How to store beets?

Beets are valuable and rich in vitamins and useful minerals root. Therefore, by collecting the autumn of the harvest, the gardeners try to keep the ripe fruit for the winter. If you do everything right, the beet will lie for many months without losing your taste quality.

How to store beets?


Under normal conditions, beets are stored at all long. In the warm room, the vegetable can fly only a couple of days. After that, he certainly begins to deteriorate. Increase the shelf life of the root plant, placing it in cold. In the refrigerator or the beet cellar will be able to lie half a half or two months.

Planning to send root for long-term storage, they should be placed in sand or capacitance with sawdust. In such conditions, the beets will be able to lie 5-6 months. To preserve most of the crop, it is important to periodically inspect the fruits, removing those who were spoiled from the storage location.

How to store beets?

How to store beets?

Preparation of beets

In order not to have problems with the storage of roots, they need to be properly prepared immediately after cleaning the site. Collect Vegetables Recommended Warmless Day. Do it need to frost. Otherwise the fruits are frozen. Because of this, they will be stored much worse. Do not dig a beet the next day after the rain. In this case, it will be too dirty.

Dropped beets must be immediately cleansed from dry ground and dry. Usually lay it right on the garden. There it dries for three hours. The beet can not be dried longer, otherwise it will start. If the beet is dried in the room, it should be left there for several days. The room in which the roots are stored, should be well ventilated.

Drying beets, it needs to be cleaned from the tops using a sharp knife or garden scissors. It is not completely cut. At each root, there should be a small tail. Root can also trim. But it is worth it only if it is too big. All side roots are completely removed. You need to do it, trying not to damage the skin.

Wash beets it is impossible. This will only accelerate its damage. After cleaning the fruits need to sort. They should be divided into medium and large. Big roots are clogged for a long time and stored badly. Therefore, they are recommended to use them in the first place.

How to store beets?

How to store beets?

The necessary conditions

So that the beets could go up to the spring, she needs to provide the right storage conditions. Pay attention to the following points.

  1. Temperature. Roots are best stored at low temperatures. It should be within 3-4 degrees. If the temperature is higher, beets can start germinate. If it goes down below, the rootpode can freeze and become tasteless.
  2. Humidity. So that the beets do not start to wet, it is necessary to store it in a room with a humidity level not lower than 85-90%. You can improve storage conditions using packages, sawdust or sandboxes.
  3. Lighting. The place in which the beet is stored, should be dark. If the root is constantly in light, it will negatively affect both its appearance and taste. In addition, beets in this case can start germinate. And it always negatively affects the fetus fetuses.

It is also worth noting that the beet loves the air. Therefore, the room in which it is stored should be ventilated. Store roots better on the shelves or any other elevations.

How to store beets?

How to keep in the cellar?

Owners of private houses usually store vegetables in basements or cellars. Before placing vegetables in such a room, it needs to be prepared. First of all, all surfaces in the cellar must be disinfected. Usually do this a few weeks before laying vegetables.

The room needs to be cleaned of mold and fungus, and then process with antiseptic compositions. Walls and ceiling should be cooled by a simple lime solution in which a small amount of copper mood is added. Next, the cellar must be ventilated. It is very important to check the room for rats and other pests. After all, even several rodents can spoil the collected harvest.

Keep root in the basement can be embanked. This is the easiest way to store vegetables. Beets are simply scattered on the floor or pour it on a bunch of potatoes. In this form, products lie long enough, without spinning at the same time.

Choosing this storage method, it is important to ensure that the root plates are not lying on the cold concrete floor. Before sending beets to storage, the floor is worth noting the boards.

How to store beets?

How to store beets?

Cold storage

Small part of the crop can be placed in the refrigerator. Vegetables are stored in the lower compartment. To increase the shelf life, it is better to pack products on individual packages or wrap each parchment vegetable. Choosing this storage method, it is worth remembering that there are not very many products in the refrigerator. After all, in the compartment for vegetables, not only beets are usually folded, but also potatoes, onions, cabbage and other products.

In the refrigerator, you can store not only fresh beets, but also cooked. Boiled vegetable can be stored for 2-3 weeks. If you put it in the freezer, the shelf life will increase almost to two months. Before frost, vegetables need to prepare. Do it as follows.

  1. First you need to go through all the fruits, wash them and boil them.
  2. Next, beets must be quickly cooled with cold water. At the same time, the vegetables do not need it.
  3. The cooled beet must be carefully cleaned from the skin, and then chop. Each fruit can be simply cut into two parts or chopping into cubes.
  4. Properly prepared vegetables should be placed in plastic containers or small packages. It is best to put a portion of products in each of them, which is needed for cooking this dish. In this case, vegetables do not have to constantly freeze again.
  5. Each portion should mark the sticker with the Date of Frost written on it. So control the quality of the stored products will be much easier.

