How to store carrots in the refrigerator?

Carrot is one of the most healthy vegetables. It has many indispensable substances, as well as vitamins that are necessary for children and adults. So often such a product is purchased in large quantities. However, it needs to be able to not only choose, but also to maintain. One option – storage in the refrigerator. It is it that we will consider in the article.


It happens that in the refrigerator it is necessary to put carrots obtained from your own country area. In this case, it must be correctly assembled. So, harvesting is carried out to frosts, and the tops cut almost completely, leaving only about 10 mm. Such recommendations will allow to keep carrots longer. If you bought a product in the store, then on arrival home you need to immediately remove it from the package. Botto will also have to cut, as it is most likely there will be on the store carrot. Only those vegetables are laid for storage, which do not have deformations. Invalid cracks, cropped tips and similar defects.

You can use different containers to store prepared carrots. Most often hostess take vacuum or thermophicles for these purposes, as well as food film. However, some prefer to lay the product and in the molds for baking the dough, plastic Sudbs.

It is important that the container is hermetically, did not let the air and did not form condensate.

It is worth considering that the refrigerator is not an optimal place for long-term storage of carrots. With very large quantities of product it is better to choose a cellar. But if carrots are small, then the refrigerator is quite admissible. So, for several months it is best to lay it in the freshness zone. The temperature there ranges from 0 to +3 degrees. In the main compartment, where the parameters of the temperature often reach 6 degrees of heat, carrots will fly less. And storage in the freezer can last until the year, subject to the correct product bookmark.

Fresh storage

Fresh carrots can well be stored in the refrigerator, but before laying it in the camera, the product is recommended to be processed. Many are inclined to wash vegetables. And such a procedure really have pluses. After washing, it will be possible to see the slightest defects and deformations on carrots, as well as rinse the dirt that can contain fungal disputes leading to rotten and spider vegetables.

However, it is necessary to take into account that keeping such carrots, not freezing, will succeed in less than a long term than the unworthy.

If the storage time is short, up to 10 days, then the watering carrot is put in a container filled with cool clean water. The container is then sealed and put in the bottom of the refrigerator. Once every two days, the container needs to be opened for changing water.

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If you wish to keep vegetables during a month or two, you will need to do the following:

  • Vegetables are good, but without excessive efforts wash in cool water, removing lumps of dirt; Then lay on the wafer towels and wait for complete drying;
  • Next, carrots are put in the refrigerator for 24 hours, then get and folded over bags, each of them is complemented by a paper napkin, which will absorb excess moisture;
  • Also standing in advance to release air from the packages, the packaging is high quality, and then lay out in the freshness zone.

The unwashed carrots are still kept better. Vegetables wipe the dry cloth, especially big lumps of land are treated with a brush. Then leave in a dark place for 24 hours so that the roots are dry. After that, you can choose several storage methods:

  • sealed packages made of polyethylene, while in one package there are no more than 5 carrots;
  • Food film, and here it is already better to take 1 vegetable;
  • Paper moistened from a pulverizer (also 1 carrots);
  • Plastic Capacity.

Whatever storage method is chosen, vegetables should also be put in the freshness zone.

IMPORTANT: so that carrots do not fluff and not lose its structure, it must be completely devoid of air. Therefore, high-quality packaging is worth paying special attention.

Some hostesses prefer to clear the root roots before booking them in refrigeration chambers. Cleaned carrot can also be saved in the cold, but the deadlines will be even smaller than in the case of. Such roots stretched to a month, and then if they are put into a hermetic container from food plastic.

Options for the workpiece

It is no secret that there are many ways to make carrot blanks. If you do not want to constantly engage in the manufacture of fresh product, it is worth thinking about the proper storage of blanks.


It is worth being ready for the fact that boiled carrots do not break down for a long time, as, in principle, and any product undergoing thermal processing. But for several days it can be quite implanted, and in any form. Boiled carrots can be cleaned or left in the skirt, cut into cubes or circles. Prepared and cooled root roots are put in plastic container and placed in the top of the refrigerator. You can not close the cover, otherwise the vegetables are forbidden.

There is another version of the storage of boiled carrots. It is laid out onto a flat plate, and then closed with water with a towel or paper napkin. Sneak such a carrot will be able to several days.

