How to do screaming blueberries?

Blueberry – Compact, but actively branching shrub. Delicious berries appear only on the strong branches of last year. therefore know how to do screaming blueberries, you will need in any case, whatever the variety.

The need for procedure

Without trimming bunches of blueberries get too thick. Vintage gries and loses in taste. The plant becomes susceptible to diseases due to the mass of dried, suspended shoots. Trimming also prolongs the active life of the bush. If competently approach the question, you can get high yields from the bush up to 30 years.

Pruning is equally important for compact and for modern tall varieties, which can be in height 2.2 m.

How to do screaming blueberries?

How to do screaming blueberries?

Plant actively gives zero shoots. These branches grow close to the bush, right from the soil. They are able to exhausted a bush. They are removed regularly. Pruning can be spent in spring and autumn since the first year of life. In the spring – in April-March, but before the start of the Softness. In the fall, garden blueberries are cut in mid-October – end of November, after the cessation of the coilment, but 1 month before frosts. In the warm regions, pruning is carried out in winter.

The most important thing you need to know about the development of blueberries before carrying out trimming.

  • A bush consists of different age shoots. Young branches without branches, with bright and smooth bark, 2-3-year-olds have branches and aovership branch.
  • Berries grow only on new shoots of branches that are over 2 years old. Fruit kidneys are only at the ends of the shoots, and not in length.
  • Replacing shoots grow every year, that is, the plant is updated independently. Gardening task – adjust this process.
  • The yield of branches decreases with age. In 4-5 years, the branch is considered an old. It will have shortened processes and smaller fruits. On young branches, fruiting processes powerful, long, with huge berries.

Berries are tied only at a height of 30-40 cm above the Earth, there are almost no almost no. Very rarely need trimming bush under zero. This concerns only launched plants, on which over the years without processing, a lot of useless stems were formed, and no sense to cut forward them.

And also full trimming will help save the bush, affected by drought. All shoots are cleaned, the watering is renewed – after 2-3 years, a full-fledged bush will grow in this place.

How to do screaming blueberries?

How to do screaming blueberries?

Tools and materials

For trimming bushes of dove need a good secateur. Blades must be as sharp to minimizing damage. The best secectors damage plants only in places of cut, bad – pressure, chew a bark, such wounds are worse than the worse and can even cause the destruction of the bush.

Blueberry bushes are quite compact, so suchkorez – a tool with long handles, it is rarely required. For removal of shallow frightened, shoots and kidney are comfortable garden scissors with stupid ends. Hacksaw or saws need only when cutting very old bushes. To seal sections on branches thicker 1.5 cm in diameter, it is desirable to prepare a special putty.

How to do screaming blueberries?

How to do screaming blueberries?

Review of species

Immediately after or when planting a trimming, it is necessary to balance the ground and underground part. Then remove only floral kidneys. For good harvests, early, the plant is only in vain will spend strength. The most important trimming – formative. It is believed that in the first year you need to form a plant, leaving 2 vertical escapes and several side. In industrial conditions, the bushes are cut quite strongly according to the following scheme: no more than 10 fruiting shoots and 3-4 annual replacing escapes. But the formation can be carried out on the third year. It all depends on the specific variety and gardener capabilities. For beginners, the formative trimming procedure may be difficult, but with experience comes with flair and ease in achieving a balance – it is immediately clear that it is immediately clear that remove from the bush to ease it, and at the same time do not exist with excessive deprivation of green mass. In addition, industrial formation gives not too decorative, “bald” bushes, which can be undesirable on ordinary household plots.

The second trimming of an active young bush will be required in the same year in the fall, if it was planted in spring. Remove zero shoots, extra branches on the main shoots at an altitude of 40 cm from the ground level. The trunks of the bush at an altitude of up to 40 cm should be completely smooth, the berries here will still not be, and the petty piglence worsens ventilation and can become a semi-case. The plant is fruitful for the second year after landing. Shoots that have already given berries will no longer be productive, they are removed in autumn. For growing large berries Old shoots pinch after changing five fruit kidneys, the procedure is performed every year in the spring.

Important. Trimming can be carried out on the ring or on the pencil. Side branches correctly remove only on the pencil. Otherwise, the whole branch will die on which they are.

How to do screaming blueberries?

How to do screaming blueberries?


Autumn rejuvenating trimming is carried out on bushes older than 2 years, usually from the 3rd year of life. Latest shoots to the level of vertical growth, damaged tops, weathered branches with cracked bark, as well as too short shoots – up to 30 cm from the ground level. In very old bushes that have reached 7 years, remove branches of 4 years old and older, as well as the branches of the lower tier. It is necessary to leave no more than 9 perennial branches and 5-6 the strongest annual.

Average anti-aging trim diagram for 5-year-old bush with abundantly branched shortened side shoots.

  • If the old branch has strong vertical processes, then the branch is cut to one of them, thus putting the old branch of more than fresh.
  • If the old branch does not have good vertical shoots, it is completely removed to the ground.
  • Using trimming varies the size and number of berries. If you need abundant, but smaller berries, leave branches up to 7 years of age, if large berries are needed, remove all branches over 5 years old.

Sometimes rejuvenating is called pruning only bushes older than 10 years, weakly growing, with a reduced growth of shoots and weak blossom.

How to do screaming blueberries?


Thinning aims to form strong shoots capable of giving major berries. Young bushes remove subtle runs of the lower tiers. The trimming intensity is increased by 3-4 years of the plant.

How to do screaming blueberries?


Remove all branches that have fallen over the winter, fed, damaged, with disease traces. Sanitary trimming is usually in spring, but this kind of trimming is not limited to the season. Better to remove the sore branch in time than wait until the disease captures other sectors.

Sick branches are cut, not touching the injured fabric, capturing at least 2 cm of a healthy branch. Secateurs must be in perfect condition, after each bush it is desirable to disinfect the instrument, in particularly complex cases – after each end. All sick branches burn, in no case put them in compost, and do not leave on earth.

How to do screaming blueberries?

How to cut down the season?

In the spring, a thinning, forming, sanitary, rejuvenating trimming. Spring trimming is better than other types, because the flower kidneys are clearly visible (they are chubby, and not narrow), you can upgrade the plant to the current year. If there are errors, the plant is partially compensated, because it is in the spring that is in the stage of active growth.

Approximate Spring Sprinking in Moscow Region.

  • Inspection bush and removing all dead or damaged shoots.
  • The thinning of the bush so that it becomes lighter and breathable. To do this, remove from the center of the bush of the branch without new sprouts or short sprouts up to 4-5 cm. Such branches are removed on the ring.
  • Unproductive branches are those that do not have fruit kidney, or too long. They can be removed all.

In the fall, it is necessary to perform prophylactic trimming for the winter: for example, unquestless tops are removed, because in the winter they will still get out, opening the road to infections. All other types of autumn trimming are performed as needed.

If there are damaged or injured branches, remove them. And also cut off the shoots that have already gave fruit – the next year it will not be.

How to do screaming blueberries?

Pruning of different varieties

Blueberry bushes have a different Habitus, it is taken into account when trimming.

  • Low varieties, for example, Northble variety, reaching only 90 cm in height, trim “Washier”, and not up. Remove thickening pigs. The same applies to varieties of any height prone to spreadability. For example, Dixie variety reaches almost 2 m in height, and regularly gives minor processes and shoots at the base. They are cleaned, they are unproductive.
  • Early varieties (“Wonderful”, “Night”, “Eliot”) Actively shortening, removing all old or too long, “bald” branches.
  • Varieties with actively growing shoots often throw branches that are blocked to the ground. The longest and running time remove.

Separate varieties, usually high-yielding, more intensive thinning of the crown is required. Remove branches that interfere with the strongest.

How to do screaming blueberries?

How to do screaming blueberries?

Subsequent care

After pruning, the plant can be filtered and at the same time spray from diseases. For this purpose, treated with a solution of urea or calcium nitrates himself bush and earth around. Special attention is paid to this procedure in spring. In the spring and throughout the year, the spraying of growth stimulants and biological preparations, which prevent diseases (“Zircon”, “Epin”, “Phytosporin”).

The bush mulching is performed only by fresh material: clean straw, sawdust. If the mulch is old and dense, it change it. All major wounds after trimming need to be lured. Garden Var causes dissatisfaction with many gardeners, because it includes the product of Paraffin oil refining. Therefore, they use industrial pastes (“Ranne”, “Blaunhad”), clay tanks (clay a little dilute with water to the state of pasta). However, in too rainy terrain, there is no option for Garden Vara options. The mixture based on rosin, beeswax and fat is well sealing the wounds and protects them from moisture and flushing. Garden Var is not too suitable for the cold season, it is frozen in the cold, so if the pruning had to perform when it was already cool, you can use the ointment of the reshetnikov (10 parts of the fir resin + 1 part of the wax + 1 part of the wine alcohol).

Handle small sections on blueberry bushes there is no sense or possibility. In order to compensate for the danger of infection through small wounds, the bushes are immediately sprayed with copper vigorous, other copper-containing drugs or antifungal agents (“Fundazol”, “PhytoPorin”, “Topsin”). Special attention is paid to the pruning, if we are talking about late varieties of blueberries. Launched, thick bushes are able to stretch fruiting for several months instead of several weeks. In such cases, it is possible to stay without harvest. Trimming for blueberries – one of the most important moments of care.

How to do screaming blueberries?

How to do screaming blueberries?

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