Malina Scratchnica

  • Repair: No
  • Berry color: Brightly Malinovaya
  • Taste: Sweet, dessert taste with barely noticeable acid
  • Ripening time: average
  • Weight berry, g: 2.5 -2.9
  • Yield: 2.2 kg with bush
  • Frost resistance, ° C / winter hardiness: winter hardy, up to -30˚С -32˚С
  • Tasting evaluation: 4,2
  • Purpose: Universal
  • Place disembarking: Without a boat

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Malina Larina Larina brought domestic breeders under the guidance of the famous Specialist Kazakov. This species belongs to the number of the most popular and in demand among lovers and farmers. The variety has a lot of advantages that make it very attractive to disembodit.

Description of varieties

Distinctive features of this raspberry variety:

  • The height of the shrub usually exceeds 1 m 80 cm, sometimes reaches 2.2 m;
  • refers to semi-staples, stretchiness average;
  • shoots are not too active;
  • Busty bushes, spikes are, but small, are located at the bottom and do not ourselves.

The advantages of the modest include the following characteristics:

  • undemanding in terms of disembarkation, leaving activities;
  • Spikes are not possible, there are very few of them, therefore harvesting is not difficult;
  • The raspberry of this variety is great for the mechanized collection, therefore popular in industrial cultivation;
  • appearance and taste quality at a high level;
  • perfectly transported;
  • It tolerates both droughts and frosts;
  • strong immunity to typical plant diseases for this.

As for the shortcomings, susceptibility to the web box is distinguished.

Timing of ripening

The time of ripening of the raspberry of this variety is medium, but much depends on climatic conditions, agricultural equipment. In the south, the period of fruiting begins in early July, in the north – in the second half of July.


Specified High Products. From one bush, you can collect at least 2.2 kg of fruits, the maximum number is 3 kg. Industrial breeding brings from 80 to 120 c / ha.

Berries and their taste

Fruits have medium mass and size indicators: weight varies from 2.5 to 2.9 g. As for the form, it is rounded conical. Fruit dense, color bright raspberry, fruit when removing requires effort. Berries are critized, and not chaotic, so the collection is easy. Rustic quality raspberries are good, the taste is sweet, the acids can be traced, but light. Fruits are perfectly stored and transported, used in fresh, frozen and recycled form.

Features of cultivation

Leaving activities are not too complicated, but require accuracy.

  • Moisturizing and mulching. The variety does not require a lot of moisture, it is well tolerating dry periods. However, it is not necessary to abuse, otherwise the berries will be dry. Sufficiently maintain the soil in the moisture state, so it is important to mulch the soil. For this, the bark of pine, humus, foliage, peat with a layer of about 8 cm.
  • Podkord. If you use compost, humus as a mulch, it will have a positive effect on the development of raspberries, but this will not be enough. In the spring it is necessary to feed the shrub nitrogen-potassium compositions. When fruiting begins, superphosphates are required. Chlorine potassium better exclude, since this grade does not like this substance.
  • Trimming. Optimally cutting in the fall, when the harvest period is completed. Stems are cut into the soil. In the spring it is necessary to remove all unhealthy shoots. Frosted shortening to healthy kidney level. Stimulation of fruiting requires trimming by 10 cm.

Choosing a place and soil preparation

The raspberry area should be well lit. It is better to avoid drafts, zones where groundwater are highly located, otherwise the root system can be drown, and the plant is sick. Plot is preparing in advance: sand for dilution of heavy soils, humus to boost nutritional, lime to reduce acidity. It is very important to step up soil, remove all weeds, and give the soil to stand a couple of weeks. You can train the site back from the autumn period.

The landing time varies with the peculiarities of the cultivation region. In the southern regions – mid-April, in the northern – mid-May. In any case, the landing ends before the flow rate begins. In the fall, this procedure is carried out after discharge of leaves.

The modest is growing well with rows, it is better to care for her, it is convenient to collect a crop. So that raspberries did not grow and develop well, it is important to take into account the following nuances:

  • The depth of the holes is more than 40 cm;
  • The distance between the landing material is up to 1.5 m;
  • aisle – from 2 to 2.5 m;
  • Saplings deepen to the neck;
  • Saplings after disembarkation are trimmed up to 40 cm so that all the energy has come to root.

Frost resistance and preparation for winter

This grade is resistant to heat and frosts, so you can grow it in the south and in the north. You can not cover the shrub on the winter, as it perfectly puts out frosts up to -30 ° and below.

Diseases and pests

Resistance to typical raspberry diseases from this variety high, especially stable shrub to fungus, anthracnose. But the gray rot can hit the plant. As for pests, they also rarely attack Malinnik, with the exception of the paooty tick. It is recommended to periodically carry out preventive measures. Do not forget that aggressive means can only be used outside the growing season, otherwise the fruits will be unsuitable for use.


The reproduction of this variety allows you to maintain the signs of the variety almost unchanged. If you buy ready-made seedlings, choose proven nurseries, do not buy plants, unhealthy views. The methods of reproduction are as follows:

  • siblings of the root type;
  • green fresh cuttings;
  • By rooting Cherenkov.

The first method of breeders is considered the easiest and most effective. It is necessary to delicate the pigstream, which is actively formed around the shrub, and transplant to a permanent place of growth. Green and root cuttings require more labor cost. In any case, the modest perfectly feels in the transplant process and takes good enough.

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