Malina Peresvet

  • Berry color: Dark Malinovaya
  • Taste: Sweet with sourness
  • Ripening time: Medium Power
  • Weight berry, g: 3-4,2
  • Yield: up to 5 kg with bush, 4.4 t / ha
  • Frost resistance, ° C / winter hardiness: winter hardy
  • Tasting evaluation: 4,7
  • Purpose: Universal
  • Degree of yield: High
  • Appeared when crossed: Solzhot x metropolitan

See all the characteristics

Malina Peresvet hardened in our country. Ripens raspberries in fairly late. Peresvet is appreciated among gardeners for delicious, juicy fruits. Raspberry is unpretentious in leaving and resistant tolerates even severe frosts.

History of removal of varieties

Professor Kazakov Ivan Vasilyevich accepted personal participation in the removal of a new variety. The first experiments were held in Bryansk. Variety-parents of reboot – Metropolitan and Solj. Official confirmation of Peresvet received when plants were submitted to the State Register.

Description of varieties

Raspberries of raspberries Peresvet compact, located in a vertical position. The shoots are painted in brown, grow in average number. The spikes are small, solid, have the base of the pinkish shade. The branches are missing wax, they are red. Powerful sheets Powerful, slightly wrinkled, twisted into the tube.

Timing of ripening

Malina Peresvet refers to a large-scale variety, it begins to ripen it at a fairly late dates. This is approximately the end of July, the beginning of August.

Regions growing

Currently, raspberries are most often grown in the Volga region and the district of the Central Nebarone. These are the most popular areas where Peresvet received its beginning and is valued until now. Since Malina is unpretentious to climatic conditions, it began to spread almost throughout the country.


Much depends on the growing region. If this is the southern part of Russia, then the crop matures in mid-June, if raspberries grow in cooler regions – in early August. In general, from all over the garden, you can collect about 25 kg of raspberries – up to 5 kg with bush. Malina herself hangs on branches.

Berries and their taste

The berries of the variety will cross the sour taste, the approximate mass of one fetus – 3-4.2 grams, Raspberry almost does not smell. Berries have an extended shape, a minimum pork. When ripening their color changes, becomes a matte cherry blossom. Bonuses of fruits constantly closed, it allows berries not to crumble.

Features of cultivation

In order to increase the yield of raspberry raise, special tactics apply. For example, the method using a steller. Thus, the culture receives a lot of sunlight and fresh air that promotes ventilating. The raspberry grade is quite high, so the design is constructed in a height of 1.5 meters.

Choosing a place and soil preparation

For landing into the soil of raspberry bushes Peresvet selected the most illuminated areas. Seedlings are planted mainly in May, the culture needs to carefully observe.

Soil must be prepared for the month before planning. Packs are digging, their bottom is covered with a small layer of manure, then ash and potassium. If Rasina decided to fall into a row, then you need to highlight a distance of 150 cm between bushes.

The raspberry variety is characterized by the fact that it can start spread throughout the plot, launching roots. It is best to prevent, jumping special layers under the ground. You can at the border with the posture to plant sorrel. Peresvet does not tolerate too oxidized soil, sorrel oxidizes it, and Malina ceases to grow in other places.


If the landing is transferred to September, be sure to cut the stalks. Peresvet must be in a height of 30-36 cm. Usually remove old dried leaves. Leave on the bushes strong branches in the amount of 8 pieces.

Watering and feeding

The plant does not tolerate high humidity, so it is necessary to water it. We need to pay special attention to the fruit during the fruits, after harvesting.

Peresvet – culture unpretentious, it is suitable for ordinary mineral fertilizers. Culture can calmly do without additional nutrients, but the minimum feeding must be needed. It is important that Malina brings good berries and rose normally. It is worth noting that in the first year of life, Peresvet does not require feeding. Begin to fertilize only three years later with a nitrogen solution. Before flowering fertilize potassium and in the end of phosphorus.

Frost resistance and preparation for winter

Malina Peresvet perfectly transfers any cold. But it is worth noting that if there is no snow, you need additional protection. If there are few snow, the bushes begin to bend to the ground, which may not be bad on his fertility. Purchase materials can serve as a film, sawdust.

Diseases and pests

Peresvet is susceptible to fungal diseases. On the leaves appear gray spots with a border of reddish color. Need to handle the leaves with a special means “Nitrafen”. It helps to get rid of fungus almost immediately.

Peresvet is exposed to malicious insects:

  • web tick;

  • aphid;

  • gallitz;

  • weevil and stem fly.


This variety brings a large number of shoots every year. It has a branched system of roots, so it can be multiplied by several ways:

  • dividing bush parents;

  • root “children”;

  • Cherenca.

Review reviews

Garders praise variety Peresvet. It has a disheveled taste. The variety does not require excessive care, he needs only minimal fertilizers. Compote and jam are often boiled from the raspberry, and in the fresh form are transported to considerable distances without loss of taste.

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