Malina Galaktika

  • Repair: Halfirement
  • Berry color: burgundy red, brilliant
  • Taste: Sweet with thin sourness
  • Ripening time: Medium-Late
  • Weight berry, g: 6-10 g, in rare cases 15 g and above
  • Yield: 6-12 kg with bush
  • Frost resistance, ° C / winter hardiness: medium, good
  • Purpose: for fresh consumption and processing
  • Period of fruiting: 10-15 July to August 10, they ripen not evenly
  • Watering: Moderate

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The cultivation of raspberries is in constant demand among amateur gardeners and industrial farms. The raspberry galaxy variety is very popular and demanded due to high dessert qualities, good yield and not much soothery. Agrotechnik growing simple, places shrub takes a little, and the result is always at a high level.

Description of varieties

This variety belongs to the stramb, that is, the shape of the tree, powerful shoots are formed mainly at the top. Brought the galaxy breeders from Moscow, given the needs of different regions of Russia. That is why this specification perfectly feels like in the center of the country and in the southern, northern regions.

Galaxy – summer grade, half-winged, approximately the fifth of the shoots is formed in the fall, if the weather is hot. Berries ripen on the top of the stems. The variety belongs to the universal, the galaxy is good both in fresh and canned form. External shrubs characteristics:

  • a strong powerful stabes type bush;
  • Height reaches 2 m, sometimes a little less;
  • The shoots are formed actively, about 10 pieces of replacement and about 5 roots are formed on one stem;
  • There are no spikes.

Gardeners allocate the following grade advantages:

  • Strong shoots resistant to strong winds, severity of berries;
  • Largeness, dense structure of berries;
  • juicy fruits;
  • Excellent sweet taste, rich aroma of raspberries;
  • Suitable for consuming fresh and for processing.

There are disadvantages that need to be considered:

  • Harness in terms of soil fertility;
  • requirement to constant moisturizing;
  • Morozhet resistance is average, and bending for shelter stems is difficult.

Timing of ripening

The beginning of the fertility period refers to the middle of the summer, you can collect berries about a month. Average harvest waves – 5.


One bush for the season can bring about 12 kg of berries, but for this you need an ideal agrotechnology. Minimum quantity from one plant – 6 kg. Large fruits have a dense juicy flesh, transportation is undesirable.

Berries and their taste

Berries of the galaxy variety are quite large, weight varies from 6 to 15 g, rarely more. Fruits extended form, color dark red, shiny surface. As for taste, it is rather saturated, the sweetness is high, the fragrance is bright, traditional for raspberry. Kostyanki small, homogeneous.

Features of cultivation

The shoots of the raspberry of this variety are quite powerful, to break them problematic, but it is still better to suspect the bushes: it’s easier to care and collect fruits. There are several types of leaving events that need to be performed.

  • Moisturizing. Watering this variety should be abundant only if the summer is arid. It is important to check the depth of moisture penetration: 40 cm – the norm in this regard. Most of all watered the galaxy in May, when the fruits are only formed. If the shrub occupies a large area, organize watering drip type.
  • Trimming. The sanitary trimming of the galaxy is carried out in spring, prior to the beginning of the Softness. Upper branches are plugged, everything is frozen, dry, broken removed. In the fall, it is important to remove everything that fruits, if there are signs of repair, the fruitful top is removed. Although the root piglet appears not too active, the rationing still needs to be carried out, otherwise the Malinnik gradually grow in chaotic order. The pig is checked in the middle of the summer.
  • Fertilizer. It is worth conducting feeding at least 3 times per season. In the early spring, the plant requires nitrogenous compositions and wood ash. At the end of the spring it is necessary to make organic fertilizers: a coward or litter. In June, take care of potash-phosphor fantasies.
  • Preparation for the winter period. The galaxy tolerate frosts well, but in the northern regions it should be hidden for the winter. Sigor frosts can severely spoil the plant. It is enough to climb the root system using peat, hay, leaves. Stems are flex to the ground and covered with a sweetheart, agricultural. You can use other types of insulation.

Choosing a place and soil preparation

Galaxy variety prefers fertile soil, light, with acidity not higher than 6.5. The optimal area for landing is flat, not in lowland, not on the slope and not on the hill. Such zones significantly reduce yield. There should be at least 1.5 m in the disembarkation of the disembarkation; one can retreat on 2 m. Between the bushes it is better to leave about 70 cm, so bushes will not interfere with each other.

The well is filled with soil, pre-laying a layer of drainage. The drainage layer is created from grids, corn stalks, lying wood. It is placed on it to the foliage, the tops for obtaining minerals. Top placed manure with soil and cup ash. This mixture is planted with a plant and abundantly moisturize. The first feeding will be needed in a couple of years, not earlier.


There are 2 basic methods of breeding a variety Galaxy: pavement overhead and root material.

  • Stalky Stem. The material is separated at least 25 cm, you can slightly more. It should have 3 very healthy kidneys. In the fall, they are cut, cheese and closed with a film, a layer of insulation for the period of winter. In the spring, the rooting occurs quite quickly and actively, especially if you consider the rules of agrotechnology.
  • Root cuttings also stand to harvest until the winter period. They are planted in the soil, moisturize. Need to leave them for a year to get a full-fledged landing material. When separating the roots, you should not overdo it, you can spoil the entire bush. Not more than a quarter of the root system are subject to removal. Siblings are removed along with the ground and planted from the middle of the summer before the onset of cold.
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