Malina Zhuravlik

  • Repair: Yes
  • Berry color: Rubinovaya
  • Taste: sweet-sweet
  • Ripening time: late
  • Weight berry, g: 2.7 – 3.5
  • Yield: up to 1.5 -2.0 kg with bush, 8-9 t / ha
  • Frost resistance, ° C / winter hardiness: Above average
  • Tasting evaluation: 4,7
  • Purpose: For consumption in the latest form and for all types of processing
  • Period of fruiting: from August and until October

See all the characteristics

Raspberry varieties have already developed a lot. But even among them, the caravlik is beneficial for a number of benefits.

History of removal of varieties

Plant is relatively young. It was introduced to the federal register only in 2001. Breeders recommend culture for landing in the Volga region and in the North Caucasus. The main work was carried out and. IN. Cossack on the Kokinsky paragraph of the Selection Institute of Horticulture and Nursery. Special popularity Zhuravlik has not yet gained.

Description of varieties

The bush is characterized by compactness, the average growth force. The height of the shoots is 1.7-2 m. On one bush, they are formed by 6-7 pieces. Annual feces of purple color, have spikes along the entire length, covered with weak wax.

Timing of ripening

Waiting for the appearance of fruits has a relatively long. They begin to form only in August. However, fruiting continues to two months – it will only stop in early October. Whether this process will continue with a very warm and dry autumn, until it is installed. In a number of descriptions, they note, however, that berries are finally terminated to form only after the start of frosts.


According to the developers of the grade developers, each bush of the caravlik can give at least 1.5 kg of berries. With good conditions – up to 2 kg. In terms of 1 hectare, it will be 8000-9000 kg, respectively.

Berries and their taste

Culture is designed both for fresh consumption and for all processing options. According to tasting research, the average score is 4.7. Fruits themselves painted in ruby ​​color. For them is characterized by a form of a stupid cone. The mass of each berry ranges from 2.7 to 3.5 g, and a dense pulp is characterized by a sour-sweet taste; Experts mark and expressive fragrance.

Features of cultivation

Disembarkation is made in spring or autumn. In Central Russia, the best time is the end of April.

Choosing a place and soil preparation

Repair plant presents pretty high requirements for landing. He must need good natural lighting. It is advisable to remove bushes from other fruit crops and garden trees. It is best to choose even places or non-ships. Landing in lowland is justified only on dry areas that will definitely quickly warm up.

Preparation activities must be done in advance. Severe primer usually improve river sand. Sandstones are saturated with humus or peat. It is advisable to lime to acid land to avoid negative consequences. Siderates can be good corault predecessors.

Watering and feeding

Instead of ordinary feeding, nitrogen can be used mulch, diluted urea. The main feeding is carried out in spring. Need to wait for the moment when the kidneys dissolve. Again this procedure is carried out in 14 days before flowering and during it. It is notable to feed the culture and in the height of fruiting, and as soon as it is completed.

Crane grade allows you to adapt watering mode to actual weather. No hard, originally specified frames. With ordinary weather, active watering is carried out once a week. In the sultry periods it is studied, and with good natural moisture they are spent less. Waterings, conducted before the appearance of the first flowers and when set of ripe berries, play a very large role.

Frost resistance and preparation for winter

Probability to survive the usual winter in raspberry caravlik is quite high. Often the preparation involves cutting down the root. If this option does not like, sometimes it cut off half the stem in length. But such a step significantly reduces the resistance of the plant to various parasites and dangerous microorganisms. A good shelter material is a spruce yard; It is also very important to extract raspberry as it should.

Diseases and pests

With the strict execution of the norms of the agricultural equipment, this plant practically does not ill. If systematic regular care is impossible, it will have to focus on preventive processing by store. Fungi are especially dangerous in crude cold weather. The danger of the malinous tick is small, but occasionally he still attacks. From insects at the landing may attack:

  • aphid;

  • Glassnitsa;

  • bronze

  • Gallovka.


You can select only healthy and sturdy seedlings. It is best if their height is 25 cm, and the cross section of escapes is not less than 0.5 cm. Invalid any darkened areas and rootighters. Reproduction root offspring possible if the bush grows in one place for more than 4 years. Up to this point, the number of frightened is very small.

The procedure is to dig the desired seedling and transplant to a special bed. Such a procedure is best running in spring. After rooting, the seedling is placed where it should grow. The cuttings are digging in autumn. Their length is exactly 10 cm.

Sometimes they make a bush. Rhizome need to dig and cut the knife. All cutting points are covered with wood ash. When switching to each new bush and before the start of procedure, the knife is disinfected. Hurry at this moment hardly worth.

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