Malina Glen Coe

  • Authors: Scotland, Doctor Derek
  • Repair: No
  • Berry color: Violet black
  • Taste: Gentle, sweet-sweet
  • Weight berry, g: Up to 5
  • Frost resistance, ° C / winter hardiness: High
  • Purpose: for the preparation of pies, jam, jams and dessert sauces, consumption in the fresh form, can be dried, freeze
  • Period of fruiting: mid-June
  • Degree of yield: High
  • Synonyms (or Latin name): Glen Coe

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Malina Glen Code, Synonym Glen Coe, Universal hybrid variety, which has unusual qualities and appearance. Many gardeners consider him a masterpiece of breeding achievements – the scope of the berry includes consumption in fresh form, canning and winemaking (tincture, liqueurs). High transportability allows you to deliver harvest for long distances.

History of removal of varieties

Hybrid Malina Glen Sorted – the result of the painstaking work of the Scottish breeders under the leadership of Dr. Derek. Originals managed to bring grade with a berry of amazing taste and unusual color. It happened in the distant 80s of the last century, when a new purple berry was obtained from the parent varieties of Manker and Glen Prosen. As the subsequent crops showed, the variety was so multifaceted that its popularity is constantly growing.

Description of varieties

Malina Glen Something is a high, up to 2 meters, a bush with a spreaded crown formed by flexible semi-science branches. Vine requires a mandatory garter on choplaresses or supports. In diameter, a bush reaches 120 cm. The latitude depends on the flexibility of shoots, large-necked berries and the weight of fruit brushes.

The hybrid variety does not have thorns, which greatly facilitates harvest, only a small amount is observed at the very roots. Raspberry Glen Something is a non-discontinuous samopidal plant of the second year. Flower kidneys are laid in the first season. Soothes are covered with complex nonpopriste or tremendous dark green leaves. Unpretentious grade has moderate future formation.

Timing of ripening

The first berries are ripening in mid-June, followed by a long continuous fruiting until September.

Regions growing

The variety grows in Europe, Ukraine, Belarus and in almost all regions of Russia, where it is possible to grow this berry. In the middle lane, in the Urals and in the Siberian region, shoots to the winter are flexing.


Malina grade Glen Something is characterized by high yield – from one bush collect up to 6 kg of berries.

Berries and their taste

The rounded purple-black medium-sized berries has a gentle sour-sweet taste with raspberry-black notes and excellent pronounced aroma. Juicy, but dense pulp contributes to excellent transportation. The weight of the ripe beroda is 5 g, the fruits are not prone to sickness, grow in brushes at 7-10 pieces.

Features of cultivation

Due to the characteristic features (height, stretchiness), the grade is grown by rows, which greatly facilitates care for it. Saplings, Dellets land in early spring and autumn. The width of the parties is at least 1.5-2 meters, between the bushes 40-50 cm. Root neck requires caution – when it is plugged, the plant may be subject to fungal disease. Young plants shorten up to 40-50 cm, it will help to increase the root system.

Choosing a place and soil preparation

Glen Some prefers loose fertile soils. For a variety, the neighborhood with close soil waters, wetlands – its root system badly tolerates long-term moisturizing. The selected area is pre-enriched with organic, complex fertilizers, at the same time control the level of acidity – raspberry does not like acidic soils.


After harvesting, biennia, spent shoots are removed with sick and poorly developed leaders. On the bush should not leave more than 6 shoots – the thickening leads to the grinding of the berries, the tops are cut to the level of support. On the steleter, the stems are located fan, with a distance of 15-20 cm between branches.

Watering and feeding

In the arid period, the plant needs an additional watering, although it has high drought resistance, which will allow to get a high harvest. Given the low running root system (only 40 centimeters depth), the roots can critically dry, which will negatively affect not only yields, but also on the general condition of the bush. Especially important timely watering during flowering, bootonization, filling berries. Using humid, compost, mineral fertilizers using a standard Malina care scheme.

Frost resistance and preparation for winter

The hybrid is characterized by good frost resistance, but in the conditions of risky agriculture needs protective events. The shoots left for wintering are beyond, pinned to the ground, cover with nonwoven material or mulch.

Diseases and pests

Despite the increased resistance to most diseases, preventive measures are necessary. This treatment of fungicides from fungal diseases, insecticides from pests.


Glen is breeding some traditional methods – the division of the bush, stalling, rooting. All three methods allow you to get a new planting material quickly and without big hassle.

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