How to distinguish male pepper from female and what to choose?

One of the important and interesting features of the well-known and widely grown in various regions of vegetables is their division by sexual sign. It did not exception and the famous Bulgarian pepper, which can now be found on the beds of almost every garden. It is important to notice that the “boy” and “girl” differ from each other by the appearance and a number of other signs. That is why you should know how to quickly distinguish male pepper from female. No less significant, which is exactly the pepper to choose in one situation or another, taking into account the purpose of using the vegetable.

How to determine the floor?

It must be remembered that the Bulgarian pepper itself is a real storehouse of vitamin C. By the way, in this case, the citrus and even currants are unable to compete with the vegetable under consideration. It is no secret that the use of Bulgarian pepper is as favorably reflected in the state of human health as much as possible. In this case, there is due to the normalization and stimulation of the functioning of the digestive system. In parallel, the process of metabolism is significantly improved.

Do not also forget about the importance of sweet peppers for culinary art. This vegetable is an integral ingredient of a huge list of recipes related to national kitchens of different peoples.

And with such a record popularity, not everyone knows that the peppers should be chosen, considering what kind of dish of them will be later prepared.

Considering the nuances of determining the floor of the described fruits, it is necessary to clarify that there will be no difficulty with this. And in this case, it is not necessary to be a specialist or experienced gardener. The fact is that first of all the “boys” from “girls” in the family of Bulgarian peppers are distinguished by their appearance. And mean at the same form of vegetables.

Male representatives have more elongated contours and most often are narrower than women’s individuals. For “boys” characteristic of the presence of two or three so-called cameras. Precisely because of this, the top of such vegetables is obtained as if pointed. Representatives of the beautiful half of this community, on the contrary, more massive and externally look like a cube. When examining the tops of female individuals, four cameras will be clearly visible, as well as the shiny and even a little concave inside.

However, peppers of different sexes can be distinguished not only by their appearance and the listed features of the form. Also in the list of characteristic features there are following no less important points.

  • Structure. “Men” have a more dense pulp that does not differ.
  • Taste. Representatives of the male part of the acidic.
  • Seed material. In this case, to detect genital signs will need to cut a vegetable. At the same time, it will immediately be clear that the female individuals seeds are noticeably more. By the way, this feature is due to not only mentioned above the presence of more cameras. Taking into account such a nuance with independent breeding of culture and the cultivation of its own seedlings to obtain the planting material, the “ladies” will be preferred. It is important to take into account that there will be much more and the seeds themselves, and the germination of them, as a long-term practice shows, significantly higher. Unfortunately, the “boys” are distinguished by a large number of annoying emptyless.

It turns out that in fairly simple ways can be literally in a matter of seconds to determine which pepper is about. It is important that the idea of ​​the main characteristics of different floors of vegetables is commemorated with both gardens, based on them and hostesses in the kitchen.

What fruit sweeter?

Decided with what kind of pepper was in his hands, it is important to choose one of the sexes in the next stage, given that this popular vegetable required for which this popular vegetable. So mostly “girls” have, as noted, more seeds. But this is their property is useless from a culinary point of view. The main point here is that they are much sweeter.

If you compare representatives of different floors on this basis, it is worth noting that “Boys” are not characterized by a sweet taste. They are more often used successful in cases where thermal processing of products is provided by the recipe.

What better to choose?

As in a situation with any other vegetables, it is important to make the right choice. And here it is worth taking into account a number of key criteria. Manually argue which kind of varieties is tastier, it will be a rough mistake. In this situation, everything is directly determined by personal preferences in each case. Also in the list of determining factors, the leading position occupies the goal with which the Bulgarian pepper is purchased.

Already focused on the fact that “Girls” are softer, and most importantly, noticeably sweeter. It is taking into account such characteristics that are most often choosing for consumption in the fresh (raw form). Meaning vegetable cutting and preparation of various salads.

If such a kind of pepper turn into the ingredient Ragu and other similar dishes, then, most likely, they will be excessively watery.

Male peppers have diametrically opposite properties. Due to the fact that they are harder and acid, they will be better used when preserving. Of course, such peppers will become an optimal solution in the preparation of dishes whose recipes provide for thermal processing of components. Men’s individuals should be acquired by fans of stuffed pepper. But it is worth noting that many sourish taste like more sweetish. It is about the fact that both “boys” are often eating fresh as part of salads.

If it is required to prepare the planting material for growing seedlings, then, as already noted, it is worth choosing peppers related to the beautiful floor. Next important point: Few people know about where exactly in the described vegetable concentrates the main part of the vitamins and useful trace elements. Bulgarian pepper has such a place area directly near the leg. It is recommended to pay attention to its condition when choosing. By the way, very often this part, many just cut out and throw away.

Choosing vegetables, it is important to emphasize on the tail. High-quality copies, he must be elastic and green. Dry or darkened (black) fruit should be a reason for doubt about purchasing. Similarly, it is worth entering if there are dark spots on the pepper. This is especially true if vegetables are purchased for consumption in raw form.

In the overwhelming majority of cases, defects in the form of darkens, points and swollen on the skin and the tail – these are obvious signs of the defeat of pepper fungus. If the spots of orange color appeared, then, most likely, it is about the fact that the vegetables have become a victim of insects.

In addition to the listed, when choosing a quality product, it is important to pay attention to his weight, because the heavier pepper, the more juicy.

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