You can freeze and crude beets. In this case, it will have to just be cleaned, rinse under running water, cut and put in packages. In this form, the product is sent to the freezer. If the beet was not pre-boiled, it will be stored 5-7 months.

How to store beets?

How to save on the balcony?

If the balcony in the apartment is glazed and the temperature on it does not fall below zero, it can be used to store various reserves. Beets in such conditions will not be cleared. It is more convenient to store beets in special straws with a soft lid. They can be used not only as a container for storing roots, but also for seats.

Instead, beets can be simply placed in packages. On the surface of each of them you need to make several small cuts. In this case, the beets will not mold. If the winter in the region is too cold, the bags with beet can be further covered with blankets.

Store vegetables on the balcony is quite possible next to potatoes. Such a neighborhood will benefit all the root. In addition, keep all the vegetables in one place quite convenient, because they are always at hand.

How to store beets?

other methods

There are other methods for storing beets at home.

In sawdust

If the room is too dry, the beets quickly becomes sluggish or starts to rot. So that this does not occur, rooted roots can be shifted with dry sawdust. Usually beets just mixed with them. After that, root plates are placed in wooden boxes or cellophane packages. In this form, the beets are perfectly stored both in the house and in the apartment.

How to store beets?

In sand

Save beets can be and, by placing it in a container with sand. Before this root root need to dry in the sun. This will protect it from pests and various diseases. Sand is also good to dry or rolling in the oven. This is done in order to disinfect.

Sand should be placed on the bottom of the box. Next to the container you need to put the fruits. They must be at a short distance from each other. From above the fruit worth falling asleep with another layer of sand. It should be no thinner 2-3 centimeters.

In this way, you can store not only the red table beet, but also the feed. Wheel in boxes she will be able to 8-10 months.

How to store beets?

In polyethylene bags

Beet storage technology in such packages is suitable for both residents of apartments and owners of private houses. Keep vegetables in polyethylene bags in any cool place. The main thing is to do in each of them a few holes, and on the bottom, pour dry sawdust or mustard powder. Packages with beets can not only be put on the floor, but also hang.

How to store beets?

In the form of blanks

Collected autumn vegetables can be used to prepare various blanks. You can save the beet for the winter in the following ways.

  1. Dish. Dry beets most convenient in special electric dryers. But if there is no such device at hand, it is possible to use a conventional brave cabinet for a blank of vegetables. Beets are purified in advance and cut with thin slices. The resulting slices decompose on the shining parchment or foil counterfeit. Dry beets in the oven, heated to 80-90 degrees for several hours. Vegetables prepared in this way can be used to prepare soups or eat as ordinary dried fruits.
  2. Pick up. Another simple way to keep the beet – pick it up. For this, the vegetable is washed, blanched in hot water for 20 minutes, and then cleaned from the peel. After that, it is cut and laid in prepared banks. Next to the container poured a boiling brine. Running banks, they turn them over and leave cool. In this form, products are well stored for many months.
  3. Break out. Thus, vegetables are harvested for a long time. For digestion it is best to use late beet varieties. They contain the most sugar. Before Razvaya, vegetables wash and clean from the skin. After that, it is cut and placed in banks or any other suitable containers. Next, the product is poured brine. Capacity should be pushed. This is done so that the fruits do not float. In this form, beets need to be sent to a warm place for one or two weeks. After the end of fermentation, the container should be tailored to the cold room. Ready product turns out very tasty. It can be added to borsch or various salads.

Many gardeners after harvesting preserve not only the fruits themselves, but also the tops. It contains a lot of vitamins. Therefore, it is useful to use it in winter to feed homemade pets.

How to store beets?

How to store beets?

Possible problems

To protect your harvest, the gardener need to know in advance about the problems with which he can face when laying beet beets.

  1. Infection of rootfodes fungus. If the beet is black inside, it means it was infected with fungal disease called Fomoz. This is happening if the beet grew on sour soil or was too abundant. To protect the fruits, they need to be grown in the right conditions.
  2. White rot. This is another common disease. White mold appears on fruits that were kept in a warm room with high humidity. Noticing such a flap on beets, spoiled vegetables need to be thrown. If this is not done, the rot is struck and the rest of the fruits. There is an infected beet you can not.
  3. Incorrect drying. If vegetables do not succeed before bookmark, they start spretch very quickly. Beets becomes soft, sluggish and rot. Spoiled products remain only to throw.
  4. Storage near carrots. To increase the burning of these roots, they need to be stored separately. If they lie near, the gardener will quickly notice that beets, and carrots started and become unsuitable for use.

Having created the right conditions assembled in the fall of the crop can be preserved up to the spring itself.

How to store beets?

How to store beets?

How to store beets?

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