Malina Golden Domes

  • Authors: VSPP, and.IN. Cossacks, S.N. Evdokimenko, B.L. Kulagin
  • Repair: Yes
  • Berry color: Golden yellow, when peaped apricot
  • Taste: Sweet-sour
  • Ripening time: late
  • Weight berry, g: 3.7-4 g, maximum – up to 6 g
  • Yield: 10-12 t / ha, 1.7-2 kg with bush
  • Purpose: Universal
  • Period of fruiting: from the first decade of August to the start of frosts
  • Location Shipov: focused on the whole run

See all the characteristics

Unusual, causing closer to autumn Malina Golden dome is capable of becoming a real garden decoration. Her fruits literally glow in the sun, and an abundant harvest becomes a good reward of efforts of experienced dacities. The variety is unpretentious, well suited for most regions of Russia.

History of removal of varieties

The variety of universal purpose was obtained on the basis of VSPC Group of breeders under the guidance and. IN. Cossack. And also in it included. N. Evdokimenko, B. L. Kulagin. In the State Register, the variety was introduced in 2004.

Description of varieties

Self-free removable raspberry gold dome is distinguished by empty formation of the bush. Its height does not exceed 130-150 cm, the size of the average. Soothes diluting, highly branched, covered with solid spikes scattered over the entire surface of the branches. Good descendants. Replacing shoots are formed moderately, in the amount of 5-6 pieces.

Fruption occurs on the branches of the current and last year. Siblings 1 year are less developed, have a green shade. On the 2 season they are decorated, become light brown. Easy leaf twisters on branches are characteristic of this variety and is not a sign of the disease. Berries have a short fruit, easily removed from the bush without loss.

Timing of ripening

Speakers Malina Late. Fruption begins in 1 decade of August, lasts before the start of frosts. During this period, the bustard can realize its potential by 70-90%. When removable cultivation of 1 fruction wave falls on June-July.


1.7-2 kg of berries are removed from the bush, with industrial cultivation fees are 10-12 t / ha. The variety refers to subspecies with high yield indicators.

Berries and their taste

The ripe golden berry is yellow, when peaped becomes an apricot, rounded, semi-shaped shape. Fruits are large, on average 3.7-4 g Weight, maximum indicators up to 6 g. Flavor gamut sour and sweet, dessert, middle-density flesh, gentle. Dense leather allows you to successfully transport and store the raspberry of this variety within 1-2 days after collecting.

Features of cultivation

Raspberry Golden Dome grows perfectly on soils with acidity not more than 5.5-6.5 PH. To reduce its overestimated indicators, they use hawed lime no later than 14 days before landing, 300-500 g per 1 m2. With these same goals in the ground, wood ash and chalk without restrictions are made, but in reasonable limits. Before planting the plants are prepared – cut up to 4-5 kidneys, briefly soaked in water.

Raspberry Golden Domes on Sleere. The first garter is performed upon reaching the shoots 80 cm in height. About the backups it is better to take care in advance, even when landing.

Choosing a place and soil preparation

When choosing a place for the raspberries of this variety, you should give preference to well-lit plots with a rather high arrangement of groundwater. Oriente the ridges recommended towards from north to south. The platform chosen for raspberry is drunk 14 days before landing, form individual pits or trenches in a depth of about 50 cm. In them in the volume of 10 l per 1 m2 compost, humid or manure is made, a layer of drainage height is 20 cm. It is recommended to use mixed formulations, including wood waste – during overjunction, they will give the necessary nitrogen feeding.

The soil is stacked on top of the drainage layer, spillway with water. After 2 weeks you can transfer to the prepared seedlings. In order for it not overgrown with grass, you can cover the surface with trenches or yam agrofiber.


This stage of plant care can be considered the main thing in the cultivation of the raspberry of removable varieties. Golden dome – no exception. The variety shows the mandatory autumn trimming of replicating two-year shoots. Replacements leave for wintering or also removed, shorting up to 3 cm.

Spring trimming is sanitary. The raspberries are cleaned with sick, dried, weak shoots. The overwhelming replacement branches are shortened by 20-30 cm. New, 1 year, cut to achieve a height 800-900 mm. It is necessary to stimulate branching.

Summer thinning is also necessary. The rise in plantings contributes to the general weakening of the immunity of plants, provokes the appearance of insect pests on them. I cut off the excess young piglet, you can easily prevent most problems.

Watering and feeding

Grade moisture-loving, spoke well on watering. At 1 m2 of the area, 30-40 liters of water are contributed. The frequency is regulated by the weather, but the roots of the roots should remain dry for a long time. After irrigation, it is recommended to slightly explode the surface of the soil.

With proper preparation of landing holes and tranches, Malina Golden dome will not need a feeding in the first 2-3 years. Lightweight mineralization of wood ash.

Frost resistance and preparation for winter

Requires shelter for the winter. Does not freeze when lowing atmospheric temperatures up to -22 degrees. In sharply continental climatic zones, it is recommended to pay more attention to the preparation for winter. Shoots, if they are not cut under root, as in annual culture, bend to the soil, cheer, insulate straw.


The main method of breeding – shilling. The planting material is harvested in autumn, it wintering together with the rest of the plants or in a special box with sand. Then cuttings transfer to a permanent place. Preliminary soaking in solution that stimulates root formation, be sure.

Review reviews

According to gardener reviews, the main advantage of golden domes in Malnik is the increased resistance of plants for diseases. In compliance with agrotechnical measures recommended by breeders, bushes do not need additional processing of chemical fungicides. In addition, yellow-stream raspberries look exotically, it is often planted as an element of landscape design.

The disadvantages include unless low winter hardiness. In the cold regions, the grade feels not as comfortable, as in central or chernozem.

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