How to make a cucumber with your own hands?

Everyone knows that cucumbers are very capricious and demanding plants. Therefore, in many regions, they can be rolled exclusively in jackets. And the majority of gardeners prefer them to do their own hands, as it significantly reduces the cost of the structure. For the manufacture of a greenhouse or greenhouse, you can use various materials that are already in the farm. Of course, if you want to make a capital structure, you will have to take care of the foundation, and a solid frame with a reliable coating in the form of glass or polycarbonate.

How to build from PVC pipes?

Option of cucumber from polypropylene pipes is excellent for use for one season to protect plants from low temperatures, bright sunlight and abundant dew. Collecting such a design is quite simple and fast. At the same time, it is easy to disassemble for the winter and remove it in a suitable storage location. Make a comfortable and small greenhouse from plastic pipes is easy if you follow step by step instructions.

  • First selected suitable. Then the markup on the perimeter of the future design is applied on it.
  • At the corners and in long sides, it is necessary every 80-100 centimeters to drive into the ground fittings. It is advisable to choose pins with a length of 60 centimeters. And above the surface there should be at least 20 centimeters.
  • Arcs should be made from PVC pipes, and then put on their ends on the pins. As a result, a series of arches should turn out. Pipes should be picked up in advance. It is desirable that the height of the greenhouse is from 1.5 meters. However, if the design is done temporary, you can make it and lower.
  • Arcs with each other are attached with solid twine. Their ends should be pulled and tied to the pins, which are located along the axis of the cucumber.
  • To cover the structure, you must use the film or spunbond. At the same time, it is desirable to cut the cloth with a significant reserve both in length and width. Prepared material must be transferred through arcs and press on the sides using boards. As for the ends of the film on both sides, they must be collected and secured on the pins, like the twine.
  • From the ends of the cucumber should close with pieces of film, which should be stretched and fixed on extreme arcs. The main canvas must be cut off along the entire length of the design and shift through it, and then from both sides to wind on the rates of suitable length.

To attach the film on the arcs, you can use special fasteners, clothespins or slices of hose for watering, cut along.

Construction of a wooden design

The easiest way to make a wooden cucumber with your own hands is to assemble the construction of triangular farms. In its form it will resemble salas. Such a task for the strength of everyone who knows how to use the hammer or screwdriver. This option will be an excellent solution for giving.

You can make a design from a boards or a bar length up to three meters. The last cross section is better to choose 40 by 40 millimeters or 30 by 50 millimeters. And it will also be necessary to prepare a pair of rails and boards corresponding to the length of the structure. The size of the greenhouse allows it to be organized in high ridges that have wooden boards. They are convenient to place places where the farm will be attached at a distance of no more than one and a half meters.

In the next stage, a couple of bars should be led by the upper ends, and the lower niphe or fasten to the sides of the screws. To strengthen the upper connection, a longitudinal rail is used, which will pass through the farm.

You can arrange such a greenhouse chalash and directly on the ground. To do this, it is necessary to connect the ends of the supports at the bottom of the wooden alpine. To give the structure of strength, making it more stable, you should install vertical supports under the central crossbar at the top. In such a building, you can tie the capes of cucumbers to the trellis, which can be pulled between the stakes in the ground and the jumper from above.

The film is enough just to roll over all the slashes, and then press with boards or stones. However, the best option is the mounting of the canvas on one slope with fixation on the framework through the rails. At the same time, the second end of the canvas should be knocked down to the board. If the film is deployed, it will reliably stick to the ground. When carrying out the canvas, you can wind onto the board and raise on the right height to open a greenhouse with cucumbers.

Creation of a greenhouse frame

Greenhouse from window frames is a simple and quite common homemade version. However, it is very heavy, and it is not recommended to choose for wet soil. So that such a design is most reliable, it is worth installing it on a ribbon foundation.

It is necessary to start with the removal of fertile land by a strip from 15 centimeters around the perimeter of the future cucumber. In the trench, which was formed, should be saturated with sand and lay a pillow of gravel or rubble.

Then it is necessary to install a formwork and pour into it a solution of concrete, or lay concrete blocks.

Before you make a greenhouse from window frames for cucumbers, you should give concrete to stand one or two weeks. So it will take the necessary strength. At the same time, for the whole of this period, the tape should be covered with a film. At this time, it is best to deal with the preparation of frames.

  • First of them you need to remove the glass.
  • Remove the old paint, and if necessary, then also repaired.
  • Then the antiseptic is applied to the tree and necessarily dry well.
  • At the last preparatory stage, the frame is painted in two layers. To do this, it is desirable to use paint for outdoor work.