It is important to remember that if the mucus appeared on it, that is, such vegetables can no longer.


The best way to save any product is to just freeze it by defining a freezer chamber. This technique is very convenient, because you can spend time once, having prepared the product, and then take a little time for a whole year, using for different dishes. It is worth noting that with such a way of storage, vegetables do not lose vitamins, unlike cooking, for example.

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Before laying on storage, vegetables must be thoroughly wash and clean, then dried. After that, the root crops are cut in any convenient way: cubes, circles, straws, asterisks. The sliced ​​product is folded over sachets, following the fact that it did not go to bed too tight. Then the air is released from the container and fastened tight.

Tip: If you dismissed carrots, it should not freeze it again. Such a product will not be tasty. Therefore, it is best to make many small individual portions.

In addition to sliced ​​carrots, it is possible to store whole roots. The main thing is that they are not too large. Before bookmarking in the freezer, they also need to wash well and dry.


Blanching is a procedure at which vegetables are exposed to boiling water, and then cold water. This technique allows in a matter of seconds to destroy bacteria on the solid surface of food. In addition, Blanched Carrots always remains delicious and bright shade.

The procedure is carried out as follows:

  • root roots wash and clean;
  • immersed in boiling water for 180 seconds;
  • Pull out of the water, it is best to take a special spoon or colander for this;
  • lowered for a couple of minutes in cold liquid.

When vegetables are cooled, they are pulled out from the tank and immediately placed on the towel, which must be put on a tray or a tight sheet. Then the tray together with all its contents put in the freezer about 120-180 minutes. After this time, the fubbed carrot is taken from the freezer, are packaged by selected containers. You can store roots in the top of the refrigerator and in the freezer.


Carrot before storage can be gratened. It is convenient if you often make salads and soups from this product. Vegetables are clean and clean, then dried. After that, the rootpode is rubbed and folded with separate piles for packing. Prepare the tanks and filled with carrots portion. Then they put it all in the freezer for a couple of hours. After the allotted time is removed from the chamber, protruding and return back.

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There is another option of keeping a grated product. Here you will need a food film. The vegetable is prepared in the same way as in the first version, and then placed on the film with a dense track. Next, turn as if they prepare Shauram. Side parts of a twist fasten with thick threads. Next are put in the freezing chamber. After a couple of hours, they get and well premented with your fingers so that carrots do not stick in the process of frost.

Tip: If the grated products should be saved fresh only a couple of days, then freezing it is completely optional. For this, vegetables are laid out on a plate, covering from above the moistened napkin, and then put on the top shelves of the refrigeration unit.


Such blanks are preserved exclusively in a closed form, otherwise the aroma is impregnated with all refrigerator products. Here is a glass of glass or ceramics, the lid must be dense. Carrots before use lies in the freezer, and the defrost should be performed at the bottom of the refrigerator.

Useful advice

    Effective recommendations for the preservation of carrots in the refrigerator will be useful for those who are used to harvesting vegetables.

    • Carrot perfectly combined with beet. Therefore, such roots can be safely stored together in sealed packages.
    • It is always worth remembering about the storage time products. So, the grated or boiled carrots will not be able to save no longer couple days without freezer. Purified root roots can be ruined for a week that are not subjected to cleaning, but soy – up to 60 days. Vegetables that are not soap, may well save their appearance for 6 months. Humidity during storage of vegetables should be from 85 to 95 percent.
    • Root roots are stored only in the container, just to add them to be prohibited. At the same time, the packaging must be completely sealed.
    • If the refrigerator needs a defrost, then carrots are placed at this time in a cold place.
    • Sometimes it happens that products or billets too much. In this case, it is recommended to stick a sticker on a bag, according to which you can understand when the vegetable was put on storage.
    • Put carrots away from other products, do not mix it with finished food. Especially dangerous if apples are nearby. They will cause rapid damage to root.
    • If you want to save carrots a little longer, it is worth choosing a variety. For a long bookmark, medium-samples are suitable, as well as those that have a long form. Short roots are stored worse.
    • The optimal choice will be completely ripe carrots. If the vegetable has no place, he will soon deteriorate.

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