How to propagate blackberry?

Blackberry reproduction makes it possible to increase the number of plants on the site without spending additional funds. This plant has perennial roots, but the berries only gives the second year’s vine or Floring. For gardeners breeding only a small number of plants, the tops are best suited. You have to choose a healthy blackberry without signs of diseases, fungi or insects. A new plant will be a clone of his parent.


You can multiply a garden and a bush in many ways, it all depends in many respects from the variety. Also, the breeding method will vary when the gardener needs to get a harvest at a certain time or in a certain amount.

Sometimes blackberry is grown as a stammerous culture, then a small tree is formed from the plant. The advantage of this method is in ease of care. However, the stramb shape is not grown in the region where it is necessary to the blackberry shelter, since it will not be able to put a lot to the earth.

Such shrubs are best to multiply with cuttings, you can use the pigs, parts of the roots.

Faster to dig up the process from the root and immediately put on a permanent place. As for barbed blackberries, it will be multiplied by any of the available methods, because in all cases it does not lose the qualities of the parent plant. All reproduction work should be carried out either early spring, but after the last frosts, or in the fall.

In the spring period you can breed a blackberry:

  • seeds;
  • cuttings;
  • division;
  • Siblings.

The procedure is carried out before the appearance of first foliage. Siblings should be separated only by the beginning of the summer. All seedlings that are planted during this period have time to root well, so the first frosts are no longer afraid.

The following types of reproduction are available in the fall:

  • cuttings;
  • removal;
  • dividing bush.

If it is decided to choose the second method, the seedlings must have time to give roots before frost come. If they breed in the northern region of our country, then this method is not available there.

Cuttings are also rooted from the summer, and otherwise the seedlings will simply die in winter.

In the autumn or in the spring, you can work on the work on blackberry breeding. The main thing is to dig the seedlings correctly if the method of dividing the bush is used, then the plant is quickly rooted. In this case, it is enough just to touch the part of the bush and pour. Rooting occurs naturally.


Challenges – shoots shoots growing around the plant, which are usually cut or dig. With the help of them you can easily sear blackberry. Many gardeners using this method are faced with some difficulties. The thing is that not so simple side escape to be burned to the ground so as not to break it. Blackberry vine has a powerful and not possess good elasticity.

It is best to carry out a procedure in the second half of August or the beginning of autumn. In the southern regions, since the climatic features are allowed, the reproduction of the gifts is available since the beginning of summer. It is better to use the described method when there are several fruiting berry bushes on a plot.

Evges that will be rooted in the ground will be able to fron only for the next season.

The oblique branch is immersed in the ground to a depth of 10 cm, it is desirable that it be not only light, but also contained the required amount of nutrients. A few months later, it will be possible to see not one, but several bushes of berries growing along the length of all escape. When they become quite large and will open a good root ball, they can be separated and transplanting there, where the berry will grow constantly. Put the soil and water the plant is no less than once a week to help blackberries to root.

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Top molds

Dissolve blackberry can be the tops. In this case, there is no ordinary landing, but simply one of the long vines is necessary along the entire length to nip to the ground. Thus grow a new blackberry buscher easier than a simple. So most often the plenty of the berry is bred, the tree will not lean to such an extent to the ground, the escape can be easily breaking.

There is a special technology, as it is necessary to correct this process. Initially pinch the growth point from shrub. If you ignore the reproduction time recommendations, after time, the escape will come out of the soil and will develop independently. The root system at the point of immersion in the ground will not have time to appear, so the new seedling and will not work.

Levels on the vine necessarily break. For novice gardeners reproduction tops – an ideal solution that does not require unnecessary hassle.

For the vine, 5 centimeters depth trench, you can more. There is a vine stacked and sucks on top of the soil.

It is strictly prohibited at this stage to separate the vine from the maternal bush, since it receives not only water, but also the nutrients necessary for the further development and formation of the root system. Without binding to mother, such escape will not have chances to survive, because he has no root system at this stage.

Violating the chain of actions, the gardener will not receive the desired result. When escape is enough to root, he will create a growth point that will be underground. From now on, it can independently extract water and nutrients from soil. It is best to separate a new plant early spring for next year.

When the escape is rooted and can exist independently, it can be careful to cut it off from the parent plant. A sufficient rooting of the blackberry will reach the spring, if you stick it from the end of the summer.

During this period, you can still transfer it to a permanent place until the root system has become more developed.

The best time to reproduce the method described – the beginning of autumn, But in the southern regions, it is allowed to use these method already at the beginning of summer, because the climate is very different from the middle strip of our country. Here you can get a young plant already in the same season.


Although gardeners do not use this method often, but the cultivation of blackberries is available and seeds. Due to high self-evidentity, and this is up to 90%, most of the varieties are preserved with the quality of the parent plant with this form of reproduction, which is very valued. After the studies conducted, it turned out that 80% of bushes grown by this method, in the second generation, demonstrate great stamina, rather than maternity bush.

To blackberry seeds showed a high germination, they must necessarily subjected to scarification or stratification. For this seed material soaked in rain water.

There they must stay 2-3 days. Scarification of seeds is performed using special machines that partially destroy the firm sheath of the seed.