The best option for such a greenhouse – frame with the same height. Therefore, the frames are pre-lay on Earth and select the most suitable size and form. It is also necessary to know the height of the walls and the distance on which the stand stand will be located.

Collect greenhouse from the frames yourself conveniently, sticking to the next instruction.

  • The foundation should be covered with a rubberoid in two layers.
  • To the tape it is necessary to attach the lower strapping bar using anchors.
  • Next on the strapping should be installed corner racks. At the same time, it is convenient to fix most of all with molecules, as well as metal corners.
  • Then the installation of intermediate racks is carried out. In this case, the distance corresponding to the width of the frames is selected.
  • To fasten the racks use the top strapping.
  • In the middle of brusons from the ends should be installed vertical racks. And already mount the ski run.
  • For this run and longitudinal bars on the upper strapping, it is necessary to put and fix the rafters.
  • On the rods of the roofs must be laid a reinforced film or cellular polycarbonate, and then fix.
  • Window frames need to be fixed between racks, like doors. After that, it is important to fit all the slots that are between the design elements.
  • Next, it is necessary to insert glass into the frames, and fix them with the assistance of the stroke.

Such a design is able to stand for decades. Of course, you can simplify the task and make a greenhouse cheaper.

To do this, you can abandon the foundation and frame, just connecting the frames with the strapping.

Building from polycarbonate

The most difficult and expensive version of the homemade greenhouse is considered to be a design of polycarbonate. Often the framework for it is made high and metal. To do this, you will need certain tools and skills. And it will also be necessary to prepare drawings in advance. However, such a model will be able to once begged for many years.

Currently, a variety of constructions of polycarbonate greenhouse structures are presented: arched, scope, wounded, drop-shaped. It is necessary to choose the optimal basis based on the existing location under construction and personal capabilities. So, for giving a pipe from the metal form of the arc will need a special tool. Otherwise it will have to spend too much time. Most often, polycarbonate designs are made with straight walls and a pitched roof.

In the presence of a welding machine, the task is also greatly simplified. However, there are options how to assemble a frame using bolted connections. It is important to determine the dimensions of the structure in advance, and make a detailed drawing with dimensions and designation of connections.

This greenhouse is installed on a ribbon foundation or simply on flooded columns. For their strapping, you can use a bar, impregnated with antiseptic, or profile tube. On this basis and will need to fasten the frame. The latter is made from a metal profile or pipes that are cut by drawing. After that, they must be connected using welding or bolts with fastening nozzles.

To fix polycarbonate sheets, you can use self-stakes with thermoshabami. At the same time for the docking of the adjacent plates, a detachable profile of plastic with a lid is used. On the ends, the lining is cut into the frame, after it is already fixed.

Tools and materials

A small cucumber from polycarbonate can be collected from healthy materials and tools that every summer house has. It is desirable to prepare the following tools in advance:

  • Bulgarian;
  • self-tapping screws (usual and thermoshaba);
  • screwdriver;
  • roulette;
  • level;
  • Corners
  • construction knife;
  • pencil.

For framework, the best solution will be a metal profile. Polycarbonate sheets are used for sheathing.

Manufacturing technology

Build a greenhouse for cucumbers with their own hands is easy if you follow the following steps.

  • First you need to determine the construction site.
  • Next should prepare the foundation. Of course, profiles are not too heavy, but they need an additional support. Before it is manufactured, it is necessary to align the place for which Popple and the soil leveling is carried out.
  • Then the frame from the profile with a size of 42 or 50 millimeters is collected. At this stage, collect construction is more convenient from individual segments. Profile must be cut in advance according to the selected sizes. To do this, used Bulgarian.
  • When assembling a frame, it is important to be asked for a pattern. For fastening parts should be used screws. As for horizontal profiles, it is necessary to pull them with the help of transverse parts.
  • So that the design is reliable and not deformed, it is worth spending additional strengthening on the corners. For this, it is made from cutting metal cutting boiled plank.
  • In total, there should be seven flat details, by type resembling a drawing of a house. Of these, five must have absolutely identical sizes. As for the two end, they are different, as they will be strengthened with transverse boards. At the same time, a fortietha and doorway will be made in one of these parts.
  • Fastening of finished parts to the base of the foundation is carried out using corners. Tightening is done due to the transverse plank at the stack of walls with the roof.
  • The resulting design should be pasted with polycarbonate sheets. For what they first cut according to the necessary dimensions. At this stage it is important to avoid various inaccuracies.
  • The fastening of sheets is made by self-turn with thermoshaba with a screwdriver. Special self-tapping screws allow polycarbonate to remain integer at the drilling stage.

About how you can make a cucumber, see the following video.

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