Malina Nizhny Novgorod

  • Authors: Nursery “School garden”, and.IN.Cossacks and S.N. Evdokimenko
  • Repair: Yes
  • Berry color: Dark Red
  • Taste: sour-sweet
  • Ripening time: Early
  • Weight berry, g: 6-20
  • Yield: 18 t / ha, 5.5 kg with bush
  • Tasting evaluation: 3.9
  • Purpose: Universal
  • Bleed: Middle

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Malina – one of the perennial semi-stabilics with very tasty berries. The breeders of the whole world are working annually on the removal of new species. Raspberry Nizhny Novgorod – one of the varieties that love gardeners.

History of removal of varieties

The variety is derived in the garden domestic nursery “School garden”, head – Shiblev in. BUT. By the authors of Nizhny Novgorod steel and. IN. Cossacks and S. N. Evdokimenko. Received Russian breeders from different raspberry varieties by repeated seed seeds.

Description of varieties

Nizhny Novgorod – repair and very large-scale variety. Due to unpretentiousness in care and high taste, this plant gardeners called supermaline. The bush is strongRASCED, grows average height, 170-190 cm reaches height. Annual shoots have an anthocyanic color, covered with weak waxing, do not have. Two-year-old fruit stems of light brown shade. Branches are covered with solid, rigid spikes, which are located all over the stalk, at the base of them more, above the base – less. The spikes of the middle size of a pale purple shade. The leaves are small, medium size, green, weakly arrest, weak, weakly-minded. The edges of the leaf gell.

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Timing of ripening

Nizhegorodets refers to early grades, berries begin to ripen from late June and ripen to the most frost.

Regions growing

Malina is spread almost everywhere. Excellent grade for growing in the middle strip of Russia, adapts well to the northern regions.


High-yielding grade, with good agrotechnical leaving gardeners with 1 hectares, assemble up to 18 tons of berries, on average with one bush 5.5 kg.

Berries and their taste

Berries are large, sometimes reach the size of the drain. Weight varies from 6 to 20 g. The color of the berries has a beautiful dark red shade. Form – Broadcast. The taste of the berries of sour-sweet, with a pronounced raspberry aroma. Flesh has a delicate consistency. His shape keeps well until the end of the harvest. Use berries both in fresh and in a canned form. Berries can be lying for quite a long time, so it is well transferred to transport. Tasting Rating – 3.9 points. Berry contains a lot of vitamin C, 5.2% sugar, 1.6% acid.

Features of cultivation

It is possible to plant raspberries in autumn, and in the spring. If the landing of the raspberry is planned for autumn, then from spring it is necessary to start training the site. Siderates will be very good: mustard or lupine, also rye. Before landing raspberries for about a month it is necessary to step up the earth with Siderats. In the case of landing raspberry in the spring, the soil must also be prepared, but it is necessary to do it since the autumn. It is necessary to clean the ground from weeding grass and step up the ground, then focus the soil inorganic fertilizers, you can also deposit. Planting in April. The wells for planting should be 40-50 cm deep and about 40 cm in width. The distance between the rows should be within 1 m 80 cm. In the fall, it is recommended to plant for 3-4 weeks to frost.

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Choosing a place and soil preparation

The place where the landing of the raspberry is planned, should be well lit, protected from winds. The soil should be slightly moistened, light. Before planting the ground you need to move, make inorganic fertilizers, manure, compost or ash.


In the spring it is necessary to make trimming dry and damaged stems, for this you need to wait for the first kidneys will begin to bloom. The following method is the removal of all biennial shoots, leave only annual. Third way – make a pruning of all shoots. This method will reduce the risk of plant disease.

Watering and feeding

At the variety, Nizhny Novgorod is high drought resistance, so you can water it once a week, it will be enough. Watering need moderately, since stagnation of water does not affect the roots, they can bent. On one bush there will be enough water buckets. During the flowering and appearance of fruits, it is necessary to water from doing after 5 days if the weather is dry and hot. In order to maintain the land in Malinnik, a wet long time, you need to periodically carry out mulching. Very good drip irrigation.

Frost resistance and preparation for winter

Raspberry tolerates frost well. For the best wintering, it does not prevent completely trim all shoots. After that, the Malinnik needs to be fertilized by organic fertilizers and slightly blast the land. It is important not to damage the roots. You can not trim shoots, but burn them to the ground and hide dry leaves.

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Diseases and pests

Nizhegorodets is well resistant to damage to diseases and pests. But for prevention it is necessary twice a year to make spraying bushes bordrian liquid. It is necessary to do it before flowering and after harvesting.


Malina gives little young rigor, so gardeners resort to reproduction with cuttings. To do this, use both green and weathered cuttings. Cut the cuttings so that they have 2-3 leafs, the bottom of the cutting is cut and lowered in the “corneser” for a day. Then the cuttings are planted by film or in a greenhouse. It is necessary to ensure that the Earth is constantly much moistened.

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