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Stratification is carried out under certain conditions, it is always temperatures from 2 to 5 s, The seed material is immersed in a mixture of sand, peat and soil. There they must be from 1.5 to 2 months. Seeds mixed with the substrate in the ratio of 1: 3, moisturize, but avoid the convergence. Over the layer of fertile soil with a thickness of up to 1 cm. Periodically, at least 1 time in 10 days, moisturizing.

At the end of the stratification process, sowing a substrate. Sowing depth should be no more than 8 mm. In order not to deal with the thinning of seedlings, the seeds during the sowing is better to throw according to the 3 × 3 cm scheme. The temperature of the soil should be at level 20. Sowing necessarily watered warm water.

After 4 escape appears at seedlings, it is transferred to open ground. Better root ball remove with the ground and so stack into the landing pit. The soil is preferably to fit well. Distances between bushes – at least 10 cm.

Dividing bush

If you need to get a boarding material from a blackberry variety, which is characterized by reprehensive shoots, then it is worth choosing a single, healthy bush with a lot of offspring around. Such shoots can be digging from May to June, but at the same time the stem should be on average about 12 centimeters. Not suitable vine less than 10 cm.

You can take a boarding material from the beginning of September and to sit right into the place of permanent growth. Be sure to change the plant with a lore land.

Root chains that are subject to division must have a thickness of at least 8 mm at the base. At the same time, the root must be from 15 to 20 cm long. It is worth saying that one bush of berries can give from 15 to 20 offspring, which then can be separated and planted separately.

Root cuttings

In the fall, and you can and in early spring, dig roots of the fertile blackberry and cut them into small cuttings. Their length should be from 5 to 7 cm. It should be understood that only roots from 1 year to 3 years are suitable for the workpiece of the planting material. Everyone should be from 0.7 centimeters.

After autumn cleaning, the cuttings are cleaned with storage in the basement. For this use mandatory bins with wet sand.

Spring planted young seedlings to where they will subsequently grow constantly.

From one fruiting bush, the gardener can get up to 400 cuttings, which will later turn into seedlings. This method is applicable only to those grades that do not give offspring, in other cases it will certainly grow a bush with spikes.

Strong cuttings

One of the most simple methods of reproduction of the described plant – stroke cuttings. The procedure is carried out late spring. From the end of the stem cut off a piece of 8-10 cm long. It is placed in fertile soil and constantly watered, but the land does not overvaluate. After two weeks or a little later, the root system will begin to form. Before autumn, the new bush is better to hold in the ground, and then you can transfer to a permanent place if it is required.

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Sometimes stem cuttings are placed in pots, where they are also well accepted.

If a creeping grade is grown, then when the seedlings reach 50-60 cm, the top is shortened. The total length after trimming should turn out 10-12 cm. Thanks to such a procedure, lateral shoots on the plant begin to form.

In water sleeping kidney

A good option with which you can get a lot of new seedlings. It will be necessary to take annual, already evamed stem. Rooted not by the usual method in the ground, but use water for this. This is a simple method for home use. You can use “corneser” to accelerate the process.

Nuances of reproduction of silent and repairing blackberries

If a blackberry grows on the site without spikes, then experts recommend to breed it by rooting. Other above described methods are suitable, just does not apply the shilling the root system.

The point is not that it is impossible to propagate the beat in this way, but that the new plant will not have those properties that the maternal bush possesses. Saplings will grow spikes.

When separating green cuttings and subsequent landing, special attention is paid to the quality of the soil. If it is not suitable, the planting material will not be accepted because it is very picky in this regard. The soil is necessarily mixed with sand, peat and enriched with nutrients.

As for the repairful varieties of blackberries, they appeared in domestic gardens not so long ago. Feature – two periods during which the bushes are fruit. The first time berries appear in June, the second – by August. Such a feature limits reproduction methods. In the event of the most fruitful will be the method of dividing the bush. Some gardeners stalk stem and root. Removable blackberry can be multiplied on the plot through seeds or even use.

Possible mistakes

Of course, each proposed method has its advantages and disadvantages. Newcomers are not easy, they often make mistakes. If you know about them, you can avoid, then work will not be spent in vain.

Be sure to choose a certain method of reproduction, it is necessary to observe the time when it is recommended to use it. Carefully follow the weather conditions, especially it concerns the rooting of cuttings or chain. If planted seedlings in a week before knocking on the first frost, they will just die. The thing is that the root system is not enough for such a period.

Especially carefully treat cuttings that rooted in water. Their root system is especially gentle, so it is necessary to plant as soon as possible.

It is best to use loose, fertile soil, then you can transplant to a permanent place.

When the reproduction is made by the division of the bush, it is worth considering the blackberry for the presence of kidneys that are underground. Such a landing material is immediately planted for a permanent place, the transplant can then damage the root system of the plant, and it will start to hurt.

The period of adaptation and rooting of blackberry seedlings – the time when the bushes need to pay maximum attention and ensure proper care. Timely watering and fertilizer’s making is the main thing that the emphasis is worth doing. If you do everything right, then by the next season from one bush, you can get a whole plantation of berries, while not spent a penny.

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