self-polls, does not need other trees of the same species nearby.

Growing and care

For landing it is worth choosing young trees aged 1-2 years, acclimatized in the context of a particular region. It is important that the roots and shoots are well developed, the place of vaccination did not have flutters, influx, growths. The landing is preparing a plot with a suede or peatpiece soil. It is important that the soil is loose, I missed the air well, and the groundwater did not climb too close to the surface. The place is selected open, well lit, out of contact with the shadow of large.

Landing Pits under Nectarin Fantasy Prepare large, spacious, diameter and depth of 70 cm. The removed soil is mixed with superphosphate, humus. Fill it with a pit on 2/3, thoroughly shed water. The fallated fertilizers are enough to ensure the nutrition of plants during the first years after landing.

When landing, the vaccination place is not plugged, leaving 20-30 mm above the edge of the pit. Then the well is filled with soil residues, sealing surface. If the drawdown is too strong, the soil level can be raised again. The space around the trunk is mounted with sawdust, thick layer of peat. Abundantly watered.

In the future, the tree is watered as necessary, the soil is loose around the trunk. Be sure to be held an annual trimming. The crown must be formed in the form of an oval, with strong skeletal branches. Longly growing shoots are removed. In the spring, extinct and dry branches without fruitful kidney are cleaned.

The variety successfully breeds. Get planting material yourself. As a flow, apricot trees, peaches fit.

Frost resistance and need for shelter

Nectarine has a high winter hardiness. Well tolerates a decrease in winter temperatures to 20 degrees. With frostless juicy winter, young trees are recommended to be covered by freezing.

Resistance to diseases and pests

The variety is highly resistant to the most common diseases. Does not suffer from curly leaf. To protect against fungal diseases, landing nectarines in the same garden with peaches should be avoided. This will eliminate cross-infection.

Review reviews

Fantasy – unusual nectarine, which can be grown on dwarf and semi-darling. As dackets indicate, in this case the village turns out more compact, it is easy to assemble a harvest with it. Otherwise, the variety is honored by numerous positive feedback for excellent yield indicators. From an adult tree manages to collect up to 30-40 kg of nectarines in a good season. The taste of fruit also gets high marks, it is close to peach, sweet enough. In the conditions of the Krasnodar Territory, Ukraine peaches are completely ripening on the branches.

Disadvantages are also quite obvious. Ripe fruits are weakly suitable for transportation, it is easy to imagine, do not lie long. The trees themselves are quite whimsical to climatic conditions, they are not good at each region. Plants need to be formalized so that their crown look beautiful and neatly.

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