How to use beveled grass in the country?

After a haircut of grass in the country area there are many plant residues. Destroy them or export the site optionally. This grass can be used in beds or in the garden.

How to use beveled grass in the country?

Mulching soil

Thinking about where to give a moon grass, people most often decide to use it for mulching beds. Mulch come in handy both in the open garden and in the greenhouse. Skilled grass needs to be dried for a couple of hours.

After that, it can be moved to bed. Mulch layer should be no more than 10 centimeters. Too much the rampant plants are not worth. It is also undesirable to stack the grass too close to the trunk – in this case, due to high humidity, it can.

How to use beveled grass in the country?

How to use beveled grass in the country?

After some time, the mulch layer must be updated. For this, young plants just put on top.

Mulching brings great benefits. Decaying, grass quickly saturates the soil with useful substances. In addition, the layer of greens reliably retain moisture in the soil, and also does not give weeds to grow close to the bushes.

In autumn, the soil is drunk along with dried grass. It helps to make land more fertile.

How to use beveled grass in the country?

Bookmark in compost

For feeding plants on the household plot, you can use compost made from grass left after a lawn haircut. Do this product at home is very simple.

First of all, you need to prepare a compost pit. It can be burned next to the beds or garden. If there is no such possibility, the compost can be placed in a barrel, an old bucket or bag.

How to use beveled grass in the country?

In the prepared container or pit, mowed grass must be put together with a small amount of land from the garden. There you can add nutritional waste, aslah, manure or bird litter.

It is very important to avoid entering a compost pile of poisonous plants, as well as herbs that were amazed by fungal diseases.

To speed up the decomposition process of substances, the contents of the computers must regularly turn over. If there is an opportunity, a home composter before placing herbs stands to insulate. For the winter, a bunch is covered by any dense material.

The compost prepared in the beginning of spring can be used to fertilize the garden or garden. Product with natural composition is safe to use. It contains all the components that are necessary for the rapid development of plants and ripening fruits.

How to use beveled grass in the country?

Cooking green fertilizer

As a fertilizer, not only compost can be used, but also a green tincture. There are several ways to prepare.

  1. To begin with a large plastic barrel, you need to put freshly copied lawn grass. As a rule, the capacity is filled by 2 \ 3. Next, the greens are poured with warm water. Moisture should not reach the edge of the barrel. Filled capacity you need to put in a warm place. Usually barrel leave in the garden. It is desirable that it is away from the places where there are people, because a very unpleasant smell comes from the tank. In this form, the container must be left for 10-12 days. Before using infusion it is necessary to dissolve warm water in a 1: 5 ratio.
  2. The second method of cooking is different from the first. Before placing herbs in a barrel, raw materials must be crushed. This green mass is filled in half capacity. Water is poured there. For every 10 liters of water, 50 ml of superphosphate is added. Next, the container is covered with a lid and leave in a warm place for 10-12 days. Every day infusion must be regularly mixed. You need to do it, pre-defending the respiratory tract by a mask or respirator. Before use, the infusion is divorced by water in a ratio of 1 to 2.
  3. For the preparation of the latter solution, not only greens and warm water are used, but also raw yeast. They are bred in water in proportion 1 to 10. The contents of the container must be thoroughly stirred to the complete dissolution of yeast. After that, the product is once again bred by water, but already in the proportion of 1 to 20. This feeder is mixed with diluted green influence. The resulting agent can be immediately used to feed plants on the site.

How to use beveled grass in the country?

The use of such feeding helps to speed up the development of plants, as well as improve the quality of the crop. Watering plants you need to root. If you apply the product incorrect and spray plants on the sheet, it will only hurt.

Formation of warm beds

With the help of the washed grass, you can also make a warm bed. To do this, you need to dig a long trench on the garden. In this season, all the vegetable and food remains can be folded. As in the case of a compost, it is worth avoing to enter the trench of patients or weeds.

The trench must be constantly closed with a dense black film or rubberoid. Under them, the process of decomposition of greenery occurs much faster. On rainy days, the pit must be opened. This is done in order to well poison vegetable balances. If summer is roast, grass you need to water yourself. Do it 1-2 times a month.

How to use beveled grass in the country?

For the winter, you don’t need to clean up all the beds with the greenery and waste. It must be covered with an old film. In the spring, next to this trench, you need to dig a new one. Earth should be used to fall asleep old. In the next few months, it is filled with grass and vegetable waste as well as the first. For the winter it is also necessary to hide.

For the third year, the first bed must be switched. This is done early in spring, immediately after the snow. At the federal area you can land any plants. Feed the garden in this way can be annually. It will only benefit him.

How to use beveled grass in the country?

Alignment of the section of grass

In some cases, beveled grass can be used in the country to align the site. This is a very favorable way to apply greenery. For this, the pits and irregularities fill the beveled green grass. On top of it are covered with unnecessary cardboard sheets and sprinkled with soil. On the Earth prepared in this way, new weeds are growing.

The rammed plot must be left until spring. At the beginning of the next season you need to get a fertile soil. It crumbles on the site. Immediately after that in the courtyard you can land the lawn. The plot prepared in this way will look carefully and more beautiful.

How to use beveled grass in the country?

The use of grass in the garden and in a garden is a great way to dispose of plants with benefit. If you do everything correctly and not hurry, you can get a wonderful compost, mulch or useful fertilizer.

How to use beveled grass in the country?

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