Malina Atlant

  • Authors: All-Russian Institute of Horticulture and Nursery (VSPC), Kozakov and. IN., Kulagina B. L., Evdokimenko S.N.
  • Repair: Yes
  • Berry color: Dark red
  • Taste: sour-sweet
  • Ripening time: late
  • Weight berry, g: 5-5.5
  • Yield: up to 15 t / ha and more, 2- 2.5 kg with bush
  • Frost resistance, ° C / winter hardiness: winter hardy
  • Purpose: Fresh use, Recycling and deep freezing
  • Period of fruiting: Second decade of August, before frost

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Malina is one of the favorite berries of Russian gardeners. From its aromatic fruits make delicious jam, desserts and other popular delicacies. When choosing a variety, pay attention to high yield. That characteristics can boast Malina Atlant.

Description of varieties


Powerful, but compact garden culture shrubs reach a height of 140-160 centimeters. Straight shoots can be medium or thick. Characteristic feature – branches with anthocian tint. The average plants are covered with large and wrinkled dark green leaves. Short and rare spikes grow on trunks and shoots.

The variety has a developed root system that provides him with resistance to weather whims. Flowers are small and collected in inflorescences of several pieces.

Timing of ripening

Repairing grade has late maturation. Fruption begins in the second decade of August and continues until the arrival of the first frost. For one season, berries are formed both on old and on young shoots. Most gardeners grow raspberries predominantly on the shoots of the current year.

Note: The first flowers are formed under the end of July. As a rule, inflorescences are located along the entire length of the branches.


Due to the high degree of yield from one plant, you can get from 2 to 2.5 kg of berries with bush. With the cultivation of fruit culture in commercial conditions from one hectare of plantation, up to 15 tons are collected. Ripe raspberries free to transfers transportation without any problems.

In some regions of the country, not all berries manage to fully increase the onset of cold. So that all the fruits manage to mature, the shelters of a dense film material build.

Berries and their taste

Fruit color – dark pink. With regular and proper care, large berries reach the length of more than 3 centimeters. Form – conical, elongated. Weight weight from 5 to 5.5 g. Mature fruits are stored in comfortable conditions from 3 to 4 days, while not flowing and do not impenet.

The taste is described as sweet, with barely catchy sourness. Meat juicy and very gentle. You can collect raspberries with both manual and machine method. It is very convenient for growing a variety of industrial scales.

Features of cultivation

Atlant remarkably coming up in different weather conditions. He is not afraid of nor frost nor drought. Fruit culture samoploid. When designing beds between rows, you need to leave 2 meters of free space, and between plants – 1 meter. For full development, raspberries need sunlight. Culture prefers fertile and light soil. It is recommended to grow raspberries on the territory of the Moscow region.

Planting material It is recommended to buy in special nurseries where healthy and strong plants grow. When buying seedlings, you need to carefully examine the condition of the root system and shoots for diseases and damage. Leaves must be painted in bright green, without defects and damage.

According to the majority of gardeners, it is much easier to care for the repair raspberry than for the raspberry, which is grown in a two-year cycle. No need to engage in molding shrubs, and all the shoots that appeared in the spring cut into the root at the end of fruiting.

Choosing a place and soil preparation

To achieve a stable harvest, it is necessary to choose the right place of the future plantation. The perfect place for Malinnik should be spacious and well lit by the sun. Select a plot protected from strong drafts and wind gusts. Despite the fact that Atlant loves moisture, grown shrubs in the lowland is not recommended due to its stagnation. Excessive moisturizing leads to rotten root rotation. If the soil waters run closer than 1 meter to the surface of the soil, such a plot is also not suitable for growing.

Exhausted Earth surely feed: 10-15 kg. Mixing is mixed with 500 g of wood ash. The resulting composition is used for one square meter. At a high level of acidity in the ground add dolomite flour or lime. Work spend about a month before landing or in autumn.

Clay heavy primer mixed with river sand. From 7 to 10 kilograms per square meter. And also use humus in the same proportion.

Watering and feeding

So that the berries have retained large sizes and juiciness, plantation should be regularly water. Even short-term drought negatively affects the quality of the harvest. Water Malina Atlant once a few days. Soil moisturized at a depth of 0.4 meters. Malina responds to the drip system of watering. It gently moisturizes the soil, preventing moisture and dryness.

To the earth remains longer than the raw, laying a layer of 5 centimeters between the rows. Use hay, beveled grass or straw.

Regular making feeding is necessary for growing delicious and sweet fruits.

Gardeners adhere to a specific scheme.

  • Earth around shrubs cover mulch from humoring. Work performed after the snow cover.

  • Nitrogen fertilizers are needed in the formation of thick green mass,

  • On complex mineral formulations go during flowering.

  • With the arrival of autumn around bushes make circular grooves. Superphosphate falls asleep.

Frost resistance and preparation for winter

In areas with long and frosty winter strawberries need to be prepared for wintering. In the fall, all shoots are cut under the root and burn. Plantation covered with a thick layer of compost or humus. These compositions will save the root system and help plants to fall.

Diseases and pests

Atlant variety has a high and strong immunity. He is not afraid of diseases and dangerous insects. Thanks to this characteristic, the raspberry is remarkably carries out a new plot and plentifully fruits. Malina is often cut, so there is practically no pests and infections on the site. Instead of old shoots, young and healthy appear. Despite the congenital resistance to diseases, it is necessary to periodically examine the plantation on the symptoms of diseases.


Malina Atlant breeds in several ways.

The most common option – with green cuffs. Upper shoots cut at an angle of 45 degrees. Cropped upper, almost all leaves are removed. Soothes need to germinate in a humid environment at a temperature of 25-30 degrees. As soon as the seedlings are formed by the root system, they can be transplanted into the ground. Before landing at the end of the cutlets, the furrows are drawn up with a knife, and hold the plant in “heteroacexine” for an hour.

Another option – weapons. The pigs are placed in the grooves prepared in advance. They are fixed with the help of a bracket and sprinkled with soil, leaving a small top above the ground.

Warm root processes rooted for fresh planting material. Cherenka length – approximately 5 centimeters. They must have white roots and deciduous sockets.

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