Malina Metropolitan

  • Authors: VSPP, prof. IN.IN. Pin
  • Repair: No
  • Berry color: Red
  • Taste: Dessert, Sweet with Light Acid
  • Ripening time: late
  • Weight berry, g: 4-8 g
  • Yield: 4 kg with bush
  • Frost resistance, ° C / winter hardiness: winter hardy, up to -30 ° C
  • Period of fruiting: from mid-July to August 1
  • Watering: Moderate

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Malina Metropolitan, also known under the alternative name M-143, accurately deserved the attention of gardeners. This is one of the most popular varieties in its niche. It harmoniously unites the lack of spikes with the ripening of a large number of large berries.

History of removal of varieties

Developed a plant in VSIPSP. The main breeding work was carried out until 1981, the famous breeder of whose. In the open access, the variety appeared in 1984, and immediately produced Furore. Gardeners quickly appreciated its main advantages over previous varieties. It’s time to tell about the features of the culture Read more.

Description of varieties

Timing of ripening

Saw crop will be late. Repairing metropolitan will provide gardeners 4-5 fees per season. Most often under normal conditions, the berries can be collected from mid-July to the first august days. Such characteristics allow you to close the space, that is, the period of the season, when few of the other varieties are still (or already) produce berries. In addition, relatively late ripeness is largely insuring from the return of cold.


On one bush, the metropolitan can be raised to 4 kg of fruits. This is enough to grow berries for sale in a small farm. But for large plantations, this level is already a little acceptable. What is important, the harvest transportability is quite large. This additionally expands its sales prospects.

Berries and their taste

Fruits painted in classic red. In shape they resemble the oblong cone. The mass of large berries ranges from 4 to 8 g, and separate – up to 20 g. It consists of a dense, differing melt. The taste is described as dessert, noted slightly catchy acid, aroma, too, at a very decent level.

Features of cultivation

Choosing a place and soil preparation

So that the metropolitan gave a good harvest, you need:

  • pick up decently lit plot;

  • break the soil and take care of his fertility;

  • neutralize acidity;

  • Support disembarks of each bush 10-20 kg. Horing or laid uploaded by 1 kV. m;

  • Prepare pits or trenches with a depth of 30-40 cm;

  • Immediately after disembarking thoroughly pour the processed area.


Going out with a secateur in Malinik is very important for maintaining a stable yield. Cut will have to stop fruit shoots. The gardeners have a choice – to do it immediately at the end of the vegetative season or in final preparation for winter. The growth of the new year is recommended to shorten 10-15 cm in the last May decade. Then you can activate the output of the new fruit fruit.

Watering and feeding

Metropolitan – moisture culture. However, excessive irrigation to it is contraindicated. Two irons per week against the background of the formation of uncess and strengthen the fruit will be enough. Only in hot periods to irrigate the Malinik will have more often. Watering is under root.

In the competent landing in the first 24 months, additional feeders are not required. When this period comes out, once a year it is necessary to make a mineral organic complex. High nitrogen consumption makes up to the carbamide. In the autumn months it is advisable to focus on superphosphate and potassium salt. As soon as raspberry shoots up to 2 m, nitrogen additives must be immediately stopped.

For each year use:

  • either 15 kg of battered manure;

  • either 20 kg of compost;

  • either 20 kg of peat.

Frost resistance and preparation for winter

The stability of the plant to the cold is quite large. It is noted that during the frost to -30 degrees, additional protection measures are not needed. Because most of Russia, in the middle shelter, are needed only in the most severe winters. However, the reinsurance in the gardening economy was never excess.

Diseases and pests

Malina Metropolitan can be affected by a verticillosis and purple spottedness. Susceptibility to these ailments not higher than most simple garden varieties. Anthracnose sensitivity is very small. The risk of defeat by the web tick is also insignificant. Other diseases and pests and do not at all pose a threat to this variety.


To breed the metropolitan, you need to wait for spring – the necessary conditions are created already in March. Due to a limited number of shoots and root offspring most often just divide a bush. In each segment, there should be at least 2-3 escapes, otherwise the survival will be small. Stems shorten up to 0.3 m, achieving maximum redirection of strength to root. You can wait for fruiting already next season.

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