Malina Spring Nuances

Malina – frequent selection of gardeners. Shrub troughs well, grows, gives a crop. It is only necessary to provide him with the right and timely care. Therefore, novice gardeners Nuances of Malina in the spring should be taken into account.

How and when to remove the shelter?

As soon as it starts to go to the snow, the dackets rush to their sections, because work after winter is always enough. Open and unleashing raspberries follows from the conditions of its region. For example, in Siberia. It can only happen in April, and in the Leningrad region you can remove the shelter in March. In any case, it is necessary to do it when snow completely comes down and the temperature will be stable without sharp jumps.

After the raspberries are released from the underfloor material, you should straighten the shoots if they were adjacent to winter before wintering. It is very important not only to remove the entire underfloor material, but also to clean the Malinnik, to harm the remains of last year’s dry foliage, herbs, broken twigs and weeds.

All this must be assembled and burned, because there may be harmful bacteria, as well as insect pests that were in foliage. The old layer of mulching is also subject to cleaning and destroying.


The first thing after removing the observer material should be well examined the bushes. Need to do sanitary and rejuvenating trimming.

  • In the first case, it is worth removing all the dry, broken freshest branches, as well as those that do not have viable kidneys. Need to examine and the tops. Dimper tips need to be removed. It is in these places that bacteria are collected, and all sorts of fungal disease begin from here.
  • In the second version you need to stimulate further growing bushes. It is worthwhile to shorten shoots up to 2/3, as well as to discharge the tops of the bushes, which will lead to an additional growth of the side branches, even if they look absolutely healthy.
  • Some of the gardeners use the method in which the branches are shortening for different lengths, so you can control the process of crop ripening, it will occur waving. First, one part of the shoots will bring berries, then – the other.


As for watering, here you should guide the weather conditions for your region. If Malina is grown in those edges, where there was a lot of snow in the winter, his melting in sufficient quantities will supply the soil moisture, so it’s not worth a hurry with watering. Soil already will be wet. Provided that raster raster, for example, in the Krasnodar Territory, and here snow is an extremely rare phenomenon, you need to look at what year spring.

If there are frequent rains, watering is also not needed. Solar warm days say that the soil should be checked, and if it is dry, then pour. In the future, it will also be all dependent on the weather. Provided that there is no rain, it is necessary to water the bushes, because during the growing season, water rain is extremely necessary. Full of full watering once a week in the absence of rains will be enough.

With such watering under the bush pour up to 10 liters of water. It is best to water the bushes with warm water.


In terms of feeding the opinions of the gardeners diverge, everyone cares for Malina, as the experience suggests. Some believe that feeding often raspberry is not necessary. Others argue that the bush is very gratefully responded to feeding and give a good harvest. In the spring months it is very important to supply plants with nitrogen. This will allow to increase green shoots faster, will improve flowering and fruiting.

You can buy a ready-made fertilizer in the form of granules – ammonium nitrate or nitroammophos. For the application of fertilizer, you need to dwell the land in a rolling circle and place granules there, about 40-50 grams per square meter, then pour the bushes with water. In two 2-3 weeks you can make phosphorus-potash fertilizers, they can also be made in the form of granules or breed water. Suitable for raspberry fertilizer and in the form of bird litter or manure. In this case, fertilizer is divorced by water in proportion 1 to 10.

But it is not necessary to get involved in feeding. They are needed during flowering and fruiting, but the break between them should be at least two weeks.

Other jobs

In the spring there is a lot of other works that need to be produced to make raspberries look healthy and good fruity. Care for raspberries in the spring includes a number of diverse procedures. And if experienced gardeners know perfectly well what you need to do with bushes in the open soil at the cottage, useful recommendations will be useful.


This manipulation is performed regularly and in the spring including. First of all, weeds begin to appear very quickly and actively grow. They need to be removed, it is also a kind of mini looser. It is also produced and when fertilizer granules are introduced into the soil. You can also separate the soil separately from these manipulations, it supplies the soil with air, does not allow to form a crust, which acts destructive on the plants. In general, one loosening in 2-3 weeks is quite enough.

With the first spring looser, the spring should be deepened in the soil at 15 cm in the aisle. Near the roots you need to loosen the soil neatly so as not to damage the roots. The depth is about 5 cm.


Some gardeners believe that it is necessary to mulch the bushes, others do without this procedure and the crop still get. But it is worth considering that the mulch gives a lot of advantages:

  • moisture in the soil remains longer, which reduces the amount of irrigation;
  • Weeds germinate much slower, it is easier to fight with them;
  • The appearance of such beds is more attractive, they look well-groomed and clean.

Socils, straw, crushed dry grass are well suited as mulch. If the wintering was laid in the winter, in the spring it should be sure to assemble and lay a new layer.

Processing against diseases and pests

This is one of the most important points, if at all is not fundamental. After all, due to the invasion of pests or the emergence of any disease, you can simply fully lose the Malinnik. And here the dackets use a variety of methods, alone is treated with urea bushes, others actively use the ammonia alcohol, the third produce spraying with an ash solution. All methods are good in their own way. But there are preparations that guarantee a good result. In all cases, it is better to use prophylactic measures, because then the treatment of shrubs and retractation from pests can become a very protracted process and, unfortunately, not always leading to a 100% result. Some dackets get rid of pests, watering the beds with boiling water. But this option is possible in the preparation of the soil when there are no plants there. In the case of raspberry you need to be very neat.

You can water hot water in the range of 60-70 degrees, but only early in the spring, when the air temperature holds on the zero mark. Then the earth is not yet funded – in this case, it is impossible to harm the roots of the plant. In most cases, the spring processing of bushes is made by the Bordeaux liquid, the same effect has an iron and copper cune. Process plants need to dissolve the kidneys. They can be made prepared by the prepared composition according to the instructions contained on the package, as well as to pour the soil near the bushes. This is a good protection and from a variety of pests, but above all from fungal diseases that are often amazed raspberry.

When fruits are tied on the bushes, these options cannot be applied. Then it is worth using phytoosporin, it is a good prophylactic agent, they can be sprayed with raspberry bushes throughout the whole period of fruiting.


Spring Malina gives a lot of processes, Malinnik thickens. This needs to be struggling, because thickening leads to poor air circulation, the branches interfere with each other, and all this provokes the occurrence of fungal diseases. In addition, the remaining young stroke takes the strength of the bushes. Therefore, it is worth carefully learning new sprouts. The smallest and average better remove immediately. You can leave stronger large bushes, which then can give a crop and serve as a replacement for old bushes.


This manipulation must be produced in early spring, when the growing process has not yet begun. To do this, in the selected place, the pits under the bushes are prepared in advance. The selected place should be sunny. Well, if part of the time this site illuminates the sun, and for some time it is in the shade. Malina needs loose fertile soil, not acidified, it follows. You also need to prepare in advance and the composition for the future landing. In addition to land, it should be peat, humus, ash.

If the pits were prepared, they should be well moistened. Then the bushes that are planned to transplant, you need to carefully remove from the same place. To do this, you need to carefully dig the soil shovel and remove the bush along with the land. So increases the likelihood that the seedling is quickly taken on in a new place. Next, the bush is transferred to a new hole, the prepared composition is poured, they are tightly tamped, they are poured, then the remaining part is packed, again tamper and watered. First time, it is not necessary to fertilize bushes, because they are planted into the fertile composition. At first, it should be ensured very careful watering. Earth must be constantly moderately wet. This is especially true if it stands dry hot weather.

Regional care tips

All the activities considered are necessarily carried out regardless of which the region is located in the region. The only difference can only be in the timing of active actions. If in the Kuban, they, for example, begin already in March, then in the suburbs – in April. And in Transbaikalia and Siberia the beginning of this period can be moved to May.

To see healthy plants and receive an annual harvest, you need to properly care for the raspberry, although each gardener has its little secrets. It would seem that all Malina care methods are known, but gardeners find all new opportunities to improve the development of bushes and increase harvest.

  • Some believe that good crop can only be achieved in sunny areas. It is impossible to plant raspberries in shaded places and especially close to large trees that give a shadow, as Malina refers to those cultures that are very demanding to the Sun. Otherwise the berries can be a little, and in addition, they will be small and tasteless.
  • Another important point – mulch. Here, too, the opinions of the gardeners are different. But most of them insist on the fact that mulch is the key to a good abundant harvest. It saves from pests, and from weed grass, and from disease development. Some as mulch use even ordinary weeds. Of course, they must be previously removed from the soil, dry well in the sun, and then lay down the dense layer under the mouth. If you have the opportunity to grind them, it is generally the perfect option.
  • Many people practice the use of ammonia alcohol, And both as feeding, and as a drug for the prevention of various diseases and pest control. To combat pests in 10 liters of water, 2 tablespoons are bred and any soap solution (liquid soap, shampoo, shower gel) so that the composition is better fixed on the bushes. When warm weather is installed, you can prepare the composition of 3 tablespoons of ammonia alcohol and 10 liters of water. In such a solution, you can pour bushes and spray leaves. If you add a fairy soap, the effect is only enhanced. This is a good feeding and prevention of fungal diseases.
  • Another important ingredient that Malina is needed is ash. It can be poured right under the bush several times during the season. The ash will serve as a good feeding and scales of pests from raspberry bushes.
  • Most of the gardeners adheres to the opinion that the frequent use of the Bordeaux fluid is unacceptable. Therefore, just once in early spring processing plants. The rest of the time to use phytoosporin, which is harmless and for the plant, and for soil, and even for fruits.

Each gardener is looking for their methods and often by samples and errors comes to the perfect version, which suits it in all respects.

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