Malina Zyugana

  • Authors: Switzerland
  • Repair: Yes
  • Berry color: light red
  • Taste: Sugar-sweet with a light touch of kissing, dessert
  • Ripening time: average
  • Weight berry, g: 6-7
  • Yield: 6-8 kg with bush
  • Frost resistance, ° C / winter hardiness: winter hardy
  • Purpose: for dessert and freezing
  • Period of fruiting: from the end of July and to frosts

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Zyugan’s raspberry variety in Switzerland breeders from Lubera in the 90s of the XX century, initially was distributed only in Europe. In Russia, he fell in the early 2000s and won the popularity of gardeners with his unpretentiousness and high yield.

Family Nursery Lubera is founded in 1889, and now three generations of owners are engaged in breeding and breeding of high-yielding fruit and berry crops.

Description of varieties

Plant with upright, strong shoots covered with small spines of purple color, forms compact bush. The powerful root system allows you to receive two full-fledged crops per season. Malina Zyugana – TUTUYMER, provided that proper trimming and competent care. The height of the shoots of the raspberry reaches 1.5 m. In the greenhouses they stretch to 2.5 m. Large large, saturated green, medium wrinkled.

Features of Zyugan’s grade:

  • versatility of fruit use;

  • stable fruiting;

  • resistance to negative natural factors;

  • unpretentiousness and inconspiciency in care;

  • heat resistance;

  • berries well tolerate transportation;

  • Excellent taste;

  • frost and drought resistance;

  • Immunity to disease and pests.

The properties of the grade allow you to successfully cultivate it in the country areas, in farms as a commercial culture.

Timing of ripening

Zyugana – repairing grade with a medium-time maturation. When cultivating in a two-year cycle, summer fruiting in southern regions begins with the second decade of June, in more northern parts of the country – from the end of June. Vintage with young shoots can be expected from August to October. In order for the late crop to not break freeze, it is recommended to cover the Malinnik Agrofolok.


Zyugana is distinguished by an outstanding yield, one plant can give up to 9 kg of fruits. The average yield is 6-8 kg with plants.

Berries and their taste

Large and homogeneous, light-red, rounded-cone-shaped berries, pulp dense, juicy, average weight is 6-7 g. Sweet-sugar dessert taste with small acidic and bright aroma is estimated by 4.3 points from 5 points. High sugar, balance of fruit acids, pronounced fragrance resemble the taste of forest berries.

Tightly clutch bonuses do not allow the fruits to crumble, in combination with a dense consistency, it allows you to store them at room temperature up to 3-4 days, in the refrigerator – up to 2 weeks, as well as transported without damage and loss of productive.

The fruits of Zyugany transfer the summer heat, keeping the size, do not appear to achieve maturity and from wind, abundant precipitation almost do not harm the quality of berries, it is possible to rot only. Restore fruits and light freezers, being covered with foliage or underfloor material. Use raspberry in fresh form, for freezing, cooking jam, jama.

Features of cultivation

The characteristics of the variety allow you to cultivate it both in the open soil and in the greenhouses. For the convenience of working with plants and obtaining a better harvest, experts recommend using a set of a set of bushes. Unpretentiousness of culture allows you to do with standard care techniques:

  • Regular watering and loosening;

  • weeding and mulching;

  • Podkord.

Special attention should be paid to watering, the root system is located close to the surface, there is a risk of drying, especially in a dry period.

In regions with high humidity and insufficiently warm in summer, the taste of raspberries becomes less sweet, and the consistency of the berry is a watering, the root system may be affected by rot. In this case, it is recommended to grow a culture for one harvest. Warm climate and late cold attack will reveal all the benefits of the variety, will allow to collect a crop right up to frost.

When cultivating a variety in a two-year cycle, the top of the escape of the current year of the current year gives fruits in the first year from August to frosts, after which it is crumbling late in the stem in late autumn. Next season, the rest of the escape will bring a harvest in the summer, after which it is recommended to cut immediately after harvesting the berries, without waiting for the autumn. This method of growing raspberry is suitable for more southern regions. In the cold climate conditions, all shoots are cut off, fruiting in the current season. Next year, maturation will come in early August, and to frosts will time to mature most of the berries. It is carried out annually the rationing of the bush: a weak piglery is removed. On 1 m2 it is recommended to leave 8 to 10 shoots.

Choosing a place and soil preparation

Malina Zyugana prefers solar, protected from cold winds and drafts Southern slopes, small hills. Wind protection can serve as a wall of economic building or fence.

Loose and fertile soil, with neutral acid or weakly alkaline – the key to future high culture yields. At acidic soils, a lime procedure is carried out. If the depth of groundwater on the ground intended for the Malinnik, above 1 m, from placing a culture in this place it is better to refuse. You need to take care of the selection of previous crops. The soil on which other grades of raspberries, tomatoes, potatoes, pepper, are too poor for good growth of plants grew up. Bean cultures, cucumbers are considered the best predecessors.

Spring landing of raspberry seedlings is carried out in the soil prepared since the autumn:

  • Pumping the site with the removal of weeds;

  • The sandy soil is enriched with humus, forestry;

  • In clay soils bring sand, compost, humus;

  • Mannel or trenches are a depth of 40-50 cm, which are fired by a humid, compost, wood ash is added.

In the spring with the onset of heat, when the earth warms up enough, proceed to landing seedlings.


The reproduction of the raspberry Zyugana will not cause difficulties at the gardeners – culture gives a lot of roar row. Choose offspring, located from the uterine bush by 30 cm, carefully separate it with a sharp shovel from the main rhizoma and with a lump of land are transferred to the already prepared wells of the new Malinnik. The root neck of the seedling is left at the level of the earth. Lined young bushes are plenty and mulched. Planting seedlings is recommended, withsting the interval 50-70 cm, the width of the rod – 1.5 m.

Born in Switzerland Zyugan’s grade arrived in Russian gardens and loved a variety of gardeners. The difficulty represents only the acquisition of high-quality planting material. Recently, a novelty has appeared – Zyugana is yellow, even more sweet and fragrant.

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