How to trim the honeysuckle?

Pruning is one of the mandatory components of agricultural engineering when growing fruit and decorative plants, and the honeysuckle is no exception. Choosing it for your garden or a local area, you need to observe all the conditions for obtaining a rich harvest and an attractive appearance. Getting Started, you need to know how to perform this procedure correctly so as not to harm the plant.

Why it is necessary?

Relative to trim the honeysuckle argue many modern gardeners. Some believe that it is necessary to work correctly immediately after landing shrubs. And there is also an opinion that it is necessary to trim the honeysuckle after reaching 10 years. To competently observe the conditions of agrotechnology, you need to understand the development of culture.

Gardeners without experience should pay attention to the rules for the implementation of such a procedure compiled by experts.

Manipulation by trimming of the honeysuckle is performed to achieve the following goals:

  • plant formation to increase its decorative properties and positively influence the yield;

  • regulation of growth and fruiting processes;

  • breaking the crown so that the sun rays reached the fruit;

  • increasing the taste of crop;

  • getting rid of damaged, dry and sick shoots;

  • Providing better ventilation.

And pruning is carried out to grow the plants of the height.

Dates of carrying

Trimming honeysuckle is recommended to perform early spring. This period is ideal for rejuvenation or sanitary leave. And in early March, you can form garden honeysuckle. In the first days of spring get rid of branches that have grown the mark of 8-10 years. Cropped bushes in cool weather, while heat has not yet had time to install.

Young shrubs can also be processed during this period. They are carefully examined for the presence of deformed and extinct branches. When they are detected, deletes. Trimming young honeysuckle in the spring is performed so as not to give crown to form too thick.

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You can proceed to the procedure immediately after carrying out shrubs permanently growing.

In subsequent years, the trimming is carried out after germination of the slips near the node. Work performed from April 20 to May 25. Within the borders of the southern regions, the spring trimming is performed a little earlier, shifting the dates for about 7-10 days. This manipulation can be combined with the prevention of the appearance of.

Pruning can be carried out at another time of year, for example, in the fall. The best period is from the first days of September to mid-October. While working adjust the shape of the shrub, cut off the root offspring and unnecessary shoots.

Schemes and technologies

Many novice gardeners are afraid to carry out the trimming of young shrubs, fearing to injure the plant, and reduce yield. But without proper care for the honeysuckle of regular fruiting, it is not worth waiting for, and the taste of berries will be inexpressive. Need to break the vegetable mass, not to give a harmful insect to multiply. And also this additional prevention of bacterial infections.

Throughout life, the honeysuckle passes the following stages:

  • Primary phase, During which shrubs are pulled up, wears the name juvenile;

  • When the trunk begins to expand, the plant goes to the generative phase;

  • Last stage – Sinyl, during which the honeysuckle fades.

When moving to the last phase of Crown, it becomes too thick and heavy. Under its weight, the trunk begins to bend, breaks and rot. The crop grows, as the nutritional components only have enough to maintain life. To help the plant, get rid of old and weak shoots.

For a young plant

The formation of the crown should be done almost immediately after the transfer of seedlings into open ground to the permanent place of landing. First you need to choose several zero shoots (about 4-5 pieces). They grow out of the ground as major trunks. Branches that thinned, remove under the knot.

So that shrubs do not hurt, cuts need to be processed by a special garden boiler or other protective agent.

With the onset of the next season, the plants that suffered wintering, inspect to detect new shoots. All branches growing under a sharp corner are cut off. Otherwise, they can cause the appearance of cracks and faults. To the aeration passed without problems, the longitudinal stems are cut by almost under the base.

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In the mutton should not be laid more than two branches. If you do not observe this simple rule, the oxygen exchange is not much worse, but the yield suffers. Excellent piglery will deprive the plant of the necessary nutrients.

For adults

Pruning is also needed more adult shrubs to rejuvenate an old plant and contribute to good yield. Supporting cutting scheme is quite simple and understandable. The main purpose of this procedure is Do not give Crown too much, save the charming appearance of the plant. Recommended Size Sadroom Honeysuckle: Height – 2 meters, width – one and a half meters.

Root processes and replacing shoots remove all shrubs, whose age consists of 5 to 7 years. These are extra sprouts that are taking a large amount of nutrients from the plant, without which it will not be possible to achieve high-quality crop.

Removal of flashing buds is performed when leaving some varieties. It can be started only after the end of the fertilization period and berries. If necessary, you can free the bush from broken and old shoots.

In edible varieties of honeysuckle, shoots are not shortened, otherwise yields can be reduced.

For decorative and climbing

Caring for decorative varieties has certain features, but it is quite simple. Cleaning the crown in curly plants is performed with the onset of autumn, after foliage. Side processes are removed under the base, and the main trunk is suspended using ropes. Honey with high decorative qualities often becomes an element of a living composition. It is perfect for decorating any land plot or the creation of green hedges.

Due to the high vegetative cultural indicators, it is necessary to monitor its condition immediately after the honest transplantation to the permanent place of cultivation.

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Features of sanitary trimming

Such an option trimming does not depend on the time of year. It is performed as needed.

The procedure should be performed in the following cases:

  • Changes in the appearance of the crown, including its mechanical deformation;

  • the appearance of dried branches;

  • shrub disease;

  • The invasion of harmful insects that live on the leaves and branches of the honeysuckle.

Experienced daches are capable of identifying in appearance whether it is necessary to carry out, or you can do without this procedure. Sanitary processing must be carried out with mandatory observance of the rules of garden hygiene.

To carry out work, you need to prepare everything you need:

  • dense gloves;

  • acute secateurs;

  • pure garden knife;

  • resin or var;

  • Disinfection composition.

The process of trimming is styled and in detail:

  • Using the necessary tool, you need to remove unnecessary escape;

  • Sections of sections are treated with a special garden harrier or resin;

  • The disinfecting solution wipes garden equipment during the transition from the plant to the plant.

Basic mistakes

For beginner dachnikov, a list of recommendations, to which you must listen to successful pruning

Here are the advice of experienced gardeners.

You can not use a broken, rusty or badly sharpened tool. Otherwise, burrs will remain on the branches, and the bark will be damaged. All this contributes to the development of infection.

The second common mistake is to refuse to get rid of shoots throughout the season. If you do not remove shoots on time, the crown increases much in size, becoming too thick. Branches begin to interfere with each other and break. It all leads to damage to wood fabric.

Some agrarians remove only the external roasting piglets, which is why the inner part of the crown remains thick. If not to perform a full-fledged trimming, after 3-4 years, lush vegetation will begin to rot due to lack of ventilation and sunlight.

It is recommended to reduce the number of branches, but to give them the opportunity to fully develop and bear fruit.

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