Methods for storing potatoes

When creating the right conditions for storing potatoes may lie, not span, 9-10 months. Therefore, after harvest, it is important to properly prepare it and put it in a suitable place.

Requirements for the conditions

When choosing a place to store potatoes worth paying attention to a number of moments.

  1. Temperature. It is very important that the temperature in the room is in the range of 2-5 degrees. If it is above, the tubers will start germinate. Such potatoes are already unsuitable for storage. After lowering the temperature, the tubers are quickly wrinkled. In addition, they become less tasty. Therefore, wrinkled potatoes are usually not used in cooking, but emit. Control the temperature in the room can be installed there the thermometer. When it decreases, potatoes will need to be covered, with a sharp increase – transfer to a colder place.
  2. Humidity. Ideally, the humidity in the room should be within 80-90%. In such conditions, vegetables are kept very well. If the indoor moisture is too high, traces of mold can appear on the surface of the tubers. In addition, potatoes in such conditions rot and black inside. To avoid this, it is important to equip a good ventilation system in the repository.
  3. Lighting. All experienced gardeners know that Solan has been produced into the light in the tubers. Potatoes gradually green and loses his taste. Such tubers categorically impossible to use people or feeding livestock. To potatoes do not green, it needs to be stored in a dark room.

Create suitable conditions can be both in the country and in the urban apartment.


For wintering it is worth choosing healthy ripe tubers. To digging potatoes you need to start after the garden dries all the tops. Approximately 5-10 days before harvesting it must be seized. Digging potatoes best in sunny weather. In this case, the tubers can be easily cleansed from dirt.

Send for long-term storage It is recommended for high-grade varieties. Gardening should pay attention to the following options.

  • “LORCH”. This is a middle-variety. He is popular among many gardeners. He has big and covered with light skin. The plant is steadily on most common diseases.

  • “Western”. This plant has a pleasant light pink. They are covered with small eyes. Delicious potatoes are perfectly stored until the spring in any room.

  • “Atlant”. This variety is middle-aid. He has good immunity. Therefore, plants rarely affect fungal diseases. Tubers have a round shape and dark brown. They are perfectly stored both in the cellar and in the apartment.

So that the harvest is not spoiled with time, it is important to prepare correctly for storage.

  • Dish. Dugged tubers need to decompose a thin layer on Earth. It is important that they do not get straight sunlight. There potatoes should go about three hours. During this time, he will be able to dry perfectly. Tube prepared in this way it is worth moving to a cool room. This is done so that their skin is hardened. Within 2-3 weeks, potatoes must lie in a well-ventilated room or under a canopy.

  • Strive. Next you need to sort the entire harvest. Part of the tuber will be used for spring landing, the rest – for eating or feeding pets. All chopped or pests affected by pests and diseases must be destroyed. This is especially important, because one spoiled fruit can infect others. Potato Bulk Helps to significantly increase its storage. It is also important to paint potatoes in size. After all, the shelf life of different tubers is different.

  • Process. Potatoes, which will be used for landing, is recommended to be treated with antifungal drugs. Usually for this purpose use “Zircon”. Instead, it is also possible to use mortar in warm water. After processing potatoes need to dry well. Vegetables prepared in this way will be perfectly stored all year.

Having finished with the preparation of potatoes, you can move it to a permanent storage location.

Storage methods in the cellar

Most often, tubers are stored in the cellar or basement. Before carrying potatoes there, the room must be prepared.

To start it needs to be well ventilated. After that, the vegetable store needs to be treated with disinfecting drugs. Most often for this use a solution of lime or manganese. After the wall processing and the ceiling, the cellar must be well dry. Usually the owners of the site simply leave the door of the room open for the whole day. By evening, the walls of the cellab enhance.

Store potatoes in the room can be in several ways. Each of them has its own characteristics.

  1. In boxes. Many gardeners fold the collected vegetables in wooden boxes. About 10 kilograms of potatoes are laid in each of them. Boxes can be placed on shelves or racks. Between them should leave the distance of 10-15 centimeters.

  • In plastic containers. Such containers are sufficiently light. So they are convenient to carry from place to place. Plastic containers can also be installed on each other. Because of this, such storage technology is ideal for small rooms.

  • In bags. Store potatoes recommended in crack bags or grids. They skip air perfectly, so potatoes do not rot. Mesh or bags can be placed both horizontally and vertically.

  • In wicker baskets. This container is also perfectly ventilated. Storing potatoes comfortably. In addition, baskets with durable handles can be easily transferred from place to place.

Some gardeners store potatoes right on the floor. So that he does not spoke with time and did not freeze, it is standing on a wooden pallet or a litter of straw or burlap.

If there is no cellar in the country, the yam can be stored in the pit. Make it with your own hands very simple. Usually, the pit is digging on the elevated area. The size of the trench depends on the number of tubers that will be deposited.

The bottom of the dug pit is recommended to be additionally insulated. To do this, it can be sprinkled with sawdust or straw. Some gardeners instead thrown on the bottom of the trench rags. Poam walls are recommended to insulate with foam or plywood sheets. It is necessary that the potatoes do not come into contact with the earth.

It is also important to correctly hold the Potato Bookmark. Every 2-3 layers of vegetables, it is desirable to sprinkle with a layer of straw. On top of the tubers also fall asleep with dry material, and then covered with boards. On the one hand, the board can be filled with a layer of land. After that, the pit should be covered with a rubberoid or any other insulator.

To protect against rodents from above, it can also be covered with a sweetheave or metal grid.

Methods for apartments

Keep potatoes in the apartment in several ways.

In the fridge

If in the refrigerator there is a large compartment for storing vegetables, part of potatoes can be placed there. Tubers can be stored in paper packaging. But the polyethylene storage packages are not worth using. Potatoes in them can start rot.

In the refrigerator, not only young tubers can be placed, but also a potato dishes. Boiled or fried product is stored for 4-7 days. Salads with potatoes can not be left in aluminum tanks. In addition, you should not leave a metal spoon in a bowl. It accelerates product damage.

You can save and peeled tubers. They must be carefully flushed and put in cold water in a container. Shelf life of fresh purified potatoes in the refrigerator – 2 days. After that, potatoes need to use for cooking.

In the freezer

Keep the potato harvest in the freezer is not recommended. But a small part of the tubers can be cleaned and put on the workpiece. For this, potatoes must be cut into cubes or straw, and then rinse. Before placing in packets, they need to taste. For this, potatoes are placed 2-3 minutes in boiling water, and then to ice. After that, it must be dried with paper towels. Properly prepared potatoes are stored in the freezer for a very long time.

Freeze can and potato dishes. The dish must be placed in a small plastic container, and then send to the freezer. Billets need to be placed in small containers and spend immediately.

Re-freeze potatoes are not recommended.

On the kitchen

Due to the fact that in this room they often prepare food, the temperature there is constantly changing. Therefore, to leave in the kitchen a large amount of potatoes are not recommended. Store tubers needed in the cabinets located away from the plate and household appliances, which heats up when working. It is very important that they closely closed. In this case, the light will not fall on the tuber.

Most often, potatoes are stored in drawers or baskets installed in the cabinet under the sink. Ideal for storage suitable special vegetable stands. About 20 kilograms of potatoes are placed in each of them. Soft lid. Therefore, it can be used as a regular chair.

On the balcony

Previous methods are suitable for storing a small amount of potatoes. The rest of the crop is worth moving to the balcony. You can only do this if it is glazed and insulated. In such conditions, the waste and dried potatoes will be excellent until the spring. The main thing is to sort it from time to time.

Planning to store potatoes on the balcony, it is usually placed in airtal bin with a double bottom. Some gardeners will additionally insulate the container by foam. Top boxes are covered with cloth or lids. This is done in order to protect the tubers from the sunlight and do not give them a green.

If the balcony is not glazed, you can only store potatoes on the first frosts. After lowering the temperature, the boxes or bags with potatoes should be transferred to another place.

In the corridor or entrance

If you store potatoes on the balcony there is no opportunity, it can be taken out in the corridor or entrance. Temperature there is much lower than in the apartment. Therefore, potatoes are stored perfectly. In addition, it is always at hand.

It should be understood that this method of storage has its drawbacks. Potatoes, which is stored in the entrance, is not protected from temperature drops. In addition, he is very early to germinate. It is also worth noting that potatoes, which is stored in the entrance, can just steal.

How to save in the garage?

City inhabitants can store potatoes not only in the entrance or on the balcony, but also in the garage. In this room it is worth equipping a bourge. For this, potatoes need to be folded with a small bunch, and sprinkle the earth from above. This design is required to cover with straw and thermal insulation material. On the sides you need to install wide boards. Below is important to fix the ventilation pipe, it is near it to dig up a small recess for the removal of extra liquid.

Bourge not recommended to do too high. Potatoes stored there may well start taking. It happens due to the fact that in the middle of such a heap is difficult to control the temperature regime.

Some city inhabitants for storing potatoes use fluorers. This method is good in that in them the desired temperature can be maintained all year round. Therefore, worried about the safety of potatoes does not have.

But this method of storage has its own minuses. First of all, it is worth noting that Such a design is expensive. In addition, after its installation, electricity costs are significantly incremented.

It is also worth noting that the volume of such boxes is not too big. Therefore, the whole crop of potatoes to fold in them is unlikely to succeed.

Additional advice

To increase the shelf life of potatoes, novice gardens should adhere to the councils of more experienced people.

  1. To protect potatoes from germination or rotting on the tubers, you can put mint leaves or rowan. It will help in this and dried wormwood, onion husk or fern. These products shift potato rows.
  2. Planning to store potatoes in boxes, it is worth choosing structures made of pine or firboards. Some gardeners are also recommended to shift the tubers with coniferous branches.
  3. Broken potatoes for the winter, it is important to choose to him the right “neighbors”. Best keep it next to beet. But putting the tubers next to the cabbage is not worth. This will lead to the fact that vegetables will be cleaned very quickly.
  4. Keep potatoes of different varieties. Usually, tubers are placed in different boxes or bags. If potatoes are stored on the floor, different heaps can be separated from each other with simple wooden boards.
  5. Potatoes, which is stored in the kitchen or on the glazed balcony, you must regularly examine and turn over. In this case, it will be easy to identify tubers that begin to deteriorate or germinate.

If you follow all the rules, the crop potatoes will be perfectly stored until spring.